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Default DIY Anal Beads

I got this off another site and thought it could need some sharing. I hope this is the right place to put this, or a mod can move it.

//I have not tried it for my self so if you guys decide to do it, please share your experiences.

Only three materials are needed.

1) Caterpillar balloons. You know, the one with the lumps.

2) Golf balls. As many as you need/want/can find.

3) Appropriate lube.

This is rather straight forward. Just insert the golf balls into the caterpillar balloon. One golf ball for each lump the balloon has, then tie it shut. . Lube up and have fun. Make sure you have pleeenttyy of lube. I highly doubt the feeling of friction between balloon rubber and skin is very much... enjoyed.

// also, it's rather large. If you want smaller anal beads, go get a bead necklace =w=;

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Pearl necklaces wouldn't be satisfactory for this activity! :P

Good idea.
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ive always used mardi gras beads if anything for anal beads some times lubes sometimes not i goto mardi gras every year so i get plenty of them and they vary in shape size and length all the time i think those are the cheapest thing
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