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Default Enema self bondage dare.

First of all this dare takes some tome to set up but wow its blissful torture...

Cuff yourself down for a forced 10 min with no escape while you have a 2-3 quart enema gush into your ass.. you feel very full and want to go to the bathroom but are forced to hold it in for the set time or make a big mess.
(You can use a plug with hole to force you to hold it in)

Equipment you will need.
Enema bag + nozzle
Hand cuffs + key
A computer
Rope or similar

For this dare you will need some form of release mechanism.
For this I used one of the free macro programs to eject my CD tray after 10 minuets. (test this)

Then place a key with thread trapped in the closed CD tray door.
fill the enema bag and position high up. now use rope to tie a loop that you can stick your cuffs through and tie this to something solid on the floor near your stand..position the CD drive over where you cuffs will be. Now tie your legs up with a belt...Lube up your nozzle and anus Insert your enema nossle or bulb.. deep inside your anus so that it will not come out.. start the enema, start the timer, now kneel down and lie on the floor and put the cuffs on..

Now you are trapped for 10 minuets, writhing on the floor helpless. you cant call for help or you will be found out.. and there is no escape until that key drops,,, after only a minuet or to your bowels will feel very full like your ass wants to explode.. time can pass very slowly in this situation each minuet lasting 6 or 7.. finally when the key drops you will struggle to unlock yourself.
and you will be in a panicked flurry to get to the bathroom,, only to find your legs are tied.. After this when you try to stand up the pressure of your bowels will be amplified by your vertical position and you will struggle to stop gushing water as you flee to the toilet....
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