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Default strip poker [part fiction and part non-fiction]

I am starting a new story as i have been to busy to finish the other one and have lost interest. It should be a 3 part story unless i get new ideas. So here it is...

This is my story of the strip poker game I played with my girlfriend.

We had been planning to do something on that Friday after noon for a while now, something we couldn’t do when parents were around. I had been brainstorming ideas of something a little different that we could do. I finally came up with a game of strip poker that was a little different then normal.

We made plans for Friday evening because that is when my father was heading out for the night. He had some date with some women he meet somewhere, I didn’t really know that details. Anyway I would be able to have the house to myself for about 4 hours.

My dad left at 5:45 so as to give him enough time to get to where ever they were going and Katie (my girlfriend) came over a little after 6. I had rented a movie that we would probably watch later but we had other plans for the present. We started heading towards my room and as soon as I stepped foot in Katie jumped on my back and pushed me for the bed. She started laughing and I joined in. We messed around for a little and started making out. She is such a good kisser. I utterly enjoyed those ten minutes where her tongue played and flirted with mine. Then finally she pulled away and we just looked into each other’s eyes.

“I had an idea for what we could do tonight” I muttered into her ear. “What would that be?”
“Well I thought we could play a little game of strip poker” She smiled at me and said “Oh really?”
“Ya but a little different. Do you wanna play?”
“Ya sure, what are the rules?”

“Okay, well we play a normal game of strip poker. That is until someone has no more clothes. When you no longer have clothes you have to lose one more hand and then you lose that round. After someone has no clothes the ‘winner’ gets fully dressed and then we play another game. The loser is still naked, but there is a catch. Every time they lose a hand this time they lose a piece of clothing permanently and have to do a small dare from the other person. When you have lost all your clothes permanently then you have to do a bigger dare chosen by the other person. Does that seem fair to you?”
She starts to giggle and said “You put a lot of thought into that didn’t you?”
I was kinda embarrassed. “Ya a little.”
“Well it sounds kinda fun lets play!”
“Okay is blackjack fine for the card game?”
“Ya sure, what ever it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to see you naked.” She starts go giggle again. God she is so cute.
“You just wait and see, let me go get some cards.”

When I return she had worked out that she would wear 6 items of clothes and that I should do that same. She started with socks, pants, shirt, bra, and underwear. I wore socks, pants, shirt, belt, and boxers. (Each sock counted as one item) We started playing and it wasn’t looking good for me. She had me down to just my pants and boxers to her only having lost her socks. I won a few hands and she won a few as well. I was now naked but hadn’t lost again and she had her underwear and bra on still. She had a huge grin on her face when I had been forced to remove my boxers. “I told you that I would see u naked. Hehe.”
“Ya, ya, ya, you have not won yet though.” I won the next hand and she was almost naked as well. But then I lost.
“Well it does appear that I get to get dressed now doesn’t it.”
“Ya it does… lets just keep playing, things could still turn around for me yet.” And with that she started getting dressed. I missed the site of her nearly naked body but hopped that it would not be long until I saw all of it. We started playing again and I got a hot streak and won 4 games in a row leaving her in just her underwear and bra. But then it happened, it was bound to happen, she won a hand.
“Finally I thought it would never come. I dare you to walk heal toe to the door and then bend over for the count of 10 Mississippi and walk heal toe back to the bed.”
“Sounds like you had been doing a little planning of your own huh? Okay here I go.” And with that I got up and started walking slowly towards the door. Katie started to silently giggle again which didn’t really help matters. I finally got to the door that seemed like a miles walk though in reality it probably took 20 seconds tops. Then I took a deep breath and bent over and started to count. “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…” Katie was really laughing now and it made it hard to count. “10 Mississippi, okay I am coming back.”

After that little encounter we continued playing and I won 2 more games. We were both naked now and Katie was starting to get a little worried. I still however had to win one more hand to switch the tables. Katie in spite of being worried managed to win the next had and had another dare prepared for me to do.

“You must shave off your pubic hair.” She said it plan and simple. I was a little shocked but again guessed it could have been worse.
“Fine, I’ll be right back.”
“Oh no, I am coming with you for this one.”

Both of us got up and headed for the bathroom. I had a razor of my own, I didn’t shave that much but I still had one. I started by getting some scissors and trimming the hair. Then I soaped up and started with the razor being very carefully and I did not want to make any mistakes. It probably wasn’t the safest way to go about doing the job but in the end it worked and Katie seemed satisfied so we returned to the game. I felt much more naked now and was hopping to win the next had quickly.

Good for me I did and the tables had been turned. Katie was now the one at my mercy. I only was wearing pants, boxers, belt, and shirt after losing two items (my socks) in the last round. I wanted a little revenge for the pubic shaving and decided that she should feel what it was like as well. Lucky for me I won the first hand. “Well as you made me shave my pubic hair I think it only fair that I return the favor.” I was beaming and Katie looked a little nervous.

