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Default Ex Girlfriend Shows No Mercy

This is my first attempt at a story. I have tried writing a few before, but never posted anything. The plan is to have it start out pretty mellow, and progress over time to more extreme scenarios.

Chapter 1
Jake was a senior in high school. He played football and was also in the marching band. With an athletic build he had a few girlfriends through out high school, but overall wasnít the most popular or best looking guy in the world. However, he did have a good amount of confidence and was pretty quick on his feet when it came to talking smack with his buddies. One of his ex-girlfriends Amy was a junior. She too was in the marching band but didnít partake in any other sports. She was more focused on her studies. However she still had a nice body. She was slim with an above average booty. Her breasts were a B cup, but she still looked proportional. They broke up 3 months ago when she caught Jake kissing another girl at a party he thought she wasnít going to attend. Since then it was pretty awkward between the two of them having to be around each other after the breakup. However after a few weeks they learned to at least be civil around each other.

The football team did a fundraiser every year where they auctioned the seniors off to other students. The student that won the bid would get to pick what the football player had to wear for an entire day and could make them dance, carry their books, sing, or whatever else they came up with. It was all in good fun and the entire school really enjoyed the day. Usually the cheerleaders would buy the players and make them wear their cheer uniforms.

Even though Jake was pretty confident he was a little worried about a few things for the auction. For starters, having to wear anything the bidder wanted for an entire day of school was unsettling. He didnít want to be bought by a cheerleader. Also sometimes people did not get many people bidding and it was embarrassing if you were bought for only $5. Because of this he had a plan. He gave a friend $50 to buy him and had another friend bidding so that it went to at least $25. That was the average cost and he was confident a random person would not bid more than $50 for him so he could basically pick what he wore for the day when his friend bought him.

The auction was held on a Friday and then everyone who won would get to make the football players dress up and everything on the following Monday. Jake was 3rd in line to be auctioned off. The first two players auctioned off went for $30 each so he was confident $50 was more than enough to be safe. The bidding started and as expected his two friends bid up to $25. As the auctioneer was saying ďGoing onceÖ.. Going twiceÖ.Ē A female voice yelled out ďThirtyĒ. Jake recognized the voice it was Amy. He instantly started to get hot and red. He could feel his hands getting sweaty and really hoped she did not bring more than $50. The bidding continued. ďThirty fiveÖÖ FortyÖÖ. Forty fiveĒ With all the money Jakeís friends had they placed their last bid ďFiftyĒ. To Jakeís disappointment Amy was still bidding ďFifty fiveĒ. And without hesitation the auctioneer announced ďGoing onceÖ. Going twiceÖ.. Sold to the pretty lady in the backĒ.

Jake was sick to his stomach. He gradually calmed down though as the auction continued, and at the end everyone went to go pair up with the people who bought them. He saw Amy waiting with a huge grin on her face waiting by the side of the stage and slowly walked over to her.

Jake: Why did you buy me?

Amy: Because revenge is sweet. And if you think the guys that the cheerleaders purchased have it bad youíre sadly mistaken. I am going all out with this and thereís nothing you can do about it.

Jake: Please! Canít we just talk about this? Maybe we could try and work through everything that happened.

Amy: Nope the time for talking has passed. I have been planning this for over a month and my mind is made up. Come over to my place tomorrow. I need to make sure everything fits.

With that she turned around and left before Jake could even summon another word. He stood there absolutely speechless and in shock wondering what in the world she had planned for him as she walked away.
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Chapter 2
Jake had a difficult time sleeping that night. With everything on his mind he tossed and turned with maybe a total of 4 hours of sleep. Amy messaged him right before he was about to go to bed sending a photo of a pink thong and bra with a text that read ďBe at my place by 10am tomorrowĒ and a winky face. Jake didnít bother responding, but he knew she was aware he read the message since his read receipts were turned on. He laid in bed until it was roughly 8am and decided to get the day over with. He got up and showered, made breakfast with coffee, and got his clothes on for the day. At 9:30 he got in his car and headed over to Amyís hoping he would find some way to convince her to go easy on him.

He arrived at 9:50, walked up the steps to her front door, and rang the door bell. Within seconds Amy answered and seemed even more amused than she did the night before. She couldnít stop smiling.

Amy: Good morning Bitch.

Jake: Lets just see if whatever you got fits and get this over and done with. I am not wearing a thong and bra either. No one would even be able to see it so there's no point.

