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Another fantastic chapter!

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Default Chapter 11


Alex breathed heavily, head still spinning. He could smell his own sweat and found himself noticing how the scent emanating from his armpits was subtly but unmistakably different now that he was in female form. The waves of pleasure were slowly subsiding and the reality of what had just occurred was returning to the forefront of his mind. The sensation Alex felt as Pete withdrew his now flaccid penis caused him to shudder and afterwards he felt empty in a way he had never experienced before. As he opened his eyes he was reminded that his face had been pressed into the soft earth throughout the experience and he sat up, dusting away the dirt from his face.

The now inanimate rope lay sprawled on the ground, around him, looking for all the world like any other normal length of rope. Standing, he kicked it to one side and as he did so he felt Pete's warm, sticky deposit begin to leak out of him and down his leg.

“Here.” said Julia, tossing him the torn t-shirt she had been wearing previously.

He was mortified that Julia was seeing him in this state, then suddenly remembered that he had seen her in this exact state earlier this very same night. He wiped the jizz from his leg and then tried his best to use the dry parts of the shirt to clean his face, hands and knees. Despite the load that had dripped out, Alex knew there was still more inside of him, and he couldn't shake the image of wriggling sperm making its way deeper inside him. The sex-ed video clips of tadpole-like swimmers, burrowing their microscopic heads into an egg played on repeat in his mind.

Alex remained completely oblivious to whatever conversation the others were having, too wrapped up in his own thoughts to pay attention. He was brought back to the group when he felt the touch of Julia's hand on his shoulder and she smiled reassuringly. It was only then that Alex noticed the dice in her hand and before anything else was said she knelt down and took her turn.

She rolled carefully to avoid hitting Sally who was still only a couple of inches tall, standing in the corner of the board. With Julia between him and the board, Alex couldn't see the outcome of the roll. He repositioned himself to get a better look so he could see the next riddle.

In a hushed voice Julia read, “At night they fly, they loath the light. These little brats put up a fight.”

The words meant nothing to Alex and so he looked towards Pete, the only one of them who might have any idea what it's talking about and noticed a wry smile cross his face.

“Nylph.” he said.

“Don't you mean nymphs?” asked Julia.

Pete shook his head. “No, nylph. Annoying little a-holes most of the time, but they can be downright dangerous when they want to be. Luckily however, we've come prepared, Julia, pass me the flashlight.”

With Pete just a couple of feet away, she tossed the flashlight in his direction with an underarm throw.

“Wait!” Pete exclaimed, but it was too late. As it flew through the air it was intercepted by a buzzing blueish blur which shot out of the trees and carried it off into the darkness.

The sound of high pitched laughter surrounded them on all sides. Alex looked around until he spotted one of them, perched on a high branch. No bigger than a robin, it had the appearance of a beautiful youthful woman with skin like porcelain. Naked, she was completely hairless, though her head was covered by a magnificent plumage of indigo feathers. From her back, a pair of feathered wings of the same deep blue, opened out and began beating so fast they became a blur, and the tiny woman lifted into the air, hovering above their heads, still laughing.

More of the so-called nylph made themselves known, all with the same colourings, all naked and seemingly as young and attractive as the first. There were males too, whose feathers spread to their shoulders and sometimes even covering the chest. Alex couldn't help but notice that almost all the male nylph were sporting erections, and some of them were even brazenly stoking themselves.

They hovered above their heads, tittering, or landed on nearby branches. Occasionally one or two at a time they would zip down within arms reach and back up again playfully. They began doing circles around the group and flying between each of their legs, moving so fast that they were away again before anyone had a chance to react. Looking over at Julia, Alex saw her smiling as these fairy-like creatures danced and played before her, one even landing on her shoulder, but Alex knew better than to trust the game to send them something so tender.

As if to confirm his suspicions the female nylph on Julia's shoulder took to the air once again and zipped down to one of Julia's enormous breasts and bit her directly on the nipple, before zooming off again.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed and her smile melted into a frown.

After that more of the nylph began to act more audaciously. A sharp pain like two needles pricking each of his buttocks made Alex jump as a pair of males bit him directly on each butt cheek. He tried wafting them away with his hands but they were too quick. As his attention was on one, the other would swoop in and nip him on the rear, leaving tiny bite marks.

Pete seemed to be struggling with the nylph flying up his skirt and though Alex couldn't see exactly what they were doing, he imagined it wasn't very pleasant. Alex's heart skipped a beat when he suddenly realised that in all the commotion he had forgotten about poor Sally who was currently even smaller than these minute monsters. He looked down at the board and was horrified to realise that she was no longer there. He was about to panic, but before he did his eyes caught a glimpse of Sally, peering out from the edge of the board. She was so small that the nylph had completely missed her existence. He momentarily considered picking her up but reconsidered, judging that she was safer hiding where she was than she would be if he revealed her to the flying menaces.

