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Default kinky cum eating dares

Hi there everyone.

I love dressing up as women and acting like a really naughty slut.

What VERY kinky dares can you come up with to make me feel like a sissy cum slut?

I have been made to cum in panties n eat it and do anal then cum on dildo n eat it etc.

The kinkier the better please also if you would like to see your dare performed on cam you may ask and I may do it, depending on how kinky I feel


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Hi Matt. you like it kinky? I gave my best...I dare you to:

-Wear some women's clothes (thong, bra, skirt etc.) and get your cock hard without touching it. Then start sucking on a dildo as if it was a real cock...do this for 5 minutes and spank your balls if your penis gets soft.
-Undress til you wear only the thong and wank your cock to the edge. Stop touching it and suck your dildo again for 3 minutes. Then strip nakes and start fucking your ass with the same dildo using only your saliva as lube. While doing this, get to another edge and hold it for 30 secons.
- Take the dildo out of your ass and have a ruined orgasm, smear your cum all over the dildo and suck it clean! Wanna have a real orgasm? OK:
(skip this if pee is a limit) - Piss into a glass and get it into your mout WITHOUT swallowing. It has to stay in your mouth until the orgasm, if you can't manage this ruin your orgasm again.
- Wank to your final orgasm, swallow the piss, cum onto your thong and put it into your mouth for 3 minutes before licking it clean and eating all the cum! Enjoy your meal

I'd love to watch you doing this on cam, please PM me if you like...your ten-p
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did it all apart from the pee in mouth. really turned me on.

Any more????
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