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Default I dare you... Bananas, Diapers and Enemas oh my!

This is not mine, but I have done it countless times over the last couple years. I find it best to use a Poise Medium pad instead of the flimsy maxi pads, but either way, Enjoy!

* 4 bananas - not too ripe, but not green either - break each in half
* 1 Kotex pad -- medium absorbencys fine
(note: a disposable diaper liner is a suitable alternative)
* 4 liquid fleet susuppositories-
(note: not fleet
enenmas and not solid glycerin suppositories)

(1) place banana halves in a glass bowl and nuke for 30 secs (optional)

(2) empty two of the fleet liquid suppository applicators onto the banana
halves making sure the tips of each are lightly lubricated

(3) empty the other two applicators up the subs rectum

(4) slip the banana hahalves tip-first into the sub's butt, one at a time
(obviously). This may take a couple of minutes. It is a wonderfully
strange sensation for the sub, so no need to race through this. the first
banana will completely smush up. Push as much as you can in with your
gloved hand. It's weird, but believe it or not, they start to go in easier
and easier. By the 3rd or 4th half, they pop right in. This is why you
start with 8 hahalves. By the last half, you're sub will be incredibly

(5) tightly roll the kotex pad in sleeping bag fashion. sticky plastic
inward; cotton side facing out.

(6) wipe up the glass bowl with remaining liquid suppository - if
necessary, pop open another and thoroughly lube it up.

(7) insert the rolled-up kotex into your sub's quivering (and very full)
rectum. If necessary, use your finger to push it all the way in.

(8) tightly diaper your sub and finish it off with snug plastic pants.

(9) Allow your sub to lay calmly for a few minutes; then make him get up
stand; answer questions; walk around; whatever.

Here's what is going on. The sub is obviously incredibly full of very wet,
warm and weighted mush. And the quick-acting suppository is screaming at
the poor sub's bowels "void. Void!". But...as the kotex begins to absorb
the moisture from the bananas, it slowly expands and forms a snug and
incredibly effective plug.

The resulting predicament is that the sub feels that intense crampy and
panicky feeling. If they try to tighten their sphincter, the intensity of
the cramping actually grows. I'm not sure why, but it does. And if
they relax their sphincter (and eventually they have to); they find that
they are absolutely 100% sure they are about to fill their pants, but at
the very last second...they don't. The cramping and trembling subsides.
They can actually stand and converse semi-intelligently. But then, in
about 90 seconds, they feel it building again. That nasty wave of
cramping. Everything goes crazy again. They can't focus; can't speak. It's
happening, oh my god, I can't hold it....but then it backs off again. It's
like wave after wave of contraction. Each one gets slightly stronger. And
each one forces the sphincter to dilate a tiny bit more. This can
sometimes go on for 45 minutes or longer.

After 30 to 60 minutes, the sub is totally freaked out. This is
supremely controlling for the domme. You own every part of their
existence at this point. And there are all kinds of creative ways for you
to intensify the mind fuck. Dress him up, take him for a walk, maybe
grocery shopping, and watch him try to mask his contractions and misery.

This is as close to incontinence as most subs get. I mean, with a full
enema, at some point, you release and soil yourself. But with this, even
if you push down a little, the plug means that everything takes it's own
course. It will happen when it happens. And that's that. You won't know.
And the big baby won't be able to tell you either.

But then, at some point the sub's tired and quivering little
sphincter surrenders all hope, and involuntarily spreads and the sub's
diapers fill with a mass of warm, wet, steamy ooze. But that's not it, in
most cases, about 30 seconds after the pressure is releived from the
prostate gland, the sub's bladder will involuntarily empty as well.

This qualifies as an emotionally, mentally and physically intense
experience. Sure to leave any bottom completely chagrined, humiliated and
weakened. Most dommes who have tried this recipe have been utterly blown
away that such an intense form of control and humiliation can be
relatively easily orchestrated with common grocery store items.
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Well this does not sound pleasent in the least and I am so happy that this does not need to happen to me
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Doing this too myself right now. Its taking me along time to just write this because of the feeling...this is horrible...but is turning me on at the same time. Now I feel better lawl. Just released it into my diaper...Now its warm and slimy all over my ass...at least I can type now.