Amy: You need to wear the bra because I am stuffing it with fake boobs and the thong is going to stick out the back of your outfit so when I have you pick stuff up off the floor or reach up for something people can see you are wearing it.

Jake: Amy please thatís taking it too far.

Amy: Iíll tell you what. Maybe if you change your tone and attitude while I figure out what exactly you will be wearing I will take it easier on you come Monday morning. I have 3 different outfits so thereís a chance if you start being nice I will let you pick which one you want to wear.

Jake: What are the 3 outfits? And will you reconsider the thong and bra?

Amy: I have them laid out on my bed and maybe if you do everything I ask and stop complaining today.

Amy grabbed Jake by the hand and led him into her bedroom where she had the outfits spread out on her bed. The first outfit was a white ballerina costume with tights and shoes to go with it. It had frilly outlines with gems and sparkles on it. The second outfit was a school girl outfit with thigh highs, a crop top, high heels, and a wig with pig tails. The thong and bra she sent a photo of the night before was also with the outfit. The last outfit wasnít nearly as bad as the first two. It was a peter pan costume. Yes it had tights and everything, but compared to the other two that one would be by far the best choice. Jake was mortified by the first two outfits and was a little confused by the 3rd one, but figured it was best to keep his mouth shut and comply so there was a chance he could pick it over the other two.

Amy: What do you think? Iíd say this one is favorite.

She was holding up the ballerina costume.

Amy: But I need to see you in them to really know.

Jake: Which one do you want me to try on first?

Amy: Lets do the peter pan costume first. Then I will do your makeup and nails before you try on the other two.

Jake: Cant you just do my makeup and nails Monday if you decide you want me to wear one of those outfits today?

Amy: Nope and youíre still not making a very good case for me to let you pick the outfit you wear.

Jake: Your right. I'm sorry. Iíll go change real quick.

Amy: You can change right here. Weíve seen each other naked before.

Jake: Yeah butÖ.. ummmÖ.. errrÖÖ okay.

Jake thought better than to push back again. They had seen each other naked, but this would be different with her being completely clothed. Regardless it was worth it to him to suffer through being naked in front of her rather than wear one of the first two outfits to school on Monday. He started to remove his clothes. First his shoes and socks followed by his shirt. Then his jeans came off. Amy was now sitting down pretty amused by the entire show. Making him strip while she remained completely clothed was a good deal of fun. Jake paused for a min with his jeans off hesitating to remove his boxers.

Amy: Take them off sweetie. You can wear boxers with tights.

Jake turned around and pulled his underwear off. Grabbed the tights and slid them up his legs hoping Amy wouldnít say anything. Surprisingly she didnít. He continued putting on the outfit until it was complete. Finally turning around and looking in the mirror he actually thought he looked pretty good. He could have some fun with this outfit. Slightly embarrassing, but not really on a day where other guys would be dressed as cheerleaders.

Jake: How do you like it.

Amy: Its okay I guess. Let me take a few photos so I can make a better decision later.

Amy pulled out her camera and started snapping some photos while putting Jake in various positions, making him flex, and change his facial expressions. She had about 10 different photos when she stopped.

Amy: Okay which outfit do you want to try on next?

Jake: Honestly I think you should just go with the one I am wearing now.

Amy: Nice try! Take it off! And since you hid yourself while putting it on, if you ever want a chance at wearing it over the others youíll stay completely naked while I do your makeup and turned you into the bitch I know you are.

Jake sighed and started to take the costume off. He was starting to become aroused at this point stripping in front of Amy even though it was pretty embarrassing. Again started with all the other articles of clothing. When he got to the tights he thought about hesitating since he clearly had an erection at this point and was hoping it would quickly go away, but thought better of it and removed them with only hesitating for a brief second. His dick bounced up and down until it settled slightly pointing upward. His penis was average. Nothing to be ashamed about so being naked wasnít a huge deal.

Amy: Thatís a good bitch. I can see you are enjoying this. Now get on your knees in front of me while I do your nails and makeup.

Jake got down on his knees right in front of Amy.

Amy: Hold your hands like this.

She held her hands out with her elbows bent at 90 degrees right at her side with her palms facing downward and her fingers spread apart. Jake did the same learning that failing to comply would only make things worse for him. She pulled out some red nail polish and started doing his nails taking her time to make sure they looked good. The smell was a little unpleasant for Jake but it wasnít a big deal. Finally after about 15 mins she finished.

