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Default Urine and cum swapping with a catheter

Will it's clear i guess,
Just get ur male or female friend or what so ever, or if u have two or more slaves under ur control . insert a catheter into penis reaching ur bladder then she or he make the same with the opposite end of the same catheter..

Then let's begin swapping our urine or cum as u wish.

I think it would be great feeling filling ur bladder with other's urine or cum and swapping yours while both of u don't know really who fills who.

P.s. both of u must be full healthy to not swap any kind of disease or something.

Any one tried it tell me about ur experience.
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Catheter has only one side that can be inserted and anyway the pressure will impeach to pee if you a tube inserted in 2 bladders and also cum is not catched by a catheter inserted in bladder,it will come out the tube because it appear higher in the urethra !
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