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Default My Sister's Friends

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on getDare and I'm pretty excited about it! I'm going to try to keep this story moving, so the reader (you!) doesn't get bogged down in boring details too early on. I hate when I have to read multiple chapters before anything exciting happens. Don't worry: I'll still be adding details where I think it benefits the story; I just don't want anyone getting bored before the good parts start!

Chapter 1

I was 16 the last summer before my older sister, Marie, went away to college. She and her friends were inseparable. They had known each other for years and were about to be split up for the first time. One weekend that summer, my parents went out of town for vacation and agreed to allow Marie to have a sleepover as long as things didn't get out of hand. Her friends arrived Friday evening with plans to stay until Sunday.

They came with sleeping bags, snacks, movies, CDs, and alcohol. I closed myself in my room with my computer and plans to spend the evening gaming and surfing the web. It really didn't bother me considering Marie was leaving in a few weeks. Anyway, I had plans to swipe a few of their drinks while they weren't paying attention.

So, I got lost in one of those internet trances where seconds turn into hours and before I knew it, it was 10 PM and someone was knocking at my bedroom door. I answered it to find Dakota, Marie's best friend. I remember she had medium-length dark brown hair, an athletic build, and a hint of freckles on her face. I always thought she was cute, if a little odd.

"Hey," she said, "Marie went to bed while we were watching a movie and now that it's over, we want to turn on some music. None of us know what we're doing; can you help, please?"

I replied that I would and followed her downstairs.
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Default good start

good start, i see great potential.
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It's well written. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens

Ask me anything

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Chapter 2

"So, why did Marie go to bed?" I asked Dakota as we headed downstairs.

"I don't know, she just said she was tired," answered Dakota.

"Lame," I remarked.

Dakota laughed. "Yea, but we're gonna keep this party going."

As we reached the bottom of the stairs I received a chorus of greetings from the girls. Rachel, Lindsay, and Brittany were sitting on the wrap-around couch and Sarah was sitting on the floor. They all had bottles of hard lemonade nearby. Rachel was short with light brown hair and huge breasts. Lindsay was skinny and shy. She had red hair and wore glasses. Brittany had short blond curls and the cutest face I'd ever seen. And Sarah was a hot blond with a great sense of humor. The girls gossiped among themselves as I set up the receiver to play CDs.

Then Rachel said, "Hey Pat, you should hang out. Grab a lemonade." The rest of the girls agreed. Brittany said, "yea, we need a host since Marie passed out on us."

"Sure, I'll hang out for a while," I told them, "I was planning on stealing some drinks anyway." A couple of the girls laughed.

I grabbed a lemonade and took a seat on the couch between Lindsay and Brittany. Dakota sat down on the other side of Rachel.

We all sat and chatted for a while. The girls complained about the catty/dickish antics of their classmates and expressed how glad they were that they wouldn't have to see "those people" anymore. Lindsay and Rachel expressed their sorrow and jealousy that they had to brave another year of high school while their friends were all off at college. I told everyone that, while I was sick of high school already, I had no idea what I was going to do once I got out. The drinks and conversation flowed for a good while.

Then Dakota said, "And I'm excited about a new crop of boys. I searched that school top to bottom for a guy worth my time and came up empty."

"Well, you had us!" Lindsay chimed in.

"You don't have a penis Lindsay," said Dakota. "In fact, have you even seen a real live penis yet?"

Lindsay's face turned a bit red as she replied, "Don't be mean. Who says I even want to see one yet?"

Then Sarah turned to me and said, "Help us out here Pat. Give Lindsay a peek!"
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Daring nemder
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great start please continue with your story.
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Chapter 3

I stood up, turned towards Lindsay, and grabbed my waistband. Lindsay was sitting upright looking both nervous and intrigued. From the other girls I heard laughter, "oh my god," and "do it!" I stood there letting the tension build for a second.

Then I laughed and sat back down. "Yea right," I joked.

Lindsay looked relieved with a hint of disappointment. The rest of the girls let out an "aww" and Sarah said, "you're no fun!" with a smile on her face.

"I'm not that drunk yet," I told her.

Brittany spoke up, "We should play a game!"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"I don't know; let's make something up!" she said, thinking a second before continuing, "How about this: we take turns rolling a die; if you get a 6, you get to make a new rule or change an existing rule; if you get a 5, you get to ask another player "truth or dare?"; otherwise, you have to take as many drinks as the number shown on the die?"

