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Information Male Self Bondage Dice Dare

How long:
1. 10 mins
2. 15 mins
3. 20 mins
4. 30 mins
5. 45 mins
6. 60 mins

Tied to:
1. Both legs together, ankles to thighs
2. Both legs apart. Ex: tied to corners of bed
3. Dominate Hand to leg
4. Both legs together in three places, straight out.
5. Gag
6. Balls tied together

Tied with:(roll again if you don't have the item)
1. Wire
2. Tape
3. Rope
4. Other
5. Shoe Laces
6. You chose

1. Finger, Lube: tooth paste
2. Sharpie/Marker, Lube: lotion
3. Finger, Lube: lotion
4. Sharpie/Marker, Lube: tooth paste
5. First thing seen, Lube: Your choice
6. None

How to cum:
1. Normal
2. Wait 25 mins
3. Cant touch your self for 10 mins then cum, every time you touch your self you must restart
4. Unlucky, NO CUM
5. Ask a person in the chat
6. Roll again

My First Dare, May post a second stage to this later.
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