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Default Couples dares (18+)

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, but I have used this site for inspiration for the last few months. Most of my dares are designed for couples (as I thought of them for my husband and myself), but adapt as you feel necessary.

Here goes.

Girls Dares :

1. You are to attempt to wake your partner in the middle of the night with oral sex. An attempt is disallowed if the partner is aware of what you are doing before you start.

2. Lie on your back, knees on your chest. Your partner should have a cup of really warm and really cold water, and a lubed finger on each hand. While you masturbate, they lightly rub your anus (no insertion) with alternating fingers.

3.Purchase an off the shoulder shirt that is big enough to show most of your breast, but not your nipple when standing upright. Wear it (braless) when you meet your partner for drinks, dinner or shopping (their choice).

Guys dares :

1. You are to have a crack-shot of your favourite spirit. To drink it, have your partner sit on your face and pour the drink onto their back so that it runs down their crack into your mouth.

2. Take a revealing or nude photo of yourself at work and show your partner.

3. Using a condom, allow your partner to insert as many frozen peas into your anus as you are years old.
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Default Good dares

We sometimes make an evening of going back and forth drawing random dares and these remind me of those games. Most of these would be great for that. Thanks.
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Great Dares ill try em when i get a gf But Why 18+?
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