We walked to the bathroom and thinks proceeded similarly to her as they did to me. She looked to hot, I couldn’t stand it. I was itching for the game to continue and to enjoy myself further so when she asked if she was done I said yes rather quickly.

I won again and had though I would like a good view of the work she had just done so I dared her to do the crab walk to the door, back to the bed, to the door and again and finally back to the bed. “Also you must be facing with your head away from me.”

She looked a little nervous and she had by now worked out the reason for her head being away from me, it would give me a perfect short of her crotch. She kinda smiled and then got into position and got up like a crab on all fours. It was amazing; I could see all of her if you know what I mean. What made it better was that she was trying to crawl along fast to get it over with but all it did was make the scene more entertaining for me. When she had finished I was kinda out if ideas for things to make her do but again wanted the game to continue.
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Default part 2

She finally won a hand and got my belt off, which effectively revealed nothing. And again it was my turn to laugh at her as I won another hand. I had seen on tv where as a sort of initiation people were written on with sharpie and I thought this would be a good idea for my next dare. “I dare you to let my write whatever I want on your butt, In Sharpie!”
“Awww man, fine but do it quickly.”
With that I was off and returned with a black sharpie. “Okay I think you should roll over onto your belly. It should only take a second hehe.” I thought for a second about what to do. Should I draw something or write something? I decided in the end to do a combination. I looked down and her cute butt and got very turned on. I couldn’t believe the luck I was having. It seemed to good to be true. Then I started to write and she started to laugh hysterically. It was driving her mad with laughter and me as well, but for a different reason. When I finished writing “Property of Matthew White” across the top of her checks I started in on some designs. They started out as circles and continued to make random shapes with weird angles. When I was finally done I stood back to admire my handy work and Katie quickly got up. “Sharpies tickle on you butt” she said and instantly started laughing again at what could only be the memory of what just happened.

Again we continued and again I won. I had no other ideas so I continued to draw on different parts of her body, next I chose her boobs, which if I do say so myself were perfect in everyway. Not to big and not to small, and bouncy, I liked that. I decided that text would be too much here so I merely drew designs. Katie was really starting to become more and more fun to look at.

I could tell she didn’t like loosing and being on the school basketball team, she was just as competitive as me. She seemed determined to not lose another hand but all to so I won another one and elected to continue my covering of her body in art work and proceeded to the pubic area. This time I decided that text would be the main component with a little design around the edges. I quickly scrawled, “This is where I masturbate” above her vigina and drew a big arrow pointing down. I drew designs around her happy spot and called it quits on the sharpie for a while.

Katie seemed angry with herself for letting herself get so far behind in the game and showed this by winning two hands quickly leaving me in my boxers. “Looks like I may get another shoot at seeing you naked huh?”

I needed two wins to finish the game and she needed to wins to change who was receiving and who was giving the dares. I was enjoying the game but wanted to win so that I would receive no future humiliation. I also was sure that she had an idea in mind of what she would dare me to do if she did get her revenge. It was all fun and games, but our competitiveness made it more intense then it already was.

We played another hand and it was a tie, I dealt again and won. I had nearly won the game and was making in obvious to her of the situation she was in. “Ya, whatever. Whats the dare?”
“Okay I think its time you showed of your new body art. You can start by doing 10 happy frogs facing me then 10 facing the wall, after that you can do the same but with jumping jacks.” (Happy frogs are where you are squatting on the ground like a frog and then you jump into the air as high as you can reaching for the ceiling and then landing in the squatting position again)
“What is this, a gym or something?”
“Haha I guess so but if I do remember correctly you have some excursuses to go do.”
“Your just loving this aren’t you?”

Then she started and I couldn’t help myself but to start laughing. She looked so ridiculous doing those happy frogs. When her first 10 were up and she turned I got a great shot of her cute butt again and knew it was only to get better, and it did. Throughout the entire time she was doing the dare I couldn’t stop laughing. I knew tonight was going to be fun but I didn’t expect it to go here. When she was done I made her deal the next hand.
“Ready to lose?”
“Not yet.” And she was right. I was now naked and the next hand would decide a lot. Either way thought I basically had the game in the bag. It was merely a question of if she would get to give me a few more dares or not. I did not want to take that chance and went for blackjack on this hand and managed to get it giving me the game.

I gloated for a minute or two and then took a glace at the clock and started to get dressed. It was 8:02, which meant we had 2 more hours until my dad was expected to be home. Katie looked at me and moved for her clothes but I said wait just a minute. “I still have the big dare to give you now don’t I?”
“Oh ya…, well get on with it then.”
“You are to be my slave until my father returns home from his little date. That is you have to do what I say until he returns.”
“Nothing too extreme right?”
“No don’t worry about it, it will just be little things like what we have been doing but I have control for the rest of the time.”
“Fine I guess so…”
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the best story in agesss!!!!
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Warning: Contains Nuts
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Good story! How much is non-fiction?