Amy: They look great! Red is definitely your color. Remember that one time when we were dating and I asked if I could paint your nails and you said ďIn your dreamsĒÖÖ Just letting you know this is the new reality haha.

Jake: I do remember that. Honestly didnít think I would ever be in this position.

Amy: Keep your hands in this position and close your eyes while I do your makeup. I donít want you to see yourself till I am completely done. If you open your eyes or move your hands before I finish youíll be wearing the ballerina costume to school in the morning and change into the school girl outfit in the afternoon. Do you understand?

Jake: Yes I understand.

He quickly closed his eyes and remained that way while Amy started to apply the makeup. It actually felt pretty good having his face hit with brushes and other stuff. Except for around the eyes while Amy was using eyeliner Jake had a hard time not wincing. The entire time Amy didnít stop commenting on how beautiful he looked and that he should wear makeup more often. She even suggested he could pass as a woman. Jake just remained quiet with his eyes closed. His erection started to go away and was now flaccid again.

Amy: Are you not having as much fun anymore? Does having makeup applied not turn you on? Haha.

Jake: Canít say it does. How much longer do you have?

Amy: Not much. But you canít rush beauty. Keep your eyes closed and give me a big smile.

Jake followed her instructions.

Amy: Okay now give me a kissy face. I need to see the makeup looks good in different ways.

Jake continued to do as he was told.

Amy: Okay now point your fingers down and say CHEESE!!!

Jake: WHAT!!!!

He opened his eyes to see Amy taking photos of him naked in full makeup. She quickly ran outside with the camera where Jake didnít dare follow in his current state. She got in her car and drove off. Jake had no idea what to do. His heart was beating extremely fast and he was sweating even more than the night of the auction. 30 seconds later his phone rang and it was Amy calling. Furious he answered.


Amy: I will give you one chance to lower that voice bitch. Now shut up and listen. Like I said Iíve been planning this for months. And one day of humiliation seemed great, but I figured making you my bitch the rest of the year sounded a lot better. Now I am on my way to give Sarah the memory card with the photos of you. She helped me plan this entire thing. Then I will be back to continue with the fun I have planned. Be a good little boy and put on the thong and bra I have laid out for you. Paint your toenails while you are at it. Iíll be back in 20 mins to explain how the rest of your senior year is going to go. Bye!

Jake: WAIT!

She hung up before Jake could get a word in. He thought this couldnít be happening. He was so focused on his chance to pick the outfit he wore, and now he was at Amyís mercy for the rest of the year. Not to mention Sarah was going to have the photos at her disposal too. She was Amyís best friend. The two were inseparable. They had known each other since the 3rd grade and did everything together. Sarah too was in the band. She was a little better looking than Amy and a little more popular as well. She usually would be the one who got invited to parties and then would bring Amy along with her. Most of the time guys would hit on her before paying more attention to Amy. Sarah actually introduced Amy and Jake at a party before they started dating. Once he asked her to be his girlfriend Sarah made it clear if he every hurt Amy there would be hell to pay. And looks like she was about to keep good on her promise. Jake started running through the options in his head, but quickly realized he had none. Amy could destroy his reputation and make high school brutal for him. Even to suffer for a year in private would be better than the aftermath of having those photos spread around the school.
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Good so far!

Cant wait til the next chapters!
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Chapter 3
In utter defeat Jake walked over to the thong and bra. He held each one of them up examining them thinking about how ridiculous he will look once he puts them on. He started with the thong. It hugged his package and he had to figure out how to comfortably place his balls in them. Next was the bra. It was a bit of a struggle to hook the clasps together. After a few minutes he turned the bra around to connect everything before maneuvering it back around and up over his shoulders. Taking a look in the mirror it was even worse than he imagined. His butt popped in it, and being rather slim he looked pretty feminine. The makeup didnít help matters. After being in shock for a few minutes starring at the mirror he snapped back to reality and realized he still had his toe nails to paint. Grabbing the bottle of nail polish he put a coat on each foot. It was a struggle with his hands shaking from the nerves and embarrassment, but got it done right as Amy was pulling back up to the house. He didnít know what to do as she was walking back up the sidewalk. Sitting down felt weird, but just standing there was also awkward. He moved over to the adjacent room out of view from the doorway in case someone outside was looking as the door opened. As Amy closed the door he poked his head back around the corner of the wall and slowly stepped out looking down at Amyís feet.


