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Bell Cousin T or D Game

Hey everyone, this is my first story. The first chapter or two might be a bit slow, because I want this to be a real story, so I will take time to develop my characters, not just rush into sex and orgies. So even if you don't like it at first I hope you keep on reading
Chapter One:
"Bye Mom! " said James as he hugged his mother tightly. She hugged him back, and although usually he was not the sentimental type he then realized how much he would miss his mom in the next two weeks. He had never really been separated from his mother for an extended period of time before, even though he was 17 and a few months of age. But she had to go to do her job, which was being a lawyer for a bank, the National Bank, even during the summer when everyone else was relaxing on summer vacation. His dad was away too, but he was used to that by now. When your father is an archeology professor, you get used to him going off for a month or two at a time to Egypt or South America. But his mother had always, until now, been there for him.

"Bye honey," she replied, "And don't worry, it's not that hard to live by yourself, I did it myself once when I was only 15 years old. And your not really by yourself, you have Aunt Sarah and Uncle Travis right next door. Speaking of which, I told them you would eat over at there house tonight. I think they said they start dinner at around 7. And they said that any time you want, you can go over there for meals. If you don't want to, there's plenty of pasta and Ramen noodles here, and I left some money on the counter so you can order pizza. Oh, there's also ice cream in the fridge. I was thinking after you went over there for dinner, you could invite them over here for desert. Bye now! I'll be back before you know it!"

James let go and watched his mom walk to the car and drive away. He waved at her until she turned out of the driveway and was hidden by a row trees which secluded their house from the busy highway. He sighed, then turned around and walked back inside. It was only 4 o'clock, so James had time to play a few games of FIFA on his PS3 before switching to madden. At 6:50 he decided to walk over there. Better early than late. As he walked down the lakeside path which joined the two family's houses together, he reflected on lucky he was. To have a summer house by the lake, one of only six on the shores of Lake Comoto, was extraordinary. And, besides his and his cousins houses, the other houses were barely used. Also, since Lake Comoto was relatively unheard of, there were barely any tourists. Basically, he and his cousins had the lake to themselves during the summer. They had a house literally only a hundred feet away, although it was separated by a row of high pine trees, typical of Maine. Besides Aunt Sarah and Uncle Travis, there was Ella, Lola, and Sam. Sam, the youngest at age 14, was his only male cousin. Lola was 17, like James, but was just barely older, a fact which she never let him forget. Ella was 19, almost twenty. Here at Lake Comoto, they had passed many delightful summers together.He arrived at the end of the path, and walked into the yard. From there he saw Ella setting out the napkins on the outside table. She was pretty like always, her blonde hair falling over her shoulders as she lent over the table. She was wearing a Polo shirt and Jean shorts, with her favorite Vineyard Vines flip-flops on her feet. She saw him coming and her face lit up with a smile.

*"Heyyyy!!!" she shouted into the house, "James is here!!!"

"Finally!" said Lola as she walked out onto the porch carrying a plate with chopped tomatoes on it. She had her black hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a volleyball shirt with tight shorts on. Whereas Ella didn't necessarily have the curves that made men go crazy, Lola did. Despite being moe than two years younger than Ella, she was much more developed. Even now, with a relatively loose shirt on, the outline of her breasts were clearly visible.

"Now Ella, be nice." said Aunt Sarah as she too walked out onto the porch carrying a bowl of risotto. "How you doing James?"

"I'm good, I'm good," laughed James as he stuck his tongue out at Lola. "Hey, is Sam here? I need to rub it in his face that the Red Sox lost last night."

"Haha, he said that you'd say that." said Ella. "But no, he and Travis had to go to their lax camp."

"You know, the one where he and daddy go every summer, dummy." sneered Lola.
James just stuck his tongue out again. He knew it was immature, but if he bothered to talk back to Lola they would just end up fighting, like they always did.

"Here James, come sit down." invited Aunt Sarah. "Now that you're here, we can start."
The food was delicious, like always, and after they finished they sat around and talked for about half an hour. They were however interrupted by a car speeding down the driveway, screeching to a halt, letting two girls out, and then peeling away. Lola let out a shriek and ran towards the two newcomers.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," said Aunt Sarah, "But Lola invited two of her friends from school over for a few weeks. I hope you don't mind.

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Default Chapter Two

Unlike the first chapter, which was an introductory chapter, I will one be writing the rest of the story in first person, aside from select chapters.
Chapter Two:
I recognized the girls from when they had come over last summer, although that year it had been only for three days, not a few weeks.

