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Post Naked Walk

This is more of a 'simple' dare. Go to a secluded place (the woods works good) and take a naked walk. It is exciting, because you feel that someone might see you. If you do it, post how it goes.

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Default naked walk

Originally Posted by Person View Post
This is more of a 'simple' dare. Go to a secluded place (the woods works good) and take a naked walk. It is exciting, because you feel that someone might see you. If you do it, post how it goes.
In answer to this post, I've attached short accounts of walks I did last Friday and saturday. (They have been posted elsewhere)

Ancient Brit


After the long unusually cold winter we've at last got a sunny spell with temperatures up to about 16C and I decided it was time to try out an idea I'm hoping to do a little this summer. I drove out and parked in the carpark at Telegraph Hill in the New Forest. I then got my bike out of the van and cycled about four miles along roads to the popular Cadman's Pool. I locked my bike up here, stripped off and left all my clothes, except socks and shoes, in the saddle bag of the bike.

It was now a five mile walk back to the car along paths, tracks and open forest to get back to my car. Since I'd got no clothes with me there was no temptation to cover up when I saw other walkers. In fact I counted 16 other walkers, but I don't know how many of them saw me. There was only one close encounter when I dropped down to a bridge across one of the small streams and there was a young man sitting on the bridge. There was no choice but to go right past him. As I approached one of his dogs came at me aggressively and the owner was more concerned about getting his dog under control than worrying that his dog was threatening a naked walker.

I had expected there to be people in the carpark when I got back to my van but all the cars in the carpark were empty, but I was certainly visible from the busy road across the forest.

This was the first walk I had done since last summer and even this short walk left me with a few aches and pains. I finished by driving back to the start to pick up my bike before driving home.


Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far and I couldn't resist repeating yesterday's naked hike. However a hot sunny saturday in spring is much busier than a Friday afternoon.

I again drove out to Telegraph Hill at about noon, but the carpark was already full so I had to park across the main road. I decided it was sensible to leave a pair of shorts in the bushes about 20m from the carpark rather than return naked to my van across the road.

I again cycled to Cadman's Pool, but this time the large carpark was already almost full. I secured my bike in a little copse about 20m from the parking and again stripped and left all my clothes except socks and shoes in the saddle bag of the bike.

I decided on a slightly more circuitous route this time avoiding more of the main paths. In all I saw about 40 other walkers as well as one rider and about 15 cyclists, but many of these were at a distance so I don't know how many of them realised I was naked.
The closest encounter was when I climbed up a path on the convex slope of Cooper's Hill and come across a couple taking a break. I had to walk right past them and I don't think they were too impressed as they didn't say anything, but did turn to face away. There followed a track which was part of a cycle trail and although it was possible to walk on a path parallel to the track, I suspect quite a few cyclists had a good view. Once I got back into the woods there was only the occasional dog-walker and I got back to Telegraph Hill where I collected my shorts and returned to the van, before picking up the bike.
It was only a 2 hour walk, but I need to start my summer hiking slowly as I've not done any walking since last summer.
email me a naked dare and I will send you proof when I have done it.
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