All in all, good dare.
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Dislikes: ...er...Public stuff? That's about it.

Im also bi-curious, if that will help for any dares you throw my way.
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This profile represents a couple. Me and my wife. I’m a bit more extreme, my wife is a bit shy. We both love games and while everyone is sleeping (it’s late here and I’m working) I (male) decided to try this dare.

My experience, it’s a bit gross I think.

I used 3 banana’s (We didn’t had any more). I used 3 Norgalax (10g) tubes, I took one Libresse invisible Normal Wing (4 drops of 6 max) pad from my wife. I used one Tena Maxi diaper. We have diaper’s because we sometimes play with these.

I followed the directions. The six halves were covered with two tubes of the Norgalax (it’s creamy liquid, so it was easy to do). I laid on the ground on a Tena Underpad bed protection. I inserted one tube of Norgalax in the rectum. I inserted one half of a banana, and as you said, it smashed, but I managed to get most inside. The other 5 went easy. I wish I had 2 more. I pushed the Libresse pad (covered with laxative) inside just after the sphincter and put the diaper on and waited with a full feeling.

After 5 minutes I felt the first cramps and the strong need to release myself. I waited. After 10 minutes some liquid came and the cramps were heavier. A few times I felt I needed to release myself, but when I relaxed the muscles, nothing happened, only some liquid. I did not push. After another 10 minutes I felt the cramps were getting less and decided I needed to empty me. I pushed a bit, but nothing happened. Some stronger efforts and it felt it all came outside, but it did not and is slipped back again. With my finger (I opened the diaper a bit), I felt an open sphincter, and the pad clogging the entrance. I put the diaper on again and after 5 minutes waiting I strained myself with some force and within a second the diaper was completely filled with banana’s. The cleaning was easy.

I loved the dare. It’s safe and it works. I didn’t felt the distress you described, maybe when I used one more banana and another Norgalax, … I don’t know.

Good Dare.
limits: obvious public, family/friends finding out, anything that will leave permanent damage, Dares that are not well thought of.

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sounds like you know what your talking about... wow. ^_^
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wow...that is gross....and yet incredibly arousing and hot all at the same time...
i think i need to get some diapers and bananas and ask my dom to try it on me
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Default Thanks

Oh, this was incredibly intense! I was only able to pack 6 of the 8 halves inside me, but it still felt awesome. I was quivering from the tips of my toes to the top of my bum for over 20 minutes before the plug finally came out. It's surprisingly difficult to think coherently while this is happening. Thanks for a great dare!
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Sounds intense!
But isn't it dangerous putting a pad all the way up your ass?

And why not use the fleet enema? What's the difference?
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I actually plan to try this once I buy some suppositories. I think it will be a fun little experience. Except, I don't have any diapers either...maybe just try it with girly panties.
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wow this seems kinda intense... shame i dont have all the stuff

i must do any dare that i get as long as this is a part of my signiture

like: humiliation, anal, masturbation, edging

maybe: messy stuff, cum related, bondage, bladder control
dont like but will do:feet, ice, pee, pictures, crossdressing

no: extreme pain, pemanant, friends/family, illegal, scat
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This definately sounds like fun, but is it really safe to insert bananas into your ass like that? I really want to try this one.

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Me <3's MOAR
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Default Wow!!!

I tried this today... man it was intense! If you are going to do it, just follow the directions at the top of the forum to the letter. You will obtain the desired result.
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Originally Posted by Diaper_Boy View Post
This definately sounds like fun, but is it really safe to insert bananas into your ass like that? I really want to try this one.
It is quite safe to insert bananas like that, don't worry. Just be sure to peel them and you're fine.
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Has anyone else done this? I want to try it
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Originally Posted by daremenow View Post
Has anyone else done this? I want to try it
Bud, you should try it for sure. Totally safe and unlike anything you will ever experience.
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