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Default Verbal humiliation

Hi. I'm new here. I am looking for creative terms and phrases that I can use with my female slave. I must be a bit unimaginative, as I struggle beyond the slut, bitch, fucktoy etc.

I would really appreciate some suggestions.

Thanks all
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whore.. slag.. dirty bitch.. xx
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adding some descriptive words is an easy way to add to the repertoire. Filthy whore, cheap slut, wanton strumpet, then you can always go to just two word names like cum dumpster, cock sucker, ass whore. Also the complete objectification approach is possible it, the cunt, anything else really but using it as a gender neutral proper noun ie Would the cunt like to be tied up?
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I think this might belong in the punishments and ideas section more so than it does here.

There was a nelly,
a very smelly enchanted nelly
sweet as vegemite could be
ahaha just kidding, but still loved just the same <3
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But is it really a punishment if a sub enjoys it? Perhaps it's not as categoric as you think.

Either way I guess skank or slag is the most humiliating words I can really think of. I don't really enjoy that sort of stuff anymore though, so for me it would be more punishment than anything.
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To be honest, I don't think it's too creative to call someone a slut or whore during bdsm-session. If you want something different, you could tie some object to her and call her that. For example, if you tie some vegetable into her back, you could call her vegetable all the time. Try to find something that's a bit humiliating already, and when you call her that it feels more humiliating.
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Default hi

im a sissy faggot seeking anyone to verbally abuse me at my e-mail of [email protected] humiliate me as you like
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verbal humiliation

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