Christmas Dares

It's the time of season when we all come together and share. In honor of the holidays getDare has crafted a set of dares you are sure to enjoy. Have a safe, warm, and careful holiday season!

Dress up like this, take a picture and send it to a special friend. Spread the sexy holiday cheer!
  • One santa hat
  • Sleigh bells around your neck like a necklace.
  • A bag of toys (or just stuff) over your shoulder.
  • Boots / Sneakers
  • Tape some bells around your ankles.

Thats ALL you get to wear. Other than that you're naked. Now go for a jog in a semi-public area, like a school parking lot at night, or a mall after hours.

Throw a snowball at someone important (perhaps your boss? if you cant find one go for an old person but don't kill them!) afterwards let them know you did it.
Make a speedbump or wall in your street out of snow to make it awkward for passing cars. To make it extra hard spray water over it - watch the cars slide (potentially dangerous!)
Cover a car with 'yellow snow' or water to let it freeze over night (the more daring could knock a hole in the window and push the persons keys on the backseat)
Build a rude snowman or a giant cock out of the snow
Play snow angels...naked!
Find some rubber gloves. Tape down all the fingers except the middle one. Fill the gloves with water and tie them at the bottom. Leave them on over night. The next day take the rubber off and you have an ice hand that flips people off. Put these ice hands outside your house and take photos.
Get up early in the morning. Make a snowball then come back into your house and wake a family member up by throwing it at them.
Melt some snow down your pants/cleavage.
Get some sweets (sweets like jolly ranchers work the best) walk down a street putting them on car windows over night. When the dirvers go to their cars the next day - the sweets will be stuck - the most daring can confess that they did it.
Bury yourself in snow.
Spend the day outside in the snow wearing only a binkini or shorts.
Lick a frozen pole until your tongue gets stuck.
Attempt to go skinny dipping in a frozen lake.
Dress yourself up to look dangerous (like an army guy, the terminator, some evil villan) then go around destroying every snowman you see.
Take snowballs to a drive through food place. Pelt them at the person who serves you and drive away as fast as possible.
Dress up prepared for the cold winter weather grab your sled and go to the mall. Once there try to ride your sled down an escalator.
Go outside when it's cold, masturbate, and watch your cum freeze up.
Take small bottles of food colouring and go skipping around your neighbourhood with the bottles open. The colours will really brighten up the snow (but will probably look messy and piss your neighbours off!)
When the snow has finally gone, shut all the curtains in your house, scrape the ice out of your freezer and wake someone up with the ice - when they run ourside to get a snowball for revenge they will look awfully silly and probably kick your ass
Dress up as Santa and walk down your street at night shouting 'Where the fuck are my cookies and mince pies?'
Swap the tags on Christmas presents before they are opened. Pick presents you know arent yours and open them. When you see what they are pretend you really love them and make your family feel bad for trying to take the present off you.
Go Carol singing....when you get to the doors, start singing dirty xmas carols (ideas in the forums) or rap your lyrics. let us know how much money you make!
Once Christmas Dinner is cooked and put in front of you announce that youre either : vegan or fasting over the Christmas period.
Buy some festive sexy underwear and post pics for us to see. ( )
Attempt to steal a neighbours Christmas tree. If you don't want to be THAT nasty to your neighbour get some bags of flour and write the words MERRY XMAS on their front lawn. They will love it I can assure you
Pull a ugly person or one of your parents under the misteltoe and give them a big tonguey kiss (EWW!)
Take some tinsel or lights and decorate the gates of a religious place which doesnt celebrate Christmas (may cause a LOT of offence)
Glue a load of bells to your clothes and wear them for as long as possible. Jingle all the way into next year!
Attempt to slide down your own chimney(if you manage it let us know)
Dress up as an elf - approach Santa at the mall and tell him you quit.
Push to the front of the queue ahead of the kids (watch for security). Sit on Santa's lap and have a massive list filled with sex toys. Read it out loud and see how long you last!
Go up to Santa's grotto with a porno mag (that has Xmas porn in it) find a picture of a girl and start waving it about, drawing attention to yourself. Once the kids,parents and Santa look say "It's Mrs Claus - wow she's dirty!"
Dress up in sexy Christmas underwear and attempt to seduce Santa
Say he is fake and try to pull his beard off (old one but classic)
Walk up to Santa (make sure his line is pretty busy) and claim he touched your kids in the wrong places! Be prepared to run or face possible legal action!
Ask Santa (or get your kid to ask) hard questions like how he lives so long, how he manages to get presents to every kid, how the mail service never lost any of his post..etc..
Dress up as santa and visit the Santa at the mall. Once you see him start asking him what his problem is and start saying he is fake. If any of you manage to get in a punch up with santa mail us the details and we will send you a prize!
Wrap youself up as best you can and walk to the mall. Lay under Santa's tree and keep going 'psst Santa you sent me to the wrong house!' until you get escorted out of the mall
Bring Santa a present - a dildo would work great! Sit on his lap telling him how great he is and how good he makes Christmas every year. Give him the present and watch his face in shock!

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