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Default simple cum dice game [single]

this is a simple, quick dice game for a male
when masterbating role a dice to decide what to do with/how to cum

1. cum into you hand eat it.
2. When you cum squeeze your penis so that it dribbles out, rub it all over your cock and pubes. get REALLY MESSY!
3.by getting into the postion necassary cum into your own mouth and hold it there for 40 seconds tasting it (after that time you can do what you like with it)
4. cum onto your stomach and rub it all over
5.you get off easy; cum how you normally do
6. if your'e not circumsised, pull you foreskin forward an hold it together blocking the cum, cum into this, it should alll stay contained in there, hold it all untill youv'e finished then do realse it where you usually doy i.e. tissue.
if you are circumsised roll again

(hope that last one makes sense
roll again if it is against limits or any other reason.
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Nice dare. You might add more variations by having an easy, medium, hard roll first and then three different sets.
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i got a 3 but i only managed to eat half of it because the other half went onto my face and floor
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