Amy could hardly contain her excitement. She was even turning red in embarrassment for him. Starting to laugh she could barely get any words out between chuckles.

Amy: Well donít just stand there. Give me a little spin.

Jake put his arms out to the side and and spun around for her, still unable to look her in the eye.

Amy: Lovely. I was gonna have you cover up with the school girl outfit when I got back, but that ass needs to stay on display haha.

She walked over to her bed and grabbed the wig and heels.

Amy: Put these on

Handing the heels and wig over to Jake he took them and started doing as he was told. The wig was difficult to fix in the right position so Amy assisted with that.

Jake: What now?

Amy: Now the real fun begins. I want more photos of course. Here are the poses you need to do.

She handed him a folded up piece of paper. When he opened it there had to be 20 different poses a model did in lingerie

Amy: Lets go! And I want your facial expression to match the modelís for each pose

Jake was mortified. This was going to get worse and worse if she ever decided to expose him she would have an endless supply of blackmail. He was on the verge of tears, but started doing the poses. The first one was simple with one hand on his hip and the other making a peace sign with a big smile on his face. By the fourth pose Jake was on his knees, turned around, and looking over his back shoulder making a pouting face. Finally he got to the last pose where he was on his hands and knees slightly upright with an arched back deviously looking directly at the camera with a little smirk. He wanted to die inside as Amy took about 15 photos of that pose alone from different angles.

Amy: Perfect! These would look so great on the bulletin board at school.

Jake: Please donít.

Amy: Haha donít worry. As long as you do what I want when I want Iíll keep them to myselfÖ. Well myself and Sarah. I wouldnít want to ruin all the fun just yet.

Jake: How do I know you wonít show everyone the photos at the end of the year even if I do everything you say?

Amy: Haha you donít. But what you do know is these will be seen by everyone on Monday if you disobey. I would be disappointed to end our fun so quickly, but I promise you I would rather expose you tomorrow than only get partial control of you the rest of the year. If you think I am bluffing you know Sarah would pull the trigger and share these with everyone. Now lets go over how the rest of this year is going to work.
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Chapter 4
Amy set the camera down and went to grab a bag out from under her bed. Jake watched as she ruffled through it searching for something.

Amy: Ahhh here it is.

From Jakeís perspective she held up what appeared to be a small penis with straps attached to it, but couldnít really make out exactly what it was.

Jake: What is that?

Amy: Itís called a penis gag.

Jake: What the hell is a penis gag?

Amy: Open wide and find out haha.

Jake: No youíre not putting that in my mouth.

Amy: Itís funny how you think you still have a choice. Maybe I have to share those photos with someone other than Sarah to show you Iím serious.

Amy looked into Jakeís eyes and he knew she meant it. He opened his mouth slightly as a gesture to let her know he would comply. Amy abruptly and aggressively stuck the gag in his mouth fastened the buckle around the back of his neck and placed a tiny lock on it.

Amy: Now thatís a good boy. Better get use to it. That gag will be worn regularly and you will have plenty of other penis shaped objects in your mouth in the near futureÖ. But I am open to changing my mind on that. Just tell me right now if you donít want to become an expert dick sucker and I wont make you.

Jake desperately tried to say something. But could only get out muffles.

Amy: Well alright if you donít mind Iíll have you deep throating like a pro in no time haha. Remember when you would complain I didnít go deeper when giving you a blowjob? Because I sure do and now I think itís only right you get to experience what itís like hahaÖ.. Anyway I donít want to be interrupted by your complaining while I go over everything so keep those muffles to yourself. Also why donít you get on your knees and massage my feet while I go over everything.

Amy sat on the bed and stuck her feet out. Jake proceeded to get on his knees in front of her and removed her socks and shoes. He slowly started massaging her feet while fixated on every word coming out of her mouth.

Amy: So once this school year is over I will let this go and you can go on to college having learned your lesson. That is pretty far away, but just wanted to let you know there is an end for you. Until then you will do everything I tell you without hesitation. Failure to comply with an order I give you, will result in a punishment and if I feel you are not doing well I will start to inform other people about this until you are the laughing stock of the entire school. Also I will be sharing the photos and other material with your family if you donít comply. Iím sure you could only imagine what your mom and dad would think. Obviously you wont be able to come over everyday, but my parents leave every weekend and have a date night every Tuesday. Sarahís parents volunteer on Thursday nights so we will be going there after school on those days. Besides doing everything I say you will have a set of rules to follow. I wrote them down so there is no question as to what the expectation is. There will be more added but I donít want to ruin a few surprises haha.

