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Old 07-09-2010, 02:11 AM   #1
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Eye Sleeping Naked Around House Dare

This is a dare which comes from an actual experience I had as a teen. I had a short time in my early teens when I slept walked, but rather than going back to bed I would curl up in different places around the house. I often slept naked and so I would find myself in various locations around the house waking up naked around 4am or so. Since it was pretty early I didn't usually get caught, but a few times I was fast asleep naked lying on the couch or the floor of our family room and my mother or sisters were getting up for the day and found me.

...and so here is the dare born of this experience.

It's very basic, wait until everyone in your home has gone to sleep for the night. Get naked and go find a spot somewhere in the house for you to sleep for the night. Most likely you will be very excited and it will take sometime to calm down in order to fall asleep, so you may have to act asleep if someone stubbles upon you before you doze off.

This is a dare you can do over and over again. Once it happens a few times it may even become a familiar routine in your home allowing you to be naked at night and your family to have sympathy and understanding rather than sock and awe.

You say, but wait I don't sleep in the nude and so my family would be horrified to find me naked laying on the couch. No worries, start in your room and leave a trail of your clothing from there to your final location so it appears you stripped in your sleep along the way.

To lesson the dare:
Rather than going completely naked, start by ending up at your final sleeping location in just your underwear. For girls try topless first. Then work up to being naked. Again this might play into the routine for your family or roommates as they start finding you sleeping around the house.

Or start by being naked, but take your pillow and a blanket along so you are covered, but naked and still have that available excited awkwardness.

To increase the dare:
For guys, while you are awake keep a raging hard-on going so if you do get caught not only are you naked but aroused as well. Girls could do the same for their nipples, although this is not quite as noticeable, so for you be sure and be as spread eagle as you can while you are in the pretending to be asleep phase.

For guys, masturbate onto your stomach and just leave it there. For girls have a banana or other masturbation type of item lying near you, or even insert it and leave it in if you can while you sleep so you are caught with it still stuck inside.

Some extreme sleeping locations:
Next to or at the foot of your parents bed. If you are not at home, next to or at the foot of your roommates bed. Or try crawling into bed with your parents, a sibling, or roommate and sleep the rest of the night naked with them in their bed. The front lawn, or if you have a deck or porch. A car in the driveway or garage. If in an apartment, the hallway!

Last but not least - post a reply and tell us about your adventure(s) with this dare.
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Default to easy

I sleep naked all the time in fact naked all the time at home and been seen many times stiff as well so to easy for me .
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Default Excellent!

We all should sleep naked all the time, it should be a law....
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