"No, it's cool." I said. "They came over last summer too, right?"

"Yeah. The blonde ones Anna and the dark haired one is Jade."

"Ok cool." As they came closer I could see that they were both very pretty. I remembered from last year that they were both 16 but almost 17, but in the same the grade as Lola. Anna was wearing a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pulled up, and tight gymnastic pants. Besides being pretty, she also had a nice figure. Not as developed as Lola, but, judging by her tight pants, she knew how to flaunt her assets. Jade also was very pretty, but not as developed as Anna. She was wearing a cute dress.

"Hey girls, have you eaten yet?" asked Aunt Sarah.

"Yeah, we got pizza on the way here, so we're good. " replied Anna.

"Mommy, can we go get ice cream? Pleaseeee?" begged Lola.

Before Aunt Sarah could respond, I interrupted, "I have some ice cream at home. My mom got it for you, as a thank you for dinner."

"Aww, that was so nice." said Aunt Sarah. "I'll have to call her to thank her. Why don't you girls go on over."

"You're not coming, Aunt Sarah?" I asked.

"No, I'm on a diet now! Didnt you know? That means no ice cream for me."

"Well, more for me!" laughed Ella.

"Last there's a rotten egg!" yelled Lola and took off sprinting for my house.

Once we all got there ( Jade was last by the way ) I got the containers of ice cream from the fridge. There was peppermint stick ice cream and peanut butter fudge. I put a scoop of each in four bowls for the girls, and then took the containers for myself, leaving myself extra peppermint stick, which is my favorite. After they had scarfed down there ice cream, they looked jealously at me, lesiourly eating my extra large helping of peppermint. I wondered which of them would be the first to ask if they could have some of mine, secretly hoping it would be Lola so I could deny her as payback for all the times she made fun of me today. I wasn't disappointed.

"Hey James, can I maybe get like a tiny bite of that?" asked Lola sweetly.

"Hah! You wish!" I scoffed.

"But it's my favorite ice cream!" she pouted.

"Well too bad!" I said, enjoying my revenge.

"Hey James" she said


"I dare you to give me the rest."

"Too bad! I'm too old for that game. Besides, you have to give me a choice between truth and dare."

"Ok, truth or dare?"

I laughed. I thought she was joking but when she kept on looking at me I realized she wasn't. I decided to humor her. "Truth"

She looked disappointed. "Wimp!" She then was quiet and I thought that was the end of that but then she said, "James, do you think I'm hot?"

"What?" I said looking up from my ice-cream which I had just finished.

"Its my truth question. Do think I'm hot?" She then pouted out her lips and tossed her hair back.

I by now that the trick to getting out of these types of question without lying was to just go along to the extreme. "Yes, I think you are the hottest, most pretty girl in the world. Besides Megan Fox."

This made all the girls giggle, and I thought once again that that was the end. But, once again, I was wrong.

"Now it's your turn" said Lola.


"Your turn to ask truth or dare, stupid!" she said with a grin.

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Originally Posted by italia13calcio View Post
Your turn to ask truth or dare, stupid!" she said with a grin.
Nice way to call someone -- STUPID lol


Not a bad start

Line spacing - paragraphs would be helpful to make it easier to read

Hope you continue to write and have a wonderful time on getDare

Love Rachie
x x x x


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LOVE the start and how you are taking your time with this story xxx
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i love it, well written
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Default Chapter Three

Thank you all very much. I love reading those comments and knowing that people have read what I have written. Hopefully it gets a little more exciting before long haha
Chapter Three

"Uh... Truth or dare?" I asked my cousin Lola. If she wanted to play, then I'd play. And I'll beat her too. If it's possible to beat someone at truth or dare. Ever since freshman year in high school, we had been competing versus each other. Sure, we didn't go to the same school but we would compare grades, athletic achievements and social lives during the summer. She almost always beat me in everything, much to my annoyance. And she always rubbed it in my face, making fun of me, making snide comments whenever she could. So now I relished the opportunity to try to beat her.

"Not me! " said Lola exasperated, "Don't you know the rules?! You have to ask someone else!"

"Ok, ok. Ella, truth or dare?" I asked hurriedly trying to cover up my embarrassment.*

"Truth." said Ella, picking the easier.

Deciding to keep the game at a E level I asked, "Ok, do you think your brother Sam is hot?"

Ella paused and then answered, "No. I think he is cute, but not hot. He looks to young to be considered hot."