Amy pulled another folded up piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it out to Jake. He stopped massaging her feet and opened the paper to read it.

Rule #1: You are to wear womenís underwear at all times. You need to buy more or wear the only pair you have now everyday. The choice is yours.

Rule #2: You must always refer to me as Goddess, Princess, or Your Majesty when we are not in public.

Rule #3: You are to wear a shocking dog collar at all times when coming over. The Collar must be on before entering the house.

Rule #4: You must sit down to pee.

Rule #5: You must do a striptease every time you come over immediately when you enter through the door way. Have a song ready to play on your phone.

Rule #6: You will practice giving a blowjob on a dildo for 10 mins a day. On days we cannot meet you will record the act and save it on a hard drive.

Rule #7: Any instruction given by me or Sarah must be done without hesitation.

Jake finished reading the rules and looked down beaten by what he just learned. He was trapped with no escape. Amy pulled out the shocking collar from the bag that she got the penis gag from and placed it around Jakeís neck. She pulled out the controller.

Amy: This has a range from 1 to 99. I have tested it on myself but only went to 25. Letís see what 30 feels like.

She set the controller to 30. Stared Jake directly in the eyes and pushed the button. He jumped a little but could handle that setting without too much difficulty. It was just more of an unusual feeling that caused him to jump. Amy moved the setting up to 50 and hit the button again causing Jake to moan through the gag.

Amy: This is fun. Do you think we should try 70?

Jake shock his head no and Amy sent another zap at 50.

Amy: Do you think we should try 75?

Again Jake shook his head no and Amy hit him again with another shock.

Amy: Do you think we should try 80?

This time Jake took a breath an nodded.

Amy: Well if that is what you want then I guess I will do things your way just this once.

She set the controller to 80, got right in his face, smiled, and pushed the button hitting him with another shock. Jake moaned even louder this time. His head jolted in the opposite direction of the shock and his body tensed up in the process.

Amy: That was fun. I will move it back down to 50 as nice as I am and every time you make me mad I will increase the number. Now Iím getting pretty hungry. Go make me a sandwich and cut the crust off. There is lunch meat in the fridge.

Jake was hungry himself but could not ask for anything with the gag in. He got up and walked to the kitchen with his heels clanking on the floor. Half way there Amy hit the button on the shock collar again causing Jake to stumble to his knees. She chuckled as he got up and continued to the kitchen. Once there he made a ham and cheese sandwich for her with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. He cut the crust off as instructed and cut the sandwich diagonally. He grabbed a bottle of water as well and walked back out to the living room where Amy was now relaxing and watching TV. He placed the sandwich and water on the coffee table in front of her and stood back not knowing if he was allowed to sit on the couch or what he should do as she was not looking at him in the slightest.

Amy: move the coffee table over. You will hold the plate with one hand and the water in the other on your knees in front of me until I am done eating. You canít possibly think I can be troubled to reach all the way to the table every time I want to take a bite or have a drink.

Jake did as instructed so that Amy could enjoy her show while comfortably leaning back. She took her time eating not paying any attention to Jake and finished the sandwich in about 15 mins.

Amy: Thanks Bitch. Now put the dish in the kitchen and throw this bottle away. Then come back and be my foot rest while I finish my show.

Jake went back to the kitchen to take care of his task. Again on the way Amy sent him another shock. This time he pause but was able to keep from falling over. He came back and got on his hands and knees acting as a stool so Amy could put her feet up. There was about 20 mins left in the show as he started to wonder when he was going to eat. He could hear his stomach growling and he new she could hear it too.
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Wow Please continue this is hot
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Originally Posted by BB88 View Post
Wow Please continue this is hot
I second this. I'd love to read more
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Chapter 5

Finally the show ended which seemed like an hour to Jake even through it was truly only 20 mins. His knees were starting to hurt and his back was uncomfortable. Amy turned off the TV and got up. Jake remained in place not knowing if he was allowed to move or not just keeping his head down looking at the floor.

