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Default The Dark Secret Blackmail Strip Dare

To do this dare, you need to have some deep, dark secret which you really don't want anyone to know. It could be, for instance, that you faked information about your qualifications in order to get a job; or that you cheated on your partner with her best friend; or perhaps you did something really disgusting when you were drunk, which you are ashamed of. If there is nothing in your past like this, then you could perhaps invent some action, which, if you had done it for real, you would truly hate becoming public knowledge. You could pretend, for instance, that you had shoplifted from your local supermarket.

Anyway, you need some dark secret about your past, real or fantasy. It should be very specific - so, if you cheated in an exam at school, that isn't specific enough -your secret needs to be the specific examination subject in which you cheated. Or, if your secret refers to lying about your qualifications to get a job, your secret should be the specific qualifications and the specific job. The fantasy shoplifting scenario would similarly need to spell out the precise item you stole, and the store where you took it.

You then challenge a person to try to guess your secret. You give them the right to ask, say, thirty-five questions about the secret such as "Does it involve work?" "Did it happen at school" etc etc. If they make a guess, that counts as a question, and you have to say whether they are getting "warm" or "cold", depending on whether they are near or far from the truth about your past.

If they manage to guess your guilty secret before using up their allocation of questions, then you are instantly placed in a blackmail situation, and you agree that you will strip on webcam for them as long as they keep the information to themselves. If they have got "warm", so that they would know enough to embarrass you, but don't know the full truth, your strip could be partial, perhaps involving sexy upskirt views, and stripping off the top layer of clothes, but not fully nude. To get you stripped completely naked, the other person must precisely guess your dark secret.
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I am sure i have some secrets i would prefer not to share, do i would play this!

Pm me if you are interested in guessing!
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Thanks for your post, c-smith, but I would really only be interested in doing this with a woman. However, I hope someone will take up your offer - if so, do post your experiences. And if any woman would be interested in playing this with me, please send me a pm!
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I will also do this PM me if you are intrested
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oh boy - this is a challenge - but i'll do it - lets hope no one will guess my dark secret.

It involves me and a close friend (who still is a friend). don't think i can say anymore

Ask away - PM me I guess with the questions or ask on here?
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shaving, scat, pain, blood, drawing, messy, illegal

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I agree... This is interesting..........
my limits r no kitchen, ass, family and public dares

Just for laughs

I know <html> coding
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I also have some embarrassing secrets and i want to play this as well.
If anyone is interested, please PM me
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cool idea, I'm in ! Send me a pm if you're interested
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I m in as well you can ask me 10 questions to find my secret
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I'd love to play! Either pm me or message me on Skype at civilfight1
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