That was true. Even though he was 14, he looked younger, with his frckled face, glasses, and he huge cowlick which all the older girls thought was cute. Ella then asked Lola truth or dare, and she chose dare.

"I dare you to call Scott on the phone, say I'm a bitch, and then hang up." said Ella deviously. I knew from last summer that Scott was her ex.

"Easy." said Lola, "He's still mad at me so he probably won't even pick up."

Like Lola said, he didn't, and everyone, except for her, got a slightly disappointed look on there face.

"Well that was a fail." grumbled Anna.

"Oh well." said Lola, "Your turn Anna, Truth or Dare?"


"You're all wimps!" laughed Lola, "But whatever. Anna do you have a crush? If so, who is it?"

Anna looked nervous, as if she was thinking about lying, but then she said, "Allright, I'll tell you. But before I do can we make an agreement that anything said or done in this game stays here? No telling anyone else, ok?"
Everyone agreed and Anna then proceeded to admit she had a crush on a certain guy named Max, who I didn't know but the girls assured me he was "very hot" and "a real charmer" and that if I met him I "would have a crush on him too".

Anna then turned towards me and asked, "Truth or dare?"

Knowing my only way to escape a barrage of insults from Lola was to choose dare, I replied with a slightly anxious voice, "Dare."

After a bit of hesitation, Anna started, "Remember last summer, when came over and you didn't exactly have like the greatest body in the world?"

I grimaced, embarrassed. Last summer I had been somewhat of a... chubby kid to say the least.

"Well," continued Anna, "Lola told us that after that you started going to the gym. So now, I want to see what difference it made. Show me your six pack, if you have one."

This was easy for me to do. I was proud of how much I had slimmed down while at the same time adding muscle. Not just on my stomach but also on my arms. And while I did not have a true six pack yet, maybe just a faint outline, If I scrunched my stomach muscles up it appeared like I did. I lifted up my shirt, to the whistles and catcalls of the girls. I knew they were just joking around, but it felt good to show off all my hard work to them. Besides, they all looked impressed, even Lola. After receiving more applause and compliments, I turned to the only person who hadn't yet been involved. "Jade, truth or dare?"

"Truth." She said shyly.

Not wanting to make her feel umcomfortable, I gave her and easy one. "Ok Jade, do you have a boyfriend? If so, what do you like most about him?"

To my suprise she turned sad. "No... I don't have a boyfriend... Tommy broke up with me two weeks ago."

Oh shit. Maybe that wasn't a great question. I hurriedly said, "I'm so sorry Jade. He must have been an idiot. I mean, why would anyone break up with you? You're beautiful!"

Jade, not understanding that my latest question was rhetorical, and thinking it was part of the truth still, said, "He wanted to do more things than I was ready for. And when I said no, he broke up with me." Now she was no longer sad, just angry and defiant. After an awkward moment of pause, she turned to Anna and asked, "Truth or dare?"

This time Anna was braver, and choose dare.

"I dare you to stand up and do the macarena." said Jade.

Anna started giggling but stood up and did the first few moves of the famous dance. While she was doing this took the opportunity to check out her breasts. They were really quite nice and full, without being to big for her teenage body. And when she turned sideways to face Jade I got a nice side view of her butt, which was very shapely and cute.

"Are you happy?" asked Anna to Jade, still giggling, before sitting back down much to my disappointment. "Now Lola, truth or dare?"

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Default Chapter Four

Chapter Four:
Lola, who I knew hated dancing, choose truth, obviously fearing that if she chose dare she would be asked to do some other dance. I took advantage of this to get her back for calling me a wimp earlier by calling her an even bigger wimp. I know, real mature right?

"How far have you gone with a boy?" asked Anna. It was a good question, one to which I had no idea how she would respond. We had never really talked to each other about our sexual experiences, since we only really saw each other during the summer, and we just relaxed during that time, and tried not to think about serious subjects. I knew she had had several previous boyfriends, but I don't know what she had done with them.

Lola answered pretty quickly, "Well, last year when I was going out with Scott, we were at a party, and he wanted me to give him a blow job. I was going to too, since I was pretty drunk, so we went into a bedroom and he took his... you know... penis out. But it never went any farther than that because then John Rodman - you remember him don't you? - walked in on us. After that I sort of realized what I about to do, and at the same time realized that I wasn't ready yet. So I just left, and then Scott good pretty mad. That's one of the reasons we split."