The one that bit Julia's breast had been joined by some friends and they were grabbing at her nipples and attempting to hoist them into the air. Seeing the fun they were having, more came down to try the same thing with Alex who was now having to alternate between swiping those at his rear and those at his breasts. When a pair did manage to grab his nipples and fly straight up he was surprised at the strength contained in these little sprites, who yanked his tits painfully, before little them drop when Alex tried to grab them.

Hearing a tiny scream, Alex looked back in the direction of where Sally had been hiding and to his dismay, there was now a whole group of nylph, both male and female, pinning her down to the board. With their slight size advantage and major strength advantage there wasn't much she could do to defend herself.

Four nylph held her down, while a fifth male stood over her, readying himself to enter her. Alex lunged in their direction but just as always they were too quick, flying off into the air in an instant. The two that had been holding Sally's arms lifted her off the ground along with them, leaving Alex totally unable to help. She screamed piercingly as she dangled between the two of them at what must have felt to her like a dizzying height. Landing high up in one of the trees, they pinned her to the trunk with her face to the rough bark, the two that had been holding her legs reappearing to take up their positions once again. Finally the male returned to her and hovered behind her, rubbing his erect cock against the cleft of her naked behind.

All the while Alex, Pete and Julia, battled on with the blights that were forever biting, pinching and pulling at all three of them. A pair of nylph picked up the dirty torn t-shirt, soggy with Pete's spunk and wrapped it around Julia's face while a third female hovered above her head, legs spread, and began urinating on her hair. Others must have crawled up the leg of her jeans and whatever they were doing was causing her to dance around crazily. Three or four had grabbed the hem of Pete's dress and pulled it up, tangling his arms and covering his face. Others took advantage of this by biting and pinching his genitals. Alex tried to keep an eye on Sally as much as he could while fending off the worst of his attackers, concerned that they might drop her from a great height or try to fly away with her. Sally struggled, thrashing her head side to side, though her arms and legs were all but motionless under the strength of her attackers. As her head swung left and right, she appeared to do a double take, and though he couldn't be sure, Alex thought that Sally had seen something in the branches of the tree that he, himself could not.

Finally, after teasing her mercilessly, the male nylph pushed his cock between Sally's pussy lips from behind. He thrust in and out like a jack-hammer and Sally arched her back. Alex watched as the nylph licked Sally's neck with a long wet purple tongue but rather than pulling away, Sally leaned into it, seemingly, enjoying the experience. With Sally's enthusiasm established, the male nylph appeared to shoo away the others holding her in place. He continued to fuck her from behind against the tree as she stuck her rear towards him. Looking over her shoulder at the nylph, whose eyes were closed, Sally looked straight at Alex and made a gesture with two fingers as if to say “keep your eyes on me.” Remembering the words of Sally's riddle, Alex got the attention of Julia and Pete, and pointing towards Sally, told them to do the same.

With all six of their eyes now on her, it wasn't long before the show she was putting on caused her to begin to grow. It was slow at first, so slow the nylph at her rear seemed not to notice until she outsized him by some way. When eventually he did notice he looked up confusedly, though did not stop his constant thrusting. As Sally's legs began to quake, Alex worried that she would slip off the branch that she was on, which for her was getting narrower by the second. When she began to orgasm, all of a sudden it was as if the power of it exploding inside caused her to burst like a like popcorn in a microwave and she went from being a couple of inches tall to her full size in less than a second.

As the branch gave way beneath her she reached out with both hands to grab a lower branch that had a bird nest nestled on it. The lower branch bent as she held onto it, until her feet came into contact with a much thicker, sturdy branch beneath her. Now that she was safe from falling she thrust one hand into the nest, bringing forth the flashlight.

At once, dozens of nylph were upon her, tugging at the flashlight or biting and pulling her all over. As soon as she flipped the switch, however, they scattered in all directions. As she waved the light about, Alex saw how the nylph touched by the beam instantly exploded in a puff of blue smoke and feathers.

When the nylph all appeared to be gone, Sally looked down at herself and placed a hand to her crotch as Alex looked on, puzzled by what she was doing. She inserted two fingers into her vagina and withdrew them slowly. As she pulled them out, Alex saw that gripped between her fingers was the wriggling body of the nylph who must have had no time to get out of the way when Sally exploded in size and instead was sucked inside her. He was slimy from her juices and appeared to be out of breath, probably from having been almost suffocated, trapped as he was. When he saw the torchlight however his energy was revived and he wriggled and bit at Sally until she let him go. She sent the beam after him as he zigzagged away into the forest, though whether it hit the creature or not, Alex was unsure.

Sally made her way down the tree and on reaching the ground look around and asked “Where's Pete?”

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please don't be done with this story. It was just getting really good. Hope all is well
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