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Default Turn Me Into A Girl

Im looking for dares to make me feel more feminine, like crossdress, anal, shaving, anything to make me more girly.

anything public or family, nothing permanent
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This section is for posting dares not ask for them. Will move your thread to TorD online
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shave your legs, chest, arm pit, hands and ass.
Then glue your penis down so if you pee the pee goes down.
Wear pink pantis, a pink skirt, a pink bra, a pink shirt... and stay with those clothes for 24 hours. If you wanna pee you can't get the tape off, pee while sitting.
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wear a bra and panties for the rest of this week. to add a twist you can stay in bra connection mode
I am always up for any dare

butt stuff

nut stuff
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Whenever you want to wank you must fuck yourself for 20 minutes beforehand with a dildo shaped object, thats how girls cum! with something going inside them! If you have not had any cum dribble out after 20 minutes (it can work like that) then you can wank really fast and cum as fast as you can making sure the cum lands all over your chest and belly like a slut

I too am interested in these sorts of "dares"...
26 Male living in UK!

Limits: Dont live alone so doing this in my room or if alone. No messy/noisy/involve others/public/scat/piss.

nothing hot up the ass, nothing goes in my cock.

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Kik: omssx

*VERY* Obedient chubby slut, I want to be used for your pleasure. Have toys.
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Try wearing some make-up
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You should undertake take surgery to make you into a girl.
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At the start of each die give ureself a 100ml water enema with red food dye. Then put a tampon on ure ass and were pads.
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I need some of those ideas. Do you have better ones? My limits is if it risks getting caught ad if it is public.
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Turn Me Into A Girl
1. Strip off
2. Juggle knives
3. Wait
4. Lose your manhood
5. Go to A+E
6. You might aswell be a girl.
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[22:36:19] BettyBoop: I find that using a small piece of sellotape is the best way

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shave your pubic hairs. when ever you pee sit down.
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by girlygirl View Post
You should undertake take surgery to make you into a girl.
okay first off, this thread was around a year old. no need to bump a thread that old. also, this is very unrealistic. please think about that sometimes
fromo: ‹@Manbearpig› >.> quite being an arse

Likes: Crossdressing/Humiliation Dares/Spanking/Whipping
Will not do: Anal, Messy, Public

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