Hearing your cousin talk about almost giving a blow job may seem very awkward to some people, but to me it wasn't. I mean sure, it was a little awkward, but no more than hearing any other girl talk about it. As I said before, me and my cousins didn't see each other except for during the summer, and as a result, we weren't very close. So, in some ways, I did just think of her as another girl.

This story of hers was met with shock by the girls. Obviously she had never told this to them before. Jade, of all of them, was the most shocked.

"You mean you saw a real penis?! In real life?!" she exclaimed incredulously.

"Yeah... Haven't you?" said Lola quizicly.

"No!" said Jade emphatically.

Now the girls all looked at Jade in astonishment.

"What!?" exclaimed Anna, "Not one?"

"No... Have you?"

"Yeah. Like a year ago. My brother and his friend Tom had just finished swimming and were changing when I walked into his room looking for my brothers computer. Tom was right by the door, naked except for a pair of underwear which he was just putting on. I saw his whole penis, before he scrambled to cover himself up. I just grabbed my brothers computer, laughed and walked out."

"Well, I dont have any brothers or siblings, so there was never any opportunity for that to happen to me!" said Jade defensively.

"What about you El?" asked Lola. El was Lola's nickname for Ella. "I'm sure you've seen at least one."

"Yeah, but not when I was your age. When I went off to college a year ago, my roommate for the first semester was a girl named Cindy. We didn't get along that well, that's why I changed rooms for the second semester, and she was kinda of a slut. I walked in on her three times giving blow jobs to various boys. Then all scrambled to try to cover up, but I got some good looks in."

"What about you James?" Anna asked me. "I mean, you've obviously seen some in the showers after gym at school, but any other time? And ever see a girl down there?"

I laughed. "No, to both your questions. I'm like Jade, I don't have any siblings so I never had that opportunity."

"Oh." said Lola looking sort of disappointed. She had obviously been hoping for a juicy story. "Ok, El, truth or dare?"

Ella chose dare and Lola immediately got a devious look on her face. "Ok El, this morning you took one my old bras from me... Can you please show every one what it looks like? And no being a wimp by showing a strap... I want to see the whole thing!"

Ella immediately gave Lola a glare. I wondered if she would back out. She could claim that the game was getting too risqué, and that we should stop now. Although people would boo that decision, they couldn't offer much argument, because this was the first real sexually oriented dare. But if she went through with this, then in the future it would be much harder to back out, because then there would already be a precedent. I think everyone knew this, and the tension and suspense in the air was nearly palpable. I was fairly sure she would continue with the game. If the girls were alone there would be no hesitation, and I had already seen her in a bikini many times, so it wasn't that different.

Like I thought she decided to go ahead. She shot Lola one last glare then pulled up her polo slowly to reveal a very sexy black and red bra. It helped define her breasts, which suddenly didn't seem that small anymore. It showed plenty of bare breast, and, since I was sitting on her right, I had a great side view of one of them. My friend down below started stirring, showing his appreciation for the sight before him. Everyone was staring, no one more than me, until the spell was broken by Lola, probably jealous of all the attention Ella was getting, who decided once more to make fun of me.

"Alright El, put those cannons away. We don't want James to get a heart attack."

I just laughed and complimented Ella without trying to sound to impressed. "Very nice Ella."

Ella blushed and pulled her polo back down, mumbling "Thanks." The other girls soon added their compliments and the game resumed with Ella asking Jade " Truth or dare?"

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Truth please lol

Wonder what she will pick

Still going strong, keep up the good work and look forward to reading more

Love RACHIE -- (iPod)
x x x x


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same as rachie really xxx ^^
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Default Chapter Five

You read my mind... Jw wondering though why do you think that?
Chapter Five
Jade, the shy girl that she was, was taking no chances. She chose truth without a moments hesitation. Ella, having just been embaressed though, wasn't gonna let Jade of free.

"So Jade.. Why don't you tell us when the last time you had your period was?" asked Ella, knowing such a private matter would be embarrassing to discuss even among all girls, and much more so with a boy present. I felt sorry for Jade, and a little mad at Ella. Unlike the last dare which I had enjoyed, this question, and it's answer, wasn't one particulary wanted to hear. But the point of the game is to embarrass each other, so neither I nor any one else objected.

"Last weekend." said Jade quietly. Unlike the other truths and dares, which had been followed by praises, real or in jest, for the person who was doing the dare/answering the question, this one was followed by silence. No one could think of a comment, either snide or sincere, so Jade, after a moments pause, turned to me and asked, "Truth or Dare?"

