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Falcon Punch
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Cool Self Bondage/Bladder Holding Dares Needed

Hey guys! I haven't been posting on this site for a while but I'd love to get back into it. And what better a way to do so than to get some dares?! So I'd love it if you guys could give me some self bondage dares (I have some rope/shoelaces, a pad lock with a key, a vibrator although it's not insertable and just for use of placing on my cock to make me cum, various house hold items I can put in my ass, and clothes pins) or some bladder holding dares (ie. What to drink, how long to hold it, things I can and can't do while holding it, and where/how to pee). Also, if you can manage to incorporate pee holding into the self bondage then you get bonus points! Yayy!! Thanks all!

P.S. Please don't tell me to just visit boundanna, I've already done most of the scenarios on that site. Thanks!
22/M/USA Bi

Loves: Self-Bondage, Anal, Masturbation, Forced Orgasms, Humiliation, Mild/Moderate Pain, CBT, Teasing/Denial, Cum Eating
Likes: Enemas, Peeing
Dislikes: Public, Crossdressing, Burning Pain
Limits: Extreme Pain, Family, Extreme Public, Poo, Permanent

I'm currently looking to be a dare slave to a mistress. PM me if interested!

PM me dares!
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Hi there,

I am curious which of the scenarios at Bound Anna were your favorite and why.

What sort of release mechanisms were you using?

Limits: Public, illegal, lasting effects.
Likes: Diapers, ABDL, messy
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dares, pee, self bondage

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