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Default Dice and Card Deck dares with possible online exposure

The following dare I have created for someone at the getdare and I thought I may share it here for other dice dare lovers. I would appreciate your suggestions on the dare for modification if required to make it more doable and exciting.


1. Two 6 side dices

2. A deck of playing cards with jokers

3. 100 or more cards of same size, on top of which you will write name of an article of your clothes (i.e red socks, white strap bra, blue plain panties, Short skirt with flower, white plain shirts etc.) use sufficient cards to write down all available clothes you got. Arrange these cards in 6 decks
1st Deck- Name of clothes of upper body outside
2nd Deck- Name of clothes of upper body inside
3rd Deck- Name of clothes of lower body outside
4th Deck- Name of clothes of lower body inside
5th Deck- Socks, hand gloves, hats these kind of clothes
6th Deck Make up (those are not clothes though)

4. Another 6 cards with number 1-6 on each of those

5. Another 15 or more cards each describing your pose (standing, sitting, doggy, etc., try searching slave positions to get idea from Internet)


Step 1: Roll both the dice together.

Play- if both are odd
Don't play - if both are even
Try again- if both are different

if it's play you will play the game on that specific day if don't wait till next day.

Fresh start or continuation

This portion to be played from the second day of the game

Step 2: Take the card deck.

Shuffle the cards for the 'X" number of times; X equal to sum of the digits of the dices you rolled in step 1. Don't try to keep track while shuffling the cards

Now close your eyes and take a card, if it's anyone other than joker you will have to continue from the place you left it earlier day., if it's joker you have to start again from the beginning.

The Game

Step 3: Take both of the dice again. Roll. If both are odd you will roll one dice next step and if anything else you will roll both the dice.

Step 4: Roll the dice(s). Count (sum) the result(s)

Now take the "Clothes" card deck. Shuffle all of the deck separately for the Y number of times. Y equal to sum of dice you got on step 3.

Now if the sum or dice value is 6 or more than six you will chose one card from each clothing decks closing your eyes.

If its less than six you will take the "Number" card deck and chose N number of cards from the deck. N equal to number you got on step 4.

Now, separate the "Clothes" deck whose number you got by choosing the cards from the number deck. Close your eyes and chose one card from each separated "Clothes" deck.

Dress Up

Now get the clothes written on the card and wear them, apply make up if you got the make up deck.


Roll the dices again. Sum the number. Take the pose card deck and shuffle it for the number you got earlier. Now close your eyes and take on card.
You have to take a picture with that pose.


Take the playing cards. Take one card. If its joker you have to put the picture online. If you get joker, roll the dices again. Sum the number. This is the number of people you will share the link through getdare PM.

Before finishing the game, you have to separate the clothes card you chose. Put those aside to another somewhere else. You cant add those again to your deck. Keep playing until all the cards of clothes deck finished or you get a joker at the beginning. If its joker start the game from new with all the cards.

Hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to ask for clarification if any.
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