I saw Lola looking at me, and knew I had to chose Dare. Besides, with Jade asking, I was confident that she wouldn't give me anything too bad. Maybe a phone call to a girl or something.

But Jade surprised me. Actually, I think she surprised all of us. "Well James, I really liked your six pack earlier. Even if it wasn't the most impressive I've ever seen. But anyways - I want to see it some more, and I'm sure everyone else does too, so remove your shirt. And keep it off for the rest of the game. It's pretty hot out, so you shouldn't get cold or anything."

The sight of Jade, who up to this moment had portrayed the very image of a shy, insecure schoolgirl ordering me to take my shirt off was just too funny. Everyone cracked up, except for Jade, and immediately all the awkwardness from the earlier truth was dispelled.

I started to shrug off my shirt when Anna stopped me.

"Wait, what if your mom comes over?" she asked Lola.

"She won't." said Lola confidently, "Right now is Judge Judy time. She won't leave the house for any reason."

"What about when it's done? Or when there are commercial breaks?" persisted Anna.

"It's a weeknight, there's like a million Reruns in a row. Besides, if she comes, we'll hear the door open and shut. It's really old so it squeaks a lot and you have to like slam it to shut it." answered Ella. "So take it off, James!"

I whipped of my shirt with a flourish, threw it on a nearby chair, and placed my hands on my hips, jutting out my chest. "Captain Six Pack has arrived!" I announced in a loud voice, much to the delight of the girls who started up giggling again. I posed for a few seconds, before switching my gaze to Lola. "Lola... Truth or dare?"

With me asking her, she had no choice but to choose dare in order to avoid being barraged by a flurry of insults.

I thought for a while before coming up with a perfect dare for her.

"Like you ordered your sister to show her bra, I now order you to the same." however, as she went to pull up her shirt I stopped her. "With one difference. You may not remove your shirt. And it goes without saying you have to show the whole thing."

She stared at me for a moment without catching on. Finally she did, and she asked disbelievingly, "You want me to take my bra off from under my shirt?"

"I never said that." I said with a smile, although that's exactly what I had meant.

She paused and tried to think of another way, but I yelled, "Time limit! One minute!"

She thought for a few more seconds but then gave up. She reached under her shirt and unbuckled the clasp on the bra. She let it fall down her shirt into her hands, to reveal it was a simple white bra. She held it up to me with a wry smile. Despite still not being able to see anything under shirt, I was beginning to get aroused again. The thought of my pretty cousin, sitting near me with her breasts - rather large ones it seemed, by the size of the bra - hanging freely under her shirt was quite exciting.

"Good." I said, trying to contain my excitement, "You can put it back on now."

But, alas for Lola, putting a bra on under your shirt without showing anything, is harder than taking it off. After a few tries, during which she struggled mightily to no avail, she gave up.

"What the hell." she said in an exasperated voice, and threw the bra onto another chair, "I'll just play without it. More comfortable, actually."

This latest development made me immensely happy, and I let out a small chortle.*

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Default Chapter Six

Chapter Six
Lola turned towards Anna. "Truth or dare?"

Anna looked at her warily. The last dare had been a tough one and this was Lola she was dealing with... And it would be typical Lola to give out an impossible dare.

"Truth" she said, taking the easy way out.

Not wanting to give her an easy question just because it was truth, Lola took a moment to think. "Ok... Anna... Would you mind giving a guy a blow job?

"No... I don't think so." she replied, "I just wouldn't want to have him... Um... Go off in my mouth. That's what I would find disgusting."

All the girls readily agreed to that, although Jade wasn't sure she would even want to give one in the first place. The talk about blow jobs was keeping my member slightly hard the whole time, not noticeable sitting down but if I had to stand up I might be in trouble. And I didn't even have my shirt to try to cover it up with anymore, which was even more troublesome.

Anna turned towards me again. I seemed to be the popular target here. Before she could even ask, I said "Truth". Having already lost my shirt, I didn't want to risk anything else. Anna made a pouty face but no one said anything. We were past the point were we would call each other wimps, everyone knew that if the player who was daring you was in a bad mood, you could be in trouble.

But the truths weren't easy either. Anna proved this point by asking me deviously, "So, James, when's the last time you masturbated?"

The way she asked it, not trying the sugar coat the word caught me off balance. Immediately, I started to become red in the face. I now knew how Jade had felt. Too make it worse Lola started to chime in.

