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Default Runesmith's forgiveness thread

Tasks should be fun, and not a chore

Due to your own stupidity and lack of judgement, are you denied until October 2038? Have you just completed 7 edges with 27,844 to go? Then this thread is for you.

Poorly worded add threads can easily get out of hand, and devious game/challenge threads created by manipulative sociopaths can trap people in endless loops (giving endless source of amusement to the said sociopaths).

For most people who are experienced in BDSM/TorD, these are not issues. They would gladly do the sacrifice for their Dom/Domme. After all, tasks like these are how you show your devotion to someone.

However, for those who are just stepping in, trying to discover their place in the wonderful spectrum of BDSM and TorD, getting immediately trapped in a mindless, joyless task given by people on a game thread with no emotional attachment, can result in:
- them deleting their profile and/or ghosting from gD (happens pretty often)
- swearing off BDSM or deciding that it's not for them just because of this one bad experience
- lying about completing the tasks, taking the fun away for everyone
- feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, sense of failure, depression

So, being the most magnanimous and merciful (and humble... did I mention humble?) person that I am, I have organized this forgiveness thread.

This thread is intended to reduce/remove any unreasonable tasks that you have currently, under the following conditions:
- the tasks must be due to game threads, add threads, etc.
- the tasks must not be punishments or private tasks from your Dom/Domme
- you may be offered task swaps to reduce the burden
- One pardon/commute per person... ever - if you are dumb enough to get in a jam a second time, you aren't capable of learning

How to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer
Post a reply in this thread (no PMs) with:
1. the task, the number done, and the number remaining
2. How you got the task - a link to the game/add thread is mandatory
3. One or two sentences about why you deserve a pardon (good excuses include - living conditions, studies, psychological stress caused by the task, realizing that the task has become a chore than a source of pleasure, you were an idiot and made a mistake)
4. Any offers of substitution that you want to make

Every post will be judged by two experienced Doms/Dommes* who have agreed to support. They will remain anonymous to prevent any attempts at bribery (I will not judge any cases, so trying to bribe me is futile... although you are most welcome to try). You will be informed on this thread whether you have been pardoned/commuted.

*Doms/Dommes/Switches who want to join the "panel of judges" please PM me. When you are in, you will be assigned specific posts to judge, and you need to be prepared to give your decision within 3 days.
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Runesmith's Forgiveness thread - you're gonna need this

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