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Swatch getDare Chat Rules

These are included within getDare Posting Rules, but I'm separating them since chat is a popular feature of the site and people often ask where they are.

You can find a link at the bottom of the chat to both the rules and to report a chat incident to a moderator.

* Chat Rules *
  • Don't offer or request pornographic images in the public chat. Please use private chats with consenting users for material that may offend others.
  • Do not harass other users into joining private chats.
  • If a user is bothering you, block them using the ignore feature.
  • Most issues can be solved on your own using the ignore feature but if you feel harassed or threatened within the chat system, please approach a moderator with names, quotes and other relevant information ASAP.
  • Please attempt basic spelling.
  • Do not spam chat with constant requests. You may post a link to your thread or ad, or make a request but try to wait 15-20 minutes before doing so again.

* Chat Rooms *
Use the ROOMS button on the top left to change rooms.
  • The Lounge - for general chatter. You can talk about anything, just don't advertise or request dares in here.
  • Truth or Dare - for playing truth or dare or for hosting live events. Do not interrupt games with random chat.
  • BDSM Exchange - the main chat room. In this room you can discuss anything from general chatter to kink. BDSM chat is encouraged, and light play is permitted. However, heavy sceening and roleplay should be moved to the The Scene room.
  • The Scene - for those wishing to scene or role-play.

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