Only let down by a 'continuity error' - you lost the first game and so were naked, she re-dressed, but then you were also dressed again. But, hey, still good!

Keep going!!

Warning: May contain nuts.

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really good! i think u can carry on going past 3 installments. its looking good so far, but she needs to get her ownback big time
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I'm going to mark this down as just FICTION if you don't mind merely for the sense of aesthetics.

This is actually pretty good, my one grammatical concern would be to space out your dialogue but otherwise I'm quite impressed. It's also good how you've given yourself this three-part limit though it's a shame you won't finish off your previous stories. I'll live, I suppose.
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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Good story! How much is non-fiction?

Only let down by a 'continuity error' - you lost the first game and so were naked, she re-dressed, but then you were also dressed again. But, hey, still good!

Keep going!!
it states in the story's rules that the round of one person naked all the dares they do they also lose an item of clothing permanently meaning if they win and get to redress they are not allowed to put whatever they lose back on.

He did two dares and therefore did not replace his socks, it confused me but i managed to make sense of it.
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Default next part

I will get the next part of the story up later today
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looking forward to it. keep up the quality!
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Default part 3

“Well then as I now have control over you, I think that the clothes can stay off for a while.” I started to grin; I was going to like this. She got the message and stopped attempting to reach her clothes. “Well now, I am kinda hungry are you?”

“Ya a little, I haven’t eaten much today.”
“Me neither you wanna go get something to eat?”
“Like this?” she motioned to her state of dress.
“Ya, its not like were leaving the house or anything and my dad wont be home for two more hours.”
“Well I guess so…, lets go.”

We headed down stars towards the kitchen. This was going to be great; I have my girlfriend following me around my house, completely naked. I started looking at what we had and then got an idea. “Hey you wanna make something?” She paused for a moment and then got what I meant.

“Ya sure, what would you like?”
“I dono, something easy and quick, I’m starving.” And almost as though that were a queue my stomach started to growl.
“Well there is a pizza that I could throw in the oven.”
“Sounds good. When its done meet me in the living room.”

I left the kitchen and my naked girlfriend to go sit down for a minute. But then I thought, why sit here and do nothing when I could sit in the kitchen and watch a beautiful girl make me pizza in the nude. So I got up and returned to the kitchen and sat down again. She was walking towards the oven, which was on the other side and had not seen me enter. I enjoyed watching her ass bounce to perfection as she walked. “I think you dropped something” I said and she jumped a little but knew what I was saying. She stopped walking and bent over and I got a face full of her ass. I could see her pussy lips a little and I was getting really turned on by just watching her.

“I think I have got it now” she said with a giggle and stood upright again.
“Ya. Hey how long does it have to cook for?” I asked.
“About 10 more minutes I would say.”
“Great I have an idea. Go get that timer over there and set if for ten minutes would you?”

She walked over and grabbed the timer and set it for ten minutes like I asked. She was about to start it when I said, “Did I say to start it, hehe, no. What a minute I have to tell you my idea.” She sat down and I continued.

“Okay, well when you start the timer you have the ten minutes to make me cum.”
“Hehe, sure why not.”
“Lets make it a little more interesting as well. If you fail then after we eat there will be a little punishment to be dealt out.”
“Oh, what kind of punishment…?”
“Just a little fun for me and a little discomfort for you. Don’t worry its just to make this a little more fun and make you try your hardest to make me cum.”
“Okay, I guess that sounds fair. Can I begin?”
“As soon as you start the timer.”
“Okay.” She picked up the timer and pressed go. “If you would sir would you be kind enough to pull your pants down?” She giggle and it made me laugh as well.
“Sure kind lady.” And with that I got up pulled down my pants but left my boxers on.
“You know what I mean.” She smiled and I got up and removed my boxers as well.
“Okay, get ready to feel some intense pleasure.”

I laughed and she began. She started off by giving me a hand job, which at first was nice, but it wasn’t going to get me to cum in ten minutes. We had fooled around before so she kinda knew what got me going. She started out slow and got faster and faster. It was starting to feel really good and I was enjoying the feeling, but I would still be able to hold on if she did not start doing something special. When there was about five minutes left I think she realized the same thing and stopped the hand job. “Well that’s not working. I think I’ll have to try something else.” She started sliding down my body and started licking my stomach and eventually farther down. She new how to get a man going and boy was she. She started by licking all around my dick and kissing all the places in between. Then she grabbed my cock and started licking in like a lollypop. It felt amazing and it made me wanting her to just start already. Then it finally came, she started sucking me. She then slides her mouth up and down and all the way around my cock. I didn’t think I could hold on much longer. I started breathing harder and faster. I could feel my fast getting flush. I must hold on… just a minute longer… “Oh my god.” I wishpered and with that she starts going even faster. I completely lose myself in the feeling that was coming from my groin. Just as I am about to lose complete and utter control over my body I hear and gentle dinging noise as though it was from miles off. Then it happens, I feel complete joy and am forced to close my eyes from the feeling. I cum in her mouth and she quickly pulls away.

