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Default Master says I need to be punished

I failed a task for my master and need 2 painful punishments. I have to send pictures to the people who sugest them. My master will pick the best punishments
Bisexual Sissy submissive. 18/M

Toys: Panties, Bras, Clay dildo, clothes pins, rubber bands, hairbrushes, household objects. Anything that can be made from clay.

Likes: Anal, Panties & Bra dress-up, wedgies, verbal abuse, being treated like a baby. (still learning my likes)

Limits: Public, Family, Scat, Piss, Usually confined to my room or bathroom. (still discovering limits as well)

Still discovering likes and limits, so anything not a limit can be done with me
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tie bottom of ur pennis with rope, and masturbate till cum
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Get on a nice tight thong, at least a size smaller than you might normally wear. Make sure it is one you don't mind abusing . Since you have a butt plug, insert it as well. Cut two real small holes in the thong along either side of where you cock lies, right where the head joins the shaft. Insert a plastic tie wrap - the kind you will have to cut off - so that it ties the head of your cock to the thong. Don't tie it too tight, just enough that you can't free your cock. Do this in the morning and go to work like this all day. When you have to piss, make sure you don't get any on your thong. If you do, spank your cock and balls 10 times each. Stay like this at least until you get home in the evening. Then edge 5 times before you can cut yourself free. If you come, you must spank your cock and balls an additional 20 times each and repeat this the next day.

Let us know how many times you had to spank yourself during the day and how long in total you wore the thong.
Julie K.

Interests: Bondage, Ageplay, Anal
Limits: Pics, cam, incest, poo, food play, public, writing

I have no interest in any new subs or slaves at this time, although I do reserve the right to give out random dares.
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