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Default pantsed

Have you ever been pantsed by someone you know?
I got pantsed about 2 years ago by my friend while the high school bus was passing by she got behind me and pulled my tracksuit pants down to my ancles

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i was pantsed when i was young? in grade 4? i think... it's called primary school here tho... i'll say mine XD primary 4, by my physical education teacher XD cos i was staring at the tree outside out of the world XD
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Lol, I was fail pantsed, I was at dance spacing out and i had shorts on under my pants, so my friend pulled down the track suit pants, but I still had shorts on lol. Was funny
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No, never ever never... ever.
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Yes. High School, while walking down a corridor in front of nearly everyone in the School, and they were held down until i tripped over my own feet. Even then i struggled to cover myself.
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Default Want to

I talked to a girl once who wanted to be pantsed so she set it up with a friend. She wore loose pants with nothing underneath and told her friend to do it any time through the day. Well she did, when they where in a hallway full of people. They had just gone up some stairs and as her friend followed her up the stairs she faked tripping over the last step. On her way down, she grabbed the loose pants and yanked them right to the ground. They both tripped and the pants got tangled around her ankles and her shoes and by the time they got them back up it was a long long time. Every person in that hallway got a good look at her completely naked body, even spread eagle as she layed still while her friend struggled to untangle her pants. She said there is still people with pictures of it all too.
I`ve never been pantsed but I want to be badly, just like this.
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HMMMM yep..happens a lot since most peoples here wear jamjams & not real PANTS
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Got pantsed about 6 times during high school soccer practice and also did a fair amount of pantsing myself.

There was also this kid (a guy jock) that got pasted while everyone was getting ready for band class. He got it in front of the whole class.
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Why was good girl banned so soon?
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@dkaren probz coz of her picture
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Feelin Daring
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haha me and my friends always randomly pants eachother in the locker room when we're changed. yeah it gets kinda crazy and we end up running around and screaming until our gym coach comes in yeling at us to quiet down. lol

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I have been pantsed in 8th grade, once in highchool, and once this year.
im not lucky

8th, i was on the p.e yard when it was "free time".
So my guy friends thought itd be funny to pants me infront of my whole class

highschool, during flag football, my friends thought itd be funny again
i tripped them later, so it was cool.

and another time, i was at the mall, looking at clothes in one of the stores
and BAM! my pants are down
that time was kinda embarrassing..
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Mysterious the 1st
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Countless times throughout school wasn't that embarrassing really
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When i was in school everyone was doing it in year9
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I was only pantsed once.. when I was little, haha. I don't really remember it.


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