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Default male cbt slave for cbt punishment and chaining up

Greetings all, im very please to become a part of your brilliant amazing site.

im looking for cbt punishments and ideas to do tonight, for this i have many toys,

2 ball weights
ball crusher
bug zapper
egg topper
cock whipping board( which is actually a cheese board with a handle, ( have completed 1000 lashes on cock)
and leg irons

while im completing any punishments i will be wearing a slave harness, ball weight and crusher, and hood and collar which will all be locked on. please say if you want gag locked inside hood.

Please make sure you order where the keys are to be put or even thrown.

also have a chains set up in dungeon for neck each wrist and ankle, all spread, key release is from laptop CD tray, your choice of time, have lasted 9 hours, with stopping each hour for cock boarding.

Please feel free to punish and torture, harsh and evil is always best.

i look forward to receiving my orders
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