She gets up and walks to the sink to spite it out. Then she proceeds to clean the sink and walks back. “Did I make it, or did you win.”

“I dono, I think it was a tie. WOW… it was amazing though. Ya lets just call it a tie…”
“Okay, you hungry?”
“Oh boy am I!”

We sit down and start to eat. Neither of us were talking and all we were thinking about was the food that we were eating. Fifteen minutes or so passed and we had finished the pizza. “Want me to take that for you?” She was such a doll, I couldn’t stand it. I loved her so much.

“Ya sure. Wanna go watch that movie when you’re done?”
“Of course I’ll be right back and then we can go watch it.”

I went into the living room and set up the movie. It was Pirates of the Caribbean, she loved that movie. She came in and I pressed play. We got settled and started watching. About half way through the movie she got up and said she had to go pee.

“Wait a second, I think that your punishment should be that you have to pee with the door open. I must admit I’ve never seen a girl going to the bathroom and am very curious as to the routine you guys go through in there.”
“Well I guess…”

She continued her was to the bathroom and I kind of follow just enough so I had a clean view of what was going on in there. I was actually really curious and that was the sole reason I was asking her to do this. It was probably pretty embarrassing for her but it was a punishment from the competition earlier. I had other plans of what I was going to do if she lost but this seemed like a fair compromise and it was so close.

She walked in and pulled up the toilet set and glanced at me for a second then turned around and sat down. I bet it was hard for herself to bring herself to do it but she finally did. Then I heard the tinkle of pee hitting the toilet. When she finished she got up and grabbed some toilet paper and gave her vagina a quick wipe and flushed the toilet. She walked to the sink and washed her hands and dried them. She turned and walked back to me. “Well that is pretty much how it is done. Was it so different then you would?”

I laughed a little “Not really, it was kinda funny watching you though. Hey will you go grab your clothes and bring them down here?”
“Sure, one second.” And she was off. She returned quickly carrying her clothes. “Okay now what do I do with them?”
“Go put them in the bathroom. That way you can stay naked until my father returns and when we hear the car pull up you can just go into the bathroom and get dressed.”
“Good thinking.” She got up and placed them in the bathroom.
“Hey I think we should make it a little more fun for me. Why don’t you take your underwear and bra and put them up in my room for me to keep for a while. You will be going home in commando.”
“Oh man, really? I’ve done that before and it feels really weird.”
“Haha that’s going to be your problem not mine. Don’t worry I will return them the next time I go to your house.”

She gave me a glance that was like a puppy dog face, but I wasn’t breaking. She too realized this and started walking back to my room and returned again.

The movie was almost over by now and my father was due home and any minute. She sat down and we started flirting kissing each other, basically disregarding the movie taking place in the background.

Then I heard my dads car and had her get off of me and told her to go get dressed in the bathroom. She left and I just continued to sit there on the couch. I waited and she returned even before my father got in the house. He came in saw us and told me he was going to bed. He left and soon the movie ended.

“Well I better get going, you sure I can’t put on my underwear?”
“Haha, ya I’m sure. Well I’ll give you a call some time tomorrow, probably after work. I had fun tonight we should do something like this again the next time my father has a date.”
“My parents are going away for the weekend not this weekend but next. We could… umm… hang out then.” She giggled
“Sounds good. Well good night.” We got up and walked towards the door. When we got there I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. “I love you.”
“Love you too!”

Well that’s the end. I think I left it open enough that I could write another one but it might not be for a while. I have summer homework that I still need to finish but I will started the next one when I get a chance.
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bondage next time :P
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personally i think u shud leave it at that. great story all the way through, nice one!
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lovely story and if it really happened to you then it would have been really exciting!!

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Originally Posted by dared to perfection View Post
it states in the story's rules that the round of one person naked all the dares they do they also lose an item of clothing permanently meaning if they win and get to redress they are not allowed to put whatever they lose back on.

He did two dares and therefore did not replace his socks, it confused me but i managed to make sense of it.
Sorry, I still don't get it. How did they both end up being dressed again after the first round?

And what's the difference between losing your clothes and losing them "permanently"?

Great story otherwise, but if I'm gonna play this with the girlfriend I have to understand the rules of the game!
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