Amy: Are you hungry?

Jake nodded his head still unable to speak with the gag in his mouth.

Amy: Alright. Stay put while I get your food.

Amy walked grabbed a dog bowl from the kitchen and placed it in front of Jake.

Amy: I got this bowl special for you. All your meals will be eaten from the floor like the bitch you are. Now sometimes I will let you eat what I eat but right now I think it would be more fun to watch you eat some wet dog food I bought haha.

She grabbed a huge can of dog food and opened it up in front of Jake making him smell it.

Amy: Yum! Chicken, Beef, and Liver. Youíre one lucky dog.

She turned the can over and hit the back to get the contents in the bowl. Everything stayed together mushed in one big glob still in the shape of the can as it landed in the bowl. It made a suction sound coming out of the can as well.

Amy: OH MY GOD!!! this is going to be hilarious watching you consume this. There will be a punishment if you do not eat the entire thing which shouldnít be a problem since I know you are hungry haha. Let me get the camera set up and I will unlock the gag for you.

Amy set the camera up so that Jake was in full view of the camera from where the bowl was to his heels. She then took the lock off of his penis gag and unbuckled it. Drool built up from the gag dripped onto the floor as Jake moved his jaw around. It was pretty stiff being in an open position for so long.

Amy: Youíre drooling. You must really be looking forward to this meal I made for you. Now I still donít want to hear you talking. Dogs can only bark. So now one bark means ďNoĒ, two barks means ďYesĒ, and three barks are required if you need to ask for permission to say somethingÖ. Do you understand?

Jake: Woof! Woof!

Amy: Oh that was lovely. Good now just one more thing before you eat your lunch.

Amy walked over to the camera and hit record. Then she spit on the dog food Jake was about to eat followed by sticking her bare foot in it to mashed it up from the can shape it was still in.

Amy: For an appetizer you can lick my foot clean. Make sure you get in between my toes.

Jake looked up at her starring down at him with a huge grin on her face. This was disgusting and he wasnít even hungry anymore. Never the less he proceeded to clean her foot off with his mouth and tongue making sure he got between her toes as instructed. After about 5 mins Amy stopped him.

Amy: Alright thatís good. Now I donít want to wait all day for you to finish your lunch so I am putting you on a 10 minute timer. If that bowl is not spotless by then you will be going for a walk around the block on a leash in your current attire. Ready! Set! Go!

Jake wasted no time and dove right into the meal. The taste wasnít so awful but the texture was making him gag. To make matters worse Amy never gave him any water to with his meal, but he couldnít ask for any so he just powered through it.

Amy: 5 minutes

Jake was 3/4 of the way done, but kept going at the pace he was at making sure he didnít cut it close. At 8 minutes he had finished all the food and started licking the bowl clean. With a full minute to spare he was done. Amy stopped the recording.

Amy: Wow that was fun. I had no idea if you were going to be able to complete that or not. I donít even care that it messed up your lipstick. We can take care of that shortly. Now clean all of this up and then meet me in the bed room.

Jake: Woof Woof Woof!

Amy: Hmmm since you did a good job I will let you speak. What is it?

Jake: May I please have some water princess?

Amy: You may grab a bottle from the kitchen as you are cleaning all of this up. Now get to it!

Amy went to the bedroom and left Jake to take care of the mess. He took the bowl to the kitchen to wash it along with Amyís dish and threw away the empty can. He was so thirsty as soon as he made it to the kitchen he chugged an entire bottle of water before starting to wash everything. He figured he might as well take his time. Doing dishes was better than anything else Amy had up her sleeve. As he was setting the dishes down to dry. ZAP! He got shocked again. Then Amy came around the corner.

Amy: What is taking so long?

Jake: Iím sorry I was just trying to do a thorough job.

Amy: Did I say you could speak?

Jake: Errr no but I assumed when you asked a question I could answer.


ZAP! ZAP! She turned the controller up to 60.

Amy: That is one for speaking and another for failing to address me properly. Now here is a list of chores I need you to do.

She handed him the list.

Amy: But first lets fix your makeup. Sarah will be coming over for dinner and I want you to look perfect for her.

Amy removed the smeared lipstick from Jakeís mouth and touched it back up.

Amy: Good as new. Now get started and I donít want to be bothered.

