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Default fun slave punishment ideas

This is a game that revolves around kind of a point system when you are in the dominant position you will give points or take away points for everything she does right/wrong

anything he/she does wrong you give her points
for example
if he/she talks back x points
if he/she does not say thank you x points
if he/she does anything you do not like you add a certain amount of points

anything he/she does right you would subtract points
usually/always says thank you and addresses you as master x points
makes you cum x points

if you get the point you basically control the session with the points

in the end the points can stand for something like a punishment for example
points =x

x ammount of spanks
x amount of cane strokes
be original with the punishments could go into anything does not need to be pain, can be humiliation or anything your mind could come up with.

i found this is a very fun way to spice up the night, or the session.

if i am not making sense please ask any questions i am trying to post a new way to have fun and i think this is pretty original and trust me it is very exciting.
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This is actually a really good idea, other things could be something like anal penetration of them with something for x minutes (or hours to be cruel...)

But in general this could work in many ways, alternatively you could have a punishment and reward system running parallel to one another and the slave could choose to use the reward points for either lowering the punishment score or for something pleasurable, like being permitted an orgasm or, for a high cost, days off.

Also they could either agree to costs together, or the master/ mistress could be cruel and not inform the slave of the points they have or what each punishment will cost

Ask me anything

yes: secluded public, crossdressing,, chastity sexual, anal (including enemas if you want), slight pain, anything else not on the above list I can't think of right now

no: openly public/involving others, bodily waste, extreme pain

Add me at [email protected]
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It's a very good idea... though im a slave
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well done, this is a cool game to play, will have to have a go at this
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i will definately use this in the future
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x points for things wrong. subtract x for things right. They get x strokes of cane or whatever for punishment. If they have a score below 0 they get to wank for that many seconds (or minutes if feeling generous). If feeling especially nice, let them cum in the time, if they can.
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Cool hi

i want an email master please...or if you need a master...just reply to this and you got it
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Originally Posted by didige View Post
i want an email master please...or if you need a master...just reply to this and you got it
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This is a good idea
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