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Swatch Orgasm debt (new type of denial)

This is a new take on denial, instead of banning orgasms you allow them but orgasms come with consequences. This Dare can be varied and adapted to fit the person playing it. It can also be played by both sexes.

This dare requires you to keep track of 2 things, points and skips.


Each point represents debt that you owe to the game and it must be paid back. The way you get debt is through orgasms and you lose it through tasks.

There are 3 types of orgasms: Anal, ruined and full. The price for each can be chosen by the player, chosen from the recommended or requested specially.

  • Full orgasm: 8 points
  • Anal orgasm: 6 points
  • Ruined orgasm: 4 points
Points can be applied when the player chooses to have an orgasm or spins the wheel through their own choice or not [See Wheels]

Punishments are how you lose debt. Punishments are random.
Punishments include:
  • Hidden public (underwear/buttplugs)
  • Toilet control
  • Enemas
  • Nipple play
  • Need suggestions, PM me
Permanent Punishments

These punishments are for when you have too many points:
  • 5 points: You must edge once a day
  • 15: You must be naked at all times when at home
  • 25: Underwear is now banned
  • 35: Buttplug must be worn at all times and must only be removed for the toilet or cleaning
  • 35: You are not allowed to touch your dick/pussy anymore, all orgasms must be anal only
  • 40: The bathroom is now off limits
  • 50: You are not allowed to orgasm from now on, any orgasm from this point on will result in a significant punishment
Skip cards:

Skip cards can be purchased when they are rolled, they do increase the number of points you have but allow you to skip a punishment.

If you roll a punishment which you don't want to do, you can skip it but it will the same amount of points as a ruined orgasm.
While it's not mandatory it will be highly appreciated if you keep a feed of your rolls/orgasms and a small report every week which I can use as feedback to improve this dare

Another thing which helps is keeping a track of your points,
skip cards and total time playing in your signature
Time limit:

It's recommended to have a time frame that you will play the game for but you don't need one although if you wish to end it is appreciated to post that you will do in this thread or send me a PM
Sign up:

To be able to know who's playing I ask that people post the information below before playing
  • Prices they choose for orgasms
  • Any changes to punishments
  • Time frame (if they want one)
  • Using the orgasm wheel? Using it when they want to orgasm or at set times?
  • Minimum/maximum punishment rolls a day (if any)
If not sure then you can request this information be done for you by me over PM

The Wheels for this game (using Pastebin so that I can change them later):

Punsishment Wheel

Cum Wheel

Tips and tricks:
  • Yout can edit the wheel by scrolling down to the choices, after adding a choice copy the new url somewhere and save it
  • Best way of doing the feed is to do it in a blog

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Oh, that's a very nice idea!

It doesn't fit all my limits/likes but it's easy to change for that And it's also good for people who can't go without orgasms for days or weeks! Maybe i'll make a version for my self and play it. But don't have time for it now.

If i do, i'll report back

Like: Pain, teasing, cumming, humiliating, dice-/chance-dares, forfeit-games
ok with: anal, clothpegs, pic/cam
dont like: ice
Limits: Messy, Body-fluids/poo, permanent, orgasm-denial, wedgies, time-wasting, Crossdressing/clothing-control, diaper, mouth-soaping, extreme, public, face

not sure: hidden-public - I'm going to push this limit. Please go VERY easy with me! I'll still say "no" if it's to hard for me! - Dares i want to try

My PM-Dares
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This appears to be a dare with a great potential - great creative thinking there. I'd love to sign up.

Prices they choose for orgasms: I'll go with the recommended values.

Any changes to punishments: I'll go along with the ones in your post, but I suppose it'll be possible to adjust as the game proceeds.

Time frame (if they want one): I'd like to try it for one month.

Using the orgasm wheel? Using it when they want to orgasm or at set times?: Yes to the wheel

Minimum/maximum rolls a day: 1 to 2?
Chastity and Denial, Mild Accidental Nudity, Embarrassing Situations Around Family, Mild pain, Dice & Random, Bladder Control, Bondage, Clothepins, Ice/Cold, Exercise, Swimming, Long Dares, Progressively Challenging Dares

Dislikes: Cross Dress, Feminization, Food-Related

Limits: Blood, Very Public, Blackmail, Permanent, Scat, Diapers, Photo & Video

21 days of going commando, from March 6th through March 27th.
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This has definite potential. Will be following along. As a Fool in Denied by Girls 2.0, Iím sort of ineligible for this.
i am a Fool in Denied By Girls 2.0
Last Orgasm: Mar 3 2018
Denial Days Left: 58
Edges: 115/150
Strokes: 6500/7800
Porn Viewing: 60/60

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Likes, Limits & Such...
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Prices they choose for orgasms: I'll use the recommended amounts.
Any changes to punishments: Is like there to be a ballbusting related punishment, but I have no idea how to edit the wheel.
Time frame (if they want one): I'll go with two months.
Using the orgasm wheel? Using it when they want to orgasm or at set times?: Sure, I'll use it twice a day, once when I wake up and once when I go to bed.
Minimum/maximum punishment rolls a day (if any): 5 minimum, no maximum.

I can't guarantee I'll keep track in my signature, I'm terrible at updating those, but I'm happy to PM a report whenever requested.
Likes: Edging, orgasms, watersports, tease/denial, pain, CBT.

Dislikes: Nipple pain, shaving, hidden-public, outdoor, pee drinking.

Limits: Public, kids, scat, beastiality, vomit, pictures, videos, full public.

Anything not listed is up for debate and I'll probably try it


Kik: ghostphoenix713
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I’m in
Prices they choose for orgasms: I’ll go with the recommended value
Any changes to punishments: 10 hits to each ball
Time frame (if they want one): a month
Using the orgasm wheel? Using it when they want to orgasm or at set times?:any
Minimum/maximum punishment rolls a day (if any):any

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denial, long, long dare, punishments, wheel

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