Amy went to her room again to relax and listen to music. Jake proceeded to start on the list which consisted of the followingÖ

- Vacuum the floors
- Sweep and mop the kitchen
- Dust the shelves
- Clean the bathrooms
- Wash my car

How was he supposed to wash her car in his current state he thought. She had to be messing with him. She had neighbors that would definitely notice by the time he finished washing it. Also he wasnít suppose to bother her. Jake started on the other chores while thinking about how he should go about the last one
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Chapter 6

While working on the other chores Jake decided his best chance was to ask if Amy could pull the car in the garage and then he could wash it inside. There was a drain in the garage so it wouldnít really be a problem. He figured he had nothing to lose by asking. It was unlikely she could make it any worse. It was about 6pm when Jake had finally finished all of the chores except for washing the car. His feet were absolutely killing him from the heels. He had a new respect for women wearing those on a night out or just in general. He was starting to get use to the thong and bra though. At first it felt super weird but gradually was growing on him. Even though he had time to go over everything in his head on how to ask Amy if she could pull the car in, Jake still was a little sick worrying about what he might be in for if she said no. He even had some suggestions prepared of alternatives he would be willing to do instead of washing the car outside. We walked into Amyís room where she was relaxing and watching TV.

Jake: Woof Woof Woof!

Amy: Are you all done with the chores? You may speak freely again until I say otherwise.

Jake: Thank you Princess. Yes I am done with everything except for washing the car. I was wondering if there was any way you could pull the car in so that I could wash it in the garage?

Amy: What is wrong with outside? I think the neighbors would enjoy the show! Donít you think?

Jake: Please princess I canít be seen outside like this.

Amy: Hmmmm well here is the deal. I am not going to pull the car in the garage. But if you want to pull it in before you start washing it then I will allow it. Iím just so nice arenít I?

Jake: Yes super nice Princess.

Amy: Alright well here are the keys. The offer expires in 5 mins.

Amy threw Jake the keys while again thoroughly amused by his predicament. Jake caught them and hurried over to the window to see if anyone was outside. Amy lived on a street that wasnít always busy. It was off a main road and could see cars very frequently or only every 10 mins. None of her neighbors were out except for a mom walking her dog. The dog was going to the bathroom in the yard next to Amyís. Jake hoped she would hurry up. The car was in the middle of a 40 ft drive way and could easily be seen by all the houses across the street and on the sides. There were probably 20 houses that could be a problem for him.

Amy: 4 mins

Jake thought about the best way to get to the car without being seen. If he went out the front door he was more exposed but could get to the car before making much noise. If he went out the garage he was less visible to start but opening the garage would draw attention to him before he was in the security of the car.

Amy: 3 mins

He finally decided on going through the garage. It was closer and a little less visible to everyone. He also re-positioned the wig so that his face was more covered up. Finally the mom and her dog had moved on down the street.

Amy: 2 mins

Jake figured now was as good a time as any. He opened the garage door and peaked out. The coast was clear. He had the key to unlock the door in his hand. Amy stood in the living room and watched as he was potentially exposing himself to everyone on the block. Jake booked it for the car. Well as fast as he could go in the heels. As he reached the drivers door Amy had hit the button on her spare set of keys setting off the car alarm. Then she proceeded to hit the garage door button making the door close. To top it all off she got the shocking dog caller remote and started shocking Jake every few seconds making him stumble and fumble the keys. He dropped them on the ground and quickly picked them up but couldnít get the car alarm to stop while hitting every button. To make matters worse his wig fell off as he as on the ground grabbing the keys. Finally after hitting every button at least 3 times the alarm shut off. Still in a panic he unlocked the car door and got in. He took off the collar as Amy was still giving him shocks. There was a garage door opener in the car thankfully that he used to reopen the door and pull in. He stayed hunched down the entire time barely peeking his head over the steering wheel not daring to even look around and see if anyone was watching. Finally after what seemed like an hour he pulled into the garage and closed the door. Amy was unable to speak from laughing so hard as she made her way to the garage to greet him. Jake got out of the car furious and beat red from embarrassment and panic.

Amy: OH MY GOD THAT WAS PERFECT!!! You shouldíve seen your face when that car alarm went off. Luckily you can because it is all on film. Not sure if you noticed but I saw at least two people look out their windows as you were in that little predicament.

Amy wiped some tears from her eyes from laughing. Jake just stood there waiting for her to compose herself. After a few more minutes Amy calmed down.