"I'm game," said Dakota with the other girls following suit. They all turned and stared at me. "Yea sure, why not?" I replied. The girls let out a little cheer and I went off to find a die.

When I got back to the room, the girls were all huddled together whispering. "That doesn't look good," I thought to myself.

"Are you ready to play or what?" I said, interrupting their pow wow.

"We sure are," said Rachel, "and we decided you can go first since you're the youngest."
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Great job! It's amazing so far.
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nice so far i like how their game of truth or dare isnt the traditional game so that should make it interesting
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I love the story so far! Please keep posting, I am excited to hear what happens.
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amazing story but a little short paragraphs other than that great story so far
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Chapter 4

I laid out a Monopoly board on the floor, giving us something to roll the die on, and we all sat around it in a circle. I picked up the die and rolled it. It came to a stop on 2. "Drink!" instructed Brittany and I took two swigs of my hard lemonade. Rachel grabbed the die next and rolled a 5. I could feel the nervous and excited tension coming from everyone as we realized that someone was about to get asked "truth or dare?" for the first time this evening.

Rachel looked around at the rest of us with a smirk on her face. "Truth or dare," she started, paused a second to make up her mind, and finished, "Sarah?"

Sarah smiled awkwardly and said, "Truth."

"Now who's no fun?" I joked.

"Get over it," she responded, "no one says dare the first time."

Rachel asked her question, "Sarah, what is your favorite sexual position?"

Sarah paused and then said with reluctance, "Uh, I like to get fucked from behind."

Some of the girls giggled while I sat there picturing myself fucking Sarah from behind. (She's on all fours, breathing fast. Her face wears an expression of relaxation, confusion, and ecstasy, signalling an approaching orgasm. I'm ramming her fast and heavy, causing her tits to swing wildly. She's moaning louder and louder, higher and higher.) Lindsay interrupted my fantasy with a question, "You like anal?" and everyone really cracked up. Lindsay looked embarrassed in a way that hinted that she didn't get what was funny.

"No," responded Sarah still laughing, "I don't like anal. I like regular sex ... from behind."

After that, Dakota and Sarah both rolled threes and took their drinks. Then Lindsay rolled a 6. "Um, okay," she said. The other girls were staring at her, expecting her to say something. She looked hesitant. I wasn't sure what was happening; then Lindsay made her rule, "The next person asked, 'truth or dare?' has to take a dare." The girls tried to hide devious smiles. "Shit," I thought, "I better roll the next 5."

Next, Brittany rolled a 1 and took a sip of her drink. I was up again. It felt like the moment of truth. I watched the die tumble, praying for a 5. It landed on a 4. The girls were hiding devious smiles once more. "That sucks," I said aloud and took four drinks.

Rachel rolled a 3 and took her sips. Then it happened. Dakota rolled a 5. She turned to me, no longer hiding that smile I had seen hints of earlier. "Pat, truth or dare?"
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Nice story - I am really enjoying it!
I can't wait for the next section
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Chapter 5

"Well, that wasn't obvious," I responded sarcastically, eliciting giggles from the conspirators, "dare."

Dakota didn't waste any time giving me my dare, "I dare you to let us all fully inspect your dick."

My stomach was swimming, my dick inflating. "What does that even mean?" I asked.

Dakota explained, "Pull it out so we can all look at it and touch it." They were all staring at me, grinning from ear to ear. My dick was now becoming erect.

"Jesus Christ," I complained, "you're serious?" To my surprise, Lindsay pressed the issue, "You have to do it!"

I was terrified; excited, but terrified. I was as much a virgin as Lindsay. I had no idea how my penis would stack up against the others the girls had seen. For all I knew, I was about to have five girls pointing and laughing at my dick. On the other hand, my dick was now harder than it had ever been. So hard, it actually hurt a little. The thought of five pretty girls playing with my dick was so fucking hot.

I stood up. The girls gathered in front of me. They cheered, "woo!" as I untied the drawstring in my shorts. I waited a second, considering what was about to happen. The girls were giggling in suspense. I took a deep breath and pulled down the front of my shorts, revealing my erect dick.

There was a half second of silence, but it felt like an hour. The girls were all smiling, their eyes locked on my dick. Why were they smiling? What were they thinking?

