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Default Public cross dressing humiliation

Tommorow going to be fully cross dressed with short jean mini skirt bra pink shirt pant hose panties heels and a pink wig . Going to a very populated place imagine a big hallway packed wall to wall with people hard to walk through . Give me some tasks that ensure I am exposed to the hundreds of people who will be there

I will post pics , you can ask for certain pics if you want


This was a similar outfit just tommorow will have jean short skirt instead

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ask as many guys as you can if they'll cum on your face in the bathroom
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You should go to some lingerie shop (or at least lingerie section of any other shop) and spend there at least 15 minutes. If you find any nice panties, you should buy them. Then go to bathroom stall, change into them and leave there your original pair with at least one contact method (could be GD profile, mobile number, etc...).
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Please add to my rules
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Default Bump

Bumping for lack of respond
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Lets start with u should fill that worthless ass up with the biggest anal plug u and if u have a chasity device put that on as well then u will go out and find 5 guys only who will used u that anal plug is only removed by the 5 guys who said they will use u. When all 5 guys use u they should shove the plug back in u must get all five guys permission to fully remove it. If one person says no and four people says yes time starts over u will need to be fucked in ur mouth and ass by 5 more people. You dont ask permission for the plug to be removed till all 5 guys has cummed

1. slave will acknowledge the proper term to address its owner is Mistress.

2. Slave will acknowledge all men and women nomatter of age is above it and will properly be address with a sir/Ma'am.

3. Slave will acknowledge that it has no privacy and must be honest all times.

4. Slave will acknowledge no furniture unless given permission.

5. Slave will acknowledge no cumming/touching without permission.

6. Slave will acknowledge that it can only use the bathroom squating at 9am and 3pm only unless told otherwise

7. Slave will acknowledge that it eating hours is 9am 2pm 7pm only unless told other wise.

8.Slave will acknowledge it will eat eat off the floor unless told otherwise

9. Slave will acknowledge When alone slave is to be naked always

10. Slave will acknowledge clothes will be properly put away neatly and work clothes out the night before

11. Slave will acknowledge without permission for its owner slave will only go from home to work unless emergency.

12. Slave will acknowledge it cannot make purchases without permission, or can only make a purchase below a maximum price of $100.

13. Slave must suck clean anything that comes out of its slut hole

14. Slave will lick clean any toilet it has the pleasure of using.

15. Slave must drink some piss or add it to a drink everytime slave is allowed to empty its bladder

16. Slave will acknowledge must show proof with pics always.

17. Slave will acknowledge When message it will answer right away

18. Slave will say thank you after completing a task
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