"Come on James, tell us. There's a time limit! No need to be shy, we all know you do it. Why, I bet -"

But I never found out what she bet cause I interrupted her then, hurriedly spitting out, "Yesterday."

"When yesterday?" asked Anna probing for more information.

"In the morning. Before I took a shower." I answered, just as hurriedly as before.

"See James, that wasn't that hard!" exclaimed Lola, "But you were yesterday!"

This was met with a round of "Oooohhh's" and "Snappp's" which just made me turn even redder.

In an attempt to get the attention away from me, and pay her back for the last dare, I faced Jade and asked, "Truth or Dare?"

She knew I was trying to get revenge, but even then she hesitated, remembering what her last truth question had been. Eventually she decided that showing her bra or something like that would be less embarrassing than answering another question, seeing as two of the other girls had already showed there's.


But I wasn't going to follow the herd and make her do what had already been done, where would the fun be in the that? Instead I decided to take the game to the next level and said, "Show everyone your panties."

Anna gasped, but Jade just looked resigned to her fate. She knew that I would give her a dare like this. She was wearing a dress, a light summer one with white. And light blue stripes, so it wouldn't require much energy to do it. She stood up slowly, steeling her mind. Slowly she grabbed the hem and lifted it up. She brought it up tantalizing high, so that I could admire her tanned and shapely legs, but stopped just short of her pubic region. Then, looking at me, she lifted it up past her waist.

She was wearing yellow panties, with white borders, and with her legs pressed tightly together out of nervousness, you could clearly make out the V where the fabric was covering her pussy. She held the dress up for another second or two, before giggling, and, suprising everyone once again, spinning around quickly to give everyone a nice view of her perfectly round and bubbly ass cheeks. She then let the dress fall down and sat back down in her seat.

My dick was starting to bulge now, more than ever, so I adjusted myself. However, my hard-on would still be painfully obvious to anyone if I to stand up. Lola gave a small whistle, and Anna clapped twice. Ella and I remained quiet but I gave her a small smile when she looked my way.

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WOW. your are very good...keep up the spectacular work! x
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Thumbs up

bravo bravo more more
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Default Chapter Sevn

As you wish
Chapter Seven
Ella was the lucky one, or unlucky one, who got asked next. Since Jade was doing the asking, she didn't know what to chose. On one hand, Jade was the most innocent of all us here. On the other hand, she had just given me a not-so-easy dare and was exhibiting a bit of a bravery. She decided to take her chances and chose dare.

But Jade was still in her brave mindset, and decided once again to give out a hard dare. "Your cousin had to remove his shirt, and he looks pretty good with it off. So why don't you take your's off as well?"

Ella looked stunned. "But it's different... I'm a girl!"

Jade didn't care. "It's just like having a bikini on. I bet he's seen you plenty of times in a bikini."

Ella looked like she wanted to complain more, but there wasn't much that she could say to counter that. And the dare itself wasn't as hard as the one Jade had just had to do, so she couldn't claim too hard of a dare either. Rather than prolong the suspense out like Jade had, Ella went about her dare quickly, pulling off her polo shirt. As she pulled it over her head, she arched her back to get it off easier, which led to her breasts being trust outwards. As a result, I was treated to a generous amount of cleavage.

Once she had pulled it off all the way, she noticed my staring and smacked my arm, not hard, but just to get my attention away from her lovely breasts.

*"Stop staring!" she said, but then rather hypocritically sneaked a looked at my shorts, and seemed surprised when she saw the tell-tale bulge down there. I didn't call her out though, because I knew that if I did there was the chance she would tell the others what was happening to my penis, and that would only led to further embarrassment for me.

She then turned and asked, "Truth or dare?" to an unsuspecting Anna, who was still laughing at me having gotten called out. Anna was now put on the spot. The dares were heating up, and she probably didn't want to have to do one, but last time she had chosen truth, so if she chose it again she would risk being yelled at by the others for being a wimp. Also, she was the only member at the table who had not shown anything yet.

"Dare." she said bravely, trying to hide how nervous she really was.

Ella clearly had a dare already picked out, because she responded quickly and with hesitation, "I dare you to turn around so your back is to us, and then touch your toes for ten seconds.

Anna now whitened slightly, but she still kept up the brave face. It wasn't touching her toes she was worried about (She was a gymnast, that was easy!) it was the fact that by doing this she would be showing us all her butt. And since she was wearing those tight gymnastic pants, we would get quite a view.

