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Default Humiliating phone sex dares


Today I had a phone sex call in which I called from a mall, and the girl had me go to Victoria's Secret. She had me pick out panties and a bra, size small (I'm definitely not a women's small) and go up to a hot girl working there. I asked the girl if my 'girlfriend' on the phone could ask her something. She then asked the salesgirl what I'd picked out and if it would fit me. Then she asked if she would help fit me properly. After a bit of laughter and talk about how this was the most fun she'd had all day, she measured me in the middle of the store, and then picked out a bra and panties for me. When checking out, it seemed that she had told another coworker or two about what was going on.

So I'm looking for comparable phone sex dares. You can just post general ideas here for me to pass along, or if you have AIM, message temptingbree to keep your dares secret from me until I make the call. Just tell her its a dare for blizz00vi. Thanks.

Edit: Nothing involving gay or bi encounters. Xdressing is enough in that respect.

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