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Default Cum picture [18+] For bi/gay guys or girls.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not, nor am I suggesting that anyone post these pictures in this thread, or anywhere on this site.

Well with that out of the way, here's my dare idea. This is for people who like being humiliated or degraded. And yes, i've done this! You find someone online, or talk to someone you already have a sexual relationship with. And you take a sexy (or provocative) picture of yourself. Then you send them the picture via MSN, AIM, Skype or what have you, and ask them to print it. Then they jerk off to it, cum on it, take a picture of the final product and send it back to you!

GOD mode: Have them write "Slut" "Whore" "Cumslut" all of the above, or similar things on the paper before sending you the picture!

GOD mode v2. : Take the picture, and post a link to it on your computer desktop and title it "sexy" or something like that!

GOD mode v.3: Size down the picture, print off a small one. Roll a dice, the number is how many days you have to carry this picture in your purse/wallet!

Hope you enjoy, feedback always welcome!
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I'd be willing to take the challenge... you can find two pics in my album here at getdare, and you can mail them back to the E-Mail adress thats in my profile. Have fun
...roger, ttreasure out.

Likes: Girl's Feet/Socks, Humiliation, Bondage, light pain, X-Dressing, submission, Bladder control, Objectification
Hard Limits: Public, poo, friends, family, illegal, permanent, drinking pee, unhealthy, webcam, wedgies, CBT

Feel free to dare me!
Will answer any question (Including intimate and humiliating)!
PM me if you want to control my Computer
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