She had the same technique as Jade, getting up slowly, trying to delay it. She took a step away from the table and then bent over slowly, sending her ass higher into the air.

Ever since I had sneaked at peek at her ass from the side when she was doing the Macarena, I wondered what it would look like from the back. Now, I was getting my answer. It streched upwards, as if it was trying to pop out of her pants. Her ass was perfected shaped, the two cheeks each full and round. The tight gymnastic pants defined them fully, and no underwear was visible. As a result, the pants creased inwards around her crack and then again in an upsides down V around where her pussy was.

This only helped to harden my penis, by now almost fully erect. Ella was continously stealing glances at my lap, in which my boner was beginning to become obscenly obvious. I was thankful that only Ella was on my side of the table, therefor only she could see it. Jade and Anna were on the other side, so they had no way of seeing it, and Lola was at the head of the table, but next to Ella, not me, so there was a low probability that she would see it.

Anna finished with her ten seconds and straightened up quickly. She turned around quickly and sat back down, feeling everyone's eyes on her and knowing they had just seen a close-up of her.

I knew Anna wanted to ask me, but since she had asked me last time, she couldn't. Instead she focused her attention on Lola, inquiring, "Truth or dare?"

Lola, not feeling any obligation whatsoever to pick dare, having chosen it last time, picked truth. Anna stopped and thought for a second or two, before her eyes lit up.

"I've been meaning to ask you this for a while." she began, "Near the end of the year, after gym, I saw you reaching for your towel after you had finished showering. You grabbed it and covered up quickly so I only got a little peek, but I thought I saw that you were clean.. Down there. Do you shave there?"

Surprisingly, Lola didn't seem too embarrassed about sharing this bit of personal information. "Yes, I do. I started like months ago. It makes it a lot less hot and itchy down there. I don't flaunt it though or tell anyone at school, because the might think it's a little slutty."

We all were intrigued by this info, and Ella even said she might try it later. I had never done it, allthough I knew that a lot of guys did.

Lola then decided I was wayyyy overdo to be asked, and posed the question to me. I hesitated but chose dare. I probably could have chosen truth if I wanted to, since I was already half naked, but after my tricky dare to Jade last time I felt obligated chose dare to receive my due, whatever it would be.

I looked at Lola as she pondered her options, before finally deciding on one. "Ok James, you seem to like seeing people in there underwear, so now it's time to see you. Pull down your shorts for ten seconds and stand still with your hands on your head."

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Default Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight
Now I was in trouble. I had nearly a full blown hard on and was going to have to stand in front of four girls in my underwear. One small blessing was that I was wearing boxers, so my erection would be way less obvious than if I was wearing briefs. Another small blessing was that before hand I had adjusted my self so my penis was pressed up wards toward my stomach, held in place by the elastic waistband, and the head of my boner still concealed.. Just barely. It was still visible but only as a bulge at the top, not sticking straight out.

I thought briefly about backing out but knew I couldn't. I had already watched them do too much to back out know. I got up slowly, my knees weak. Ella was shooting me an evil glare, knowing what I hid down there. I summoned all my courage and pulled my shorts down. I fought off the urge to cover myself and complied to the dare which I was ordered to do by placing my hands on my head.

There was indeed a bulge visible in my boxers, but it didn't really give anything away, since it was tucked upwards. I stood there counting at a low voice.. 1... 2.... 3... It was at three that disaster stuck. Because I had only tucked the tip of my penis under the elastic waistband, in order to not have the head show, the balance was very precarious. At the third second the head slipped downwards and I desperately tried to will it to stay still. But to no avail. It slipped a little further downwards, now it barely tucked under the elastic at all. I tried to move a little to maneuver it back into position. Bad idea.

My movements only made it worse. My penis became completely untucked, and fell downwards. It was still hard however so it stuck straight out from me. I moved my hands off my head and began to cover up, but then Lola stopped me.

"No! No touching! Hands on head! Start counting again."

I slowly moved my hands back to my head and stood in front of them with my hard on pointing straight out. They were all staring at it transfixed. I now knew how Ella and Anna had felt. I counted to ten quickly (but not too quickly - I didn't want Lola to claim I had counted to fast and make me start over again) and then I reached down and pulled up my shorts hurriedly. I sat down once more, and readjusted myself, all the while being stared at by Ella, who was obviously hoping for a glimpse of my now apparent hard on.

