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Note Campus Truth or Dare

Ok, this is my first attempt at a story...so, here goes...

Jake sat down at his computer after a long day of classes. The semester was almost over and he was getting burnt out studying for exams. It had been two long years at MSU and he couldn't wait for summer. As he surfed through the usual campus websites he clicked on one ad that looked interesting. "Campus Truth or Dare".

The page came up with some wild pictures of people in all sorts of comprimising positions at campuses around the world, some with their faces blurred or boxxed out, some not. Most people were holding up signs or had painted on them "Campus TorD". He read some of the reviews by people saying how much they had fun playing and encouraging others to play along.

Deciding to check into it he started reading through the FAQ and rules, finally just going for it and clicking on the sign up link. The site asked him all sorts of questions of his likes, dislikes, limits, comfort levels, whether he was a risk taker, shy, outgoing, gay, bi, straight, preferences in mates, etc. It seemed to be creating a very detailed personality profile of him.

Once he was finished filling everything out he was sent an e-mail and he was allowed in what was called the "first stage". This was basically a game of "truth" to be played while waiting for enough people to have a full group. It basically consisted of a chat room with a setup where at the top it shows who can ask whom a question, and the readers get to rate the question and choose whether the question was answered well enough before moving on.

Jake timidly sat in as he read through the past truths presented, easy ones like "where are you from", "what's your major", "what year are you". Typical getting to know you type of questions. He was the 8th one to show up and the room showed that it was waiting for two more. He got a few questions.
"What's your major?": Chemical Engineering
"How old are you?": 19
"Describe what you look like.": About 5'9, curly brown hair, kinda skinny, kinda average looking...lots of people say I have a baby face. I get referred to as "cute" a lot.

Jake asked a few typical questions with a few off the wall. "What kind of popsicle would you be?", "What color is your luggage?", "Where were your keys the last time you found them?". These were met with a few funny responses and the group started getting comfortable with each other. The other two members signed in and after a few questions the computer picked a random player from the group and asked its own question to set the mood.

Campus TorD To: Janet
Question: How old were you the first time you had sex?
Jane answered: "I was 16"

Campus TorD To: William
Question: Describe your first kiss.
William answered: "I was in 6th grade and me and this girl I liked were at the school skating night and we were skating during the couples skate. Right before we got off the skating rink I held her from going on and kissed her. She smiled and giggled and went back to her friends."

Campus TorD To: Samantha
Question: Describe your first orgasm.
Samantha answered: "It's actually kinda embarrasing. It was in 8th grade and I was on the bus, right over the wheel and I'd just seen a boy I really liked. I was picturing him in my mind as the bus was moving and the seat was vibrating. I got all flush and had an orgasm right there on the bus. Luckily for me, everyone else was being loud and I only let out a slight 'yelp'"

Campus TorD To: Jake
Question: Describe the first time you masturbated.
I answered: "It was pretty awkward actually. I was 11 and I didn't know how to use my hands, I woke up one Saturday after a really sexy dream and I must've been close to coming already. I knew enough about sex that you put your dick in between a girl's legs and pump in and out. I grabbed my two pillows and sandwiched my dick between them and just started pumping. I came right away and was kinda freaked out about the sticky stuff on my pillows and how I was going to get them clean."

Ok...I need to stop for now. Tell me what you think.
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Interesting concept, I like it. Please carry on
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Has potential, but needs lots of more flesh to grow
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i think i like this
dare you to gimme a good dare pm me

likes idk gimme some dares

dislikes poo family public and pee
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campus truth or dare

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