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Default Bikini Dare

So here is a bikini dare for the girls ... i hope u enjoy it ! this is my first dare, so bare with me lol ... and i know im no picasso but i hope u understand my drawing :P

Things u need:

1 - string bikini something like this: http://d6kb36uvtcy9f.cloudfront.net/...90e69be96L.jpg

2 - A few pieces of rope or string

3 - Somehing heavy to tie the rope/string to (a chair, big rock, tree etc)

4 - 2 dice


step 1 - u can do this on the beach or your back yard, beach is way better i think, tie ur bikini with a regular shoelace knot at both sides, now I will leave a drawing of what u have to do … (the pieces of string must be the same length) u can make the short or long, up to you

Step 2 – roll the 2 dice, the number u get is the number of times u will roll the dice on step 3, if got an 8 u have to roll the dice 8 times

Step 3 – roll the dice once, the number u get is the number of steps u will walk away from where u tied the string, when u finish, If u still have ur bikini on, u have to return and repeat the process, at the end if u still have ur bikini on, u wont return, u will roll 1 dice right where u are and take the steps the dice says, repeat until u have no bikini on :P

please write a review of what u think about the dare, and how u did it !

thanx !
- girls, bondage, c2c, semi-public, some pain.
- anal, crossdressing.
LIMITS - family, friends, pee, poo, blood, extreme public, illegal.
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