"Well are we gonna play or just sit around?" I said to get the girls attention away from the image of my hard on pressing out from my boxers which was now emblazoned in their minds. "Ella, truth or dare?" I asked, trying to get revenge for the way she had been leering at me for the last five minutes.

But she knew what I was trying to do, and responded quickly, "Truth."

I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to dare her, but I had a good, embarrassing question ready. "Have you ever had a lesbian experience? If so, described it. If not, would you like too ever have one?"

Ella hesitated, clearly thinking about lying but then responded in a quite voice.
"Yes, I have. I was over at my friend Alison's house, watching a movie. It was dark and we were both under the same blanket. During one of the steamy scenes, I felt her hand brush my boob. I thought it was an accident, but then I felt it again, and this time it stayed there. I faced her to ask her what she was doing, but I found her lips pressed against mine. She kept kissing me, and then rolled on top of me. I was a little confused but I knew I liked what was happening. She then moved her hand from my breast, to my slit, which she began to rub, slow at first but then harder. I moved my hands and grabbed her ass and squeezed. I began to get wet, and she felt that and moved her hand under my shorts. She stuck a finger in my slit, feeling around. I was 15 at the time so it was the first time I had been penetrated, and it felt so good. I gave a soft moan, and then began to slowly trust my body against her finger. But... Then we heard a car pull in the driveway, and it was my mom who was picking me up. I barely talked to her after that, although she did keep looking at me in a sexy way during school after that. So... Yeah. That's my story."

Everyone was staring at Ella. While she was telling the story she had gotten so wrapped up, so involved, it had created almost a magical net of concentration which ensnared everyone. Only I had noticed, however, that the whole time she was talking one of her hands had found it's way to her lap, and was gently moving up and down outside her shorts, right in the area of her vagina, which, I imagined by then, must be pretty wet.

However, her abrupt ending, in which she finally showed some traces of embarrassment, brought an end to the magical feel and also caused her to notice me staring at her lap, which in it's turn brought an end to the rubbing. She blushed, and then asked, "Jade, truth or dare?"

Jade, still in her brave mode, which by now I was starting to suspect might be her true nature, and the innocence was just a cover up, chose dare.

Ella gave her a particallary tough one saying, "Everyone else has some article of clothing off. Me and James are shirtless, Lola has no bra, and from the look of it Anna has no panties. So why don't you go ahead and remove that dress, and stay in your bra and panties for the rest of the game."

Jade grimaced, but went threw with it. She moved quickly this time. Pulling her dress off with a flourish, folded it neatly and stood there in front of us in her matching yellow underwear. Her breasts were around the same size as Ella's, but weren't as flaunted as much in the plain yellow bra. They were nice and perky too, it seemed the bra was just a formality, they could probably do fine on their own. Her panties were even more contracted around her pubic region than before, and they looked slightly damp, although I couldn't be sure because of the light. I felt my penis, which had grown a little flaccid because of the embarrassment I had felt earlier, spring back to life.

Noticing me looking at her clingy underwear, she sat down, and rubbed her arms in an attempt to ward off the chill. Only then did I realize that the sun was much lower in the sky now, it was getting to be dark, and coldness was setting in. As well as the Mosquitos I thought with a grimace, as I slapped at my leg, but missed the little bugger.

"Hey why don't we go inside?" I asked. "It's gonna be too dark to see anymore."

"But then we won't be able to tell if moms coming." said Lola worriedly, "I mean, she should be occupied for another half hour at least but if she comes over, goes inside and sees you there with your hard on sticking right at her, she might freak out."

This got a lot of laughs, even from me. "Don't worry about it, we can go to the playroom on the second floor. It's right above the door, so we'll hear if she comes in, but she can't see us from the doorway, so it will give us time to change."

The playroom was a room that my parents had arranged for me when I was little. It was rather large, and while it used to be filled with legos and spiderman dolls, it now had a pool table, a reclining chair, a sofa, a mini fridge, and of course, the TV and my PS3.

Everyone readily agreed, they could all feel the chill coming on and besides, who wouldn't want to go into my playroom? It's sick.

"Ok we'll have a five minute pause. Everyone take their ice cream bowls inside please, and put them in the sink. You can go to the bathroom if you need to. And bring your clothes in too, it might rain tonight. But no putting on anymore clothes or changing clothes, when we start again I want everybody as they are now."

I grabbed the two containers of ice-cream, my shirt, and headed inside. I wondered what other dares, and truths, we could possibly come up with.

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