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Male 25/male/slave seeks any age/female/master in any location (serious replies only)

25/male/slave seeks any age/female/master in any location (serious replies only)

Hey, thanks for clicking on my post!

About Myself
I am Zack, an undergraduate from Singapore (GMT +8), and I'm about to be 26 soon. I am still a virgin, so you might be finding it a little strange that I'm on here looking for a mistress. I have thought about it and this is what I enjoy. I do have some experience being an online sub which I will detail later in the post. In general, I'm an easy-going person that dislikes conflict.

What I am looking for
A long term, online dom/sub relationship. It is important to me that my mistress can also be my friend. I wish to be able to talk about things outside BDSM as well. I ask that she is willing to share about herself with me so we can build trust. Due to my inexperience, I would prefer if my mistress is willing to start off patient with me. I would also like to be pushed to explore new boundaries. Afterall, I might have some inner kinks that I have yet to discover. I am a goal-oriented person and hence do not wish for my daily routine to be affected. I do still want a certain level of autonomy in my daily life.

My Likes
- Daily tasks
- Orgasm control
- Anal play
- Humiliation (non-public)
- Spankings

Keen to Explore
- Public play (hidden)
- Pain

Hard Limits
- Family/Friends
- Scat
- Blood
- Crossdressing

I am unfamiliar with the common BDSM terms. Hence, the above list will be updated as more comes to mind. If there is any that I should put in more detail, please do tell me!

Past experiences (all online)
I have very short stints of being an online slave with both males and females. With males I am rebellious and much less obedient. Additionally, they do not attract me sexually. Hence, I am only looking for females for now. I am currently in a longer term switch relationship with a girl online and my right to cum is under her control.

Some past orders by Master's/Mistresses:
- Ball slapping
- Anal insertions
- Pouring my pee over myself
- Ordered to edge
- Exercise with butt plug inserted

- Aneros progasm.jr (prostate massager)
- Njoy pure plug large (1.5inch dia)
- Godemich Ambit dildo (6 x 1.5inch w/ suction cup)

Additional Information
- Share a room (might take time to complete tasks)
- Comfortable with sending videos and pics
- Willing to video call (limited due to privacy restrictions)
- Listens to erotic hypnosis by KinkyShibby on Reddit

Please drop me a PM if you are interested and believe you can raise me to be a good slave.

(Would love feedbacks to improve my post as well)

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