Then Dakota broke the silence, "Wow Pat, you've got a lot of dick there." She stroked it down one side and then patted me twice under my balls. An intense sensation of pleasure shot through my body, causing my knees to weaken and my body to quiver.

Sarah agreed with Dakota, "I know, right?" She reached out and grabbed my shaft, feeling its thickness. She gripped it tightly and stared into my eyes. I wanted her so badly in that moment; I felt like she owned me; I never wanted her to let go.

Brittany moved in after Sarah moved away. She shot me a playful smile, pulled down on my shaft, and released causing my dick to slap against my stomach. The eruption of laughter that followed lasted for half a minute. I was so embarrassed, standing there with my dick hanging out, getting laughed at by all these pretty girls. "Look, he's blushing!" observed Rachel, causing more laughter and further embarrassment. I just had to stand there with my dick fully exposed, waiting for it to stop.

After the laughter subsided, Lindsay came in for her inspection. She got closer than any of the other girls. She handled it so gently, looking at it from all angles. She spent a good deal of time just touching and playing with my balls. At one point she said, "This is not what I expected these to feel like." Sarah and Dakota were whispering something back and forth; I assume it was about Lindsay. With every turn, brush, and grab of my rock hard dick, I shook and quivered a little. "I like how sensitive you are to it," Lindsay said smiling. "It's like I can control you... Like a joystick!"

Rachel eventually had to intervene, "I think you've had enough Lindsay." Lindsay complained, "Aw, but I like it" as she sat down from her kneeling position. "You'll be a slut in no time!" joked Sarah. Even I had to laugh at that. Lindsay beamed a bashful smile.

It was Rachel's turn. I was almost done, but the look in her eyes didn't give me any relief. She looked as if she had some kind of evil plan. She grabbed my dick and started pumping and stroking quickly. "She's trying to make me cum in front of everyone!" I thought in horror. My head rolled back and I started moaning involuntarily, "uh uh uh." Lindsay reacted, "Oh my god." Then right as I was about to cum, right when I started wanting her to do it, wanting her to finish me off and give me release, she stopped. She sat back down and said, "Maybe later big guy."

The girls were smiling at each other. I felt completely bewildered. It actually took me a second to rationalize what had just happened and what was happening now. Then everything hit me at once. "Your dick's hanging out and you have sex face," came a voice inside my head. I pulled up my shorts, cleared my throat, and sat down very quickly. It felt quite awkward. Then Sarah confirmed with sarcasm, "Smooth."

"Can we get back to the game please?" I begged.
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great so far, keep it up!
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Chapter 6

The girls were visibly excited that their plan had worked out so well. They were still giggling at my embarrassment. I needed my own plan. I needed to turn the tables. Sarah grabbed the die and rolled a 2, then Lindsay rolled a 3. They both took their drinks. Brittany followed up with a 5.

"Lindsay, truth or dare?" asked Brittany.

"Truth," answered Lindsay.

Brittany had a question in mind, "Did you enjoy your first penis?"

Lindsay smiled awkwardly at me. "Of course," she answered.

I smiled back at Lindsay. "Happy to be of service," I said with a smirk.

Finally, the fortunes smiled on me and I rolled a 6. "My rule:" I said, "the next person to roll a 1 has to take dares for the rest of the game." The girls looked at each other nervously. I said a prayer that my risk would not backfire. Sarah commented, "This game's starting to heat up." I retorted, "Um, where have you been the last ten minutes?" All the girls laughed.

Rachel, Dakota, and Sarah all rolled twos and took their drinks. "Man, there should be a rule about that," I said. "We deserve a reward," Dakota responded. "Not exactly what I had in mind," I returned.

Lindsay picked up the die and closed her eyes. She looked a little nervous. Then she rolled and her fears became reality. The die landed on a 1. "Oh my god," she complained. We all laughed that, of all the players, Lindsay would be the one stuck with dares for the rest of the game.

It didn't take long for her misfortune to manifest. Brittany rolled another 5. "Woo! Two in a row!" she cheered. Brittany turned to Lindsay, "Truth or dare?"

"Why, because I have to take dares? You just did me!" answered Lindsay.

"Sorry but, I'm not gonna pass up a guaranteed dare." explained Brittany.

"Fine, what is your dare?" asked Lindsay.

Brittany issued her command, "You have to play the rest of the game in your bra and panties."
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