Amy: Alright well you better get started. I want it cleaned inside and out. And if that shock collar isnít back around your neck in 1 min its getting secured to your balls next. Iíll go get the wig for you. Youíre so clumsy I hope you know that haha.

Jake knew he was still trapped and couldnít even say shit back. He grabbed the collar he took off and put it back on. He grabbed a bucket and got to work starting with the outside of the car. Amy returned with the wig shortly after he started. It took longer cleaning it inside the garage without a hose but was still the better option than being outside. The outside of the car took about 40 mins and then he got to work vacuuming and cleaning the inside. The entire time Amy took more photos and videos just adding to her collection. As Jake was finishing the car up the door bell rang.

Amy: That must be Sarah!!! Oh she is just going to love seeing you in person. I have been messaging her updates all day. Why donít you go an answer the door.

Jake looked her in the eyes as she was grinning with that smirk that sent shivers down his spine.

Jake: As you wish Princess

Jake walked over to the front door, looked back at Amy standing there with the camera still, and took a deep sigh. He opened the door slowly unlocking the dead bolt first and then the door handle. He positioned himself so that as he opened the door his body couldnít be seen by anyone outside. Just his face and shoulder was exposed. To Jakeís surprise it wasnít Sarah. It was a pizza delivery driver. She had to be around his age. She was short but cute.

Jake: Oh sorry one sec

Jake closed the door quickly.

Jake: Amy that isnít Sarah

Amy: I know silly. Sarah wont be here for another 30 mins. Now pay the lady and make sure she gets a good look at your entire outfit.

Amy handed Jake a $20 dollar bill.

Jake: Come on donít you think Iíve had enough for one day.

Amy: Nope! And if you keep hesitating Iíll invite her inside when I answer the door.

Jake moved back to the door with the $20. Opened the door again this time as he normally would if he was completely dressed.

Jake: Sorry about that I had to grab the cash

Pizza girl: Oh thatís alright. You look great by the way. Can't wait to tell everyone back at the shop about this one.

She was trying to keep herself from laughing as she took the money from Jake.

Jake: You can keep the change. Have a good night!

Jake quickly closed the door. Hoping he was done with being exposed to random strangers for the day. He set the pizza on the dining room table.

Jake: May I sit Princess?

Amy: You may for now. I will let you relax and have some normal food. Youíll need your strength when Sarah gets here. I canít have you worn out already. The fun has only started. Just think this morning you were just a normal senior in high school. And nowÖ. Well I donít really know what to even say at this point. This has been the best day of my life!!!
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Chapter 7

Jake thought about what Amy just said and started going over how much everything had changed in a day. He was her bitch and Sarah would likely be even more cruel based on her personality. He still had Monday to worry about. He would have to do everything Amy said in front of the entire school and didnít know how far she would push things. He thought about how he could possibly get out of this situation but quickly realized it was useless. He had the rest of the year to get through and then could put this behind him. After finishing a few slices of Pizza the door bell rang again.

Amy: Go answer the door. I promise it is Sarah this time haha.

Jake: As you wish Princess.

Jake got up to answer the door. This time he didnít dare hide his body when opening the door. He knew at this point it would only make things worse. As he opened the door he saw Sarahís eyes light up like she had just received the greatest present in the world. She stepped in and closed the door.

Sarah: Looking good Jake! But I am not sure we can keep calling you Jake the way you look now. How does Jessica sound to you.

Jake: Not sure I like the sound of that to be honest.

Sarah: Well it is either ďJessicaĒ or ďDick SuckerĒ. Iíll let you pick what you want to be called.

Jake: Jessica sounds fine.

Sarah: Good! Now Jessica I wasnít lying when I said you look good. However ladies canít have all that nasty body hair.

Jake: Please no. I canít lose my body hair.

Sarah: Sure you can. Youíll look hot! Haha!

Jake: Please! Please! Please!

Sarah: Do you have that penis gag Amy?

Amy: Of course he was wearing it all morning.

Sarah: I think it is time that dick is put back in his mouth.

Amy: Yes I totally agree.

They spoke like he wasnít even in the room. Amy grabbed the gag and put it back in Jakeís mouth.

Sarah: Letís restrain him while we decide how to remove his body hair.

Amy led Jake downstairs to a home gym her family used. She had him stand on a bench and proceeded to hand cuff his hands around a pull up bar.

Amy