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Default Me, My friends, and my Daddy. M/F (Fiction Daddy Daughter Incest)


So a small bit of history, I've been using this forum for a while as a lurker, and well... I like my erotic stories. I talk to a lot of kinky minded people on msn, and skype mainly and from time to time will tailor an erotic story to their likes and fantasies. The person this tale was aimed at told me she would never do this but had it as a fantasy. After telling me what she wanted from the top of my head I wrote this for her. I have improved some of my mistakes and grammar but there may still be a few and removed most of her comments apart from a select few. You will see why.
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Her comments are written in like this[/COLOR]
You will learn of her fantasy shortly into the story. This is one of my first posts in a long while I hope you enjoy.

__________________________________________________ _______________

So at this point you've had your friends around in your room for a little while your dad has been downstairs. You have been playing truth or dare with them, and thanks to some of the bets you and your friends are now down to your underwear.
"Ok Milly your turn"
"Hmpf, ok then what is your deepest fantasy?"
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]I have a fantasy that my dad has sex with me, but he is blindfolded and doesn't know it's me, and that I am gagged and can see him, but can't say stop.[/COLOR]
"OMG well he did seem to enjoy what he saw of us when we all came in earlier."
You play for a bit longer, luckily no one has lost any more clothes since then, apart from one friend who was still wearing a pair of jeans.
Your dad knocks and then opens the door.
"I'm off to bed are you girls, o... I'm sorry I should of waited." Your dad's eyes get wide as he looks around the room.
"I'll go. Night."
"Did you see his face? I bet he's going to wank right now."
"That's my dad don't say that. Let's get back to the game."
"It's your turn again Milly and you said truth last time so you must take a dare."
"Alright Dare."
"Let us tie you up until we get back to your round."
One of the girls grabs some black tape out of a bag while another grabs a pair of handcuffs. They must of expected they were going to be playing games tonight.
They cuff your hands together, and then one of them pulls your underwear off.
"That wasn't in the deal."
They tape your ankles up and you are now unable to move.
"Stay there until it's your turn again."

You can't see them, but you can hear quiet whispers coming from the other side of the room.
You hear the door open and close. one of your friends comes over and says in your ear.
"Let's make your dream come true."
She stuffs your own underwear into your mouth and puts tape across it, you didn't realise you were wet before, but you can taste it.
While this is going on one of your friends has gone and spoken to your dad but you don't know what has been said.
They pull you into the centre of the room your arms are in front of you and you're on your knees your ass up in the air.
"You hear the door open, where is she then." You try to make a sound as you hear your dad's voice, but only muffled moans comes out.
The next thing you feels is a hand on your back. Your dad's hand, moving down to your ass.
"She has a very firm ass"
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]who does he think I am?[/COLOR]
You can't help but get wet as your dad caresses your tight ass. He rubs your pussy.
"You were right she really does want me."
The next thing that happens is you feel the head of his hard cock pressing against the entrance to your pussy.

"Oh wow"
He moans as he pushes inside you. You moan again, you can feel his shaft moving deeper into you. You can't believe it.
He grabs your hips fucking you harder, you very quickly orgasm on his cock but he keeps going.
You can hear your dad slapping against you with each thrust, then you feel a slap on your ass cheek. You never expected this from your own dad.
You feel him grab your legs but his hands miss the ropes. He pulls out and flips you onto your back. He puts your legs back, putting you in a position called the folding deck chair, thrusts back into your pussy even deeper than before. You see your daddy's face for the first time. He is wearing glasses with tape over them, leaving only two small slits to see through.
One of your friends who you now realise has stripped naked crawls over and whispers in your ear.
"We told him one of your friends wanted to fuck him but was too shy to let him know who. He thought it was a prank until I said I would prove it, I stripped and sucked your daddy's cock, he was so horny then he was going to agree to anything. We told him you were ok with it but had gone downstairs. He doesn't even know you're in the room, let alone that you're the girl he's fucking. Enjoy it."
As she say's this one of your friend's lies next to you and starts playing with herself, moaning loudly "Fuck me harder, fuck me."
"We don't want him to think someone's gagged now do we"
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]god I am so wet[/COLOR]

They unhook your bra and grab your daddy's hands. putting them on your breast's he begins to play with your nipples grasping them, before moving right in kissing and sucking them. You can hear his breath so close to you, with no idea that it's you. Your body starts to shake. You climax again, you can feel your pussy tightening around his cock.
"Oh my god your pussy feels so good, I'm going to cum. Where should I cum?"
"Ahh inside me, please cum inside me, it's ok." You hear from next to you
You feel your dad pumping harder and faster, you're going to cum again, as you do your pussy is tightening again you see the look on his face.
"I'm Cumming."
You feel immense pleasure rock through you as you feel his warm cum shooting into you, maybe 3-4 spurts of cum.
He pulls out, and your friend whispers in your ear, "If you promise to keep quiet I'll let you suck him clean... Will you?"
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]omg[/COLOR]

so will you?
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]omg I don't know[/COLOR]
Decide quick
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]yes[/COLOR]
You nod you head up and down.
"If you're sure."
Your friend removes your gag and uncuffs your hands, They help you onto your knees your dad is now up on his and you bend down to him. You pause a second, before wrapping your lips around his softening cock. You suck out the last of his cum, tasting a mixture of your cum and his from his cock. You wrap your hands around his waist, taking his whole cock into your mouth. You pull your lips off of him astonished by what you have just done. Before you say anything your friend grabs your head covering your mouth again. As you friend moans "Mmmm thank you" and leads your dad from the room, taking him back to his before running back into your bedroom.
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]I feel so wrong [/COLOR]
You think it's all over but your friend tie's your hands back up saying.
"Wait till your turn.... Dare."
"I dare you to lick the cum out of Milly's pussy."

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this was so hot. nicely done i hope there is more to come
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I havn't decided I do have one other saved but she kept asking me to get rougher and more extreme so it starts off vanilla and builds up to some hard whipping/beating
Public, Nudity, Masturbation, Webcam dares

Light anal, very public, tying up

Fluids except cum, nothing illegal

message me and lets get talking girls

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that was a hot story and i started to masturbate i just found out another way to cum
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please go on more
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I forgot about this story I though it was very sexy even if it was a little extreme. Good work.
Check out my story!

The Graduation Party: [Fiction]


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Limits: Videos, Poo, Piss, Scat, Public, Family, Diapers, Messy, Lot of pain, Candles(cuz of where I live).

Toys: Buttplug
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This was too good.. Is there more to this??

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leaving some her replies in worked for me... i wonder if there will be more....
[COLOR=Magenta]You could say no but whats the point in being on a dare site if you say no all the time......

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I'd love this to happen. Id love to be told to do this
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