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Default forced masturbation confessions

post yours here -

Mine is from when my ex and I went to a party and when it had quietened down we were playing T or D with two other couples and of course withthe alocohol flowing and my ex and I both being happy to strip we were losing badly. I was naked first my ex not long after and we were given a forfeit to pay.

We both had to masturbate, her using a rolling pin and me using her panties and when I was about to cum, she was to open her mouth and let me fire into it, for every shot that missed we were given further punishments.
[COLOR=Magenta]You could say no but whats the point in being on a dare site if you say no all the time......

If you don't put up a limits list, expect to be pushed on everything.
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Default Captured

There was a wooded area near my house where my jr. high buddies and I used to play war with another bunch of kids maybe a year older than us. We had raided their fort, took their porno mags, and wrecked their fort. Then we heard them coming back and ran like hell. I tripped on a root and they caught me. My buddies got away. My captors held my arms and twisted them until I promised to do anything just to stop the pain. They told me I was their slave, made me take off my shoes, socks, and shirt. They forced me to rebuild their fort. When I was done, they tied me to a dead tree, sort of like a post, in the hot sun. They began making dares involving me, one guy would have to kiss me on the mouth, the next lick my nips. Pretty soon it was obvious that I had an erection so finally one guy had to strip off my pants so I was naked with a boner. The dares changed to touching then to kissing my cock.

One of the guys suggested that after each dare I would get a chance to masturbate, if I shot cum, they would free me. That sounded good and they untied my right hand. The next dare was for a guy to lick my balls. After he did the dare which really turned me on, I was ready to jerk off. The the leader told me the catch, the first time I would be allowed only one stroke. If I didn't cum, I would be allowed two strokes after the next dare, etc. and they would continue their dares until I came. Well even one stroke was better than none and it felt good when I gave my cock as long slow stoke, of course, I didn't cum. The dares went on, and the guys watched and laughed as I tried to jerk off. Their licking and kissing and sucking me and my stokes kept getting me more excited. I was bursting, I had to Cum. If was a torment in one way but also felt good to be forced to masturbate. Finally, I was able to cum on my 27th stroke.

They were good to their word, untied me and gave me back my clothes. I ran back toward my house, when I saw my friends I just told them I had been made a slave and forced to rebuild the fort, that was all my friends needed to know.

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I lost a poker bet to my college room mate. I had run down three flights of stairs naked and go out into a courtyard surrounded by the dorms and jack off. In the courtyard I could see guys at their desks studying or walking around in their rooms all around it. It was about 1:00 a.m., but it was college, so who was asleep. Three or four strokes and I was shooting a gallon in my hand. I had to catch it in my hand and return to my room to prove I had actually done it.
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Default Blackmailed

I haven't told this to anyone before and since its true I wont say any names

some girls from a local school who were really bad had something over me.
I wont say what it was right now but as a kind of blackmail they'd have me do things for them in exchange for their silence

One day I was in McDonalds and I was approached by 3 of those girls
They said that I still owed them for keeping their silence. They wanted to watch me masturbate
I said I couldn't do that because I'd be caught

It was very quiet there at the time and all the staff were busy so it was decided that the baby changing room would be a good place.

I had to go in and let them all in behind me
In the changing room I had to drop my pants and masturbate while they all watched
I started to drop my pants even though I felt incredibly shy about the whole thing
"And the boxers" one of them said
I dropped the boxers unable to hide the fact that I already had a huge hard on... There were a few remarks about that then the same girl said "come on then, wank"

Just as I started to there was a knock at the door and another girl whom I knew had turned up asking if she was still in time. She entered and the door was closed. It became obvious that this had been planned

I protested but saw I had no choice
I masturbated while they all watched. When I shot my load I pointed it away so it wouldn't go over any of them. It was lucky I did because I dont think I'd ever cum so much and have it shoot so far
I later learned that one of them had never seen a guys dick for real, let alone masturbate so they arranged it for her as a kind of birthday present.

I only found that I'd got myself in deeper. Now 4 of them could continue to have a hold over me
I decided to enter this forum with this theme. Not because I think it's so small but I'm so often judged by my size. To be honest I find the attention and humiliation a little exciting so I'd just like to say that I'm up for dares.
Any dares but nothing illegal or unhygenic
Go on dare me

Ask me anything at http://www.formspring.me/WeeWillie

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Default Rachie

I have been forced to masterbate several times.

This has mainly been by Strip Poker friends.

Some of these have been.

With toys,
My Fingers
Others Fingers
Kitchen Equipment
Broom Stick
and plenty more....

Have also been forced to masturbate in several different places including:
School / College
At Home
Parents / Others Beds
Shop Toilets
and plenty more....

sometimes with underwear on, sometimes off
sometimes people were present sometimes not
sometimes recorded sometimes not

Have also made other people be forced to masterbate in similar places.

If you want more info read story


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Wow - I have so many fantasties involving forced masturbation but so far no real experience - anyone want to help change that?
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getDare Devil
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hey George, all you have to do is get into the right place at the right time.... I enjoyed mine because it was happening to both of us..
[COLOR=Magenta]You could say no but whats the point in being on a dare site if you say no all the time......

If you don't put up a limits list, expect to be pushed on everything.
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I've never been forced to masturbate, being a Mistress, but do listen to my Slave's recent confession Crossdress Bitch's forced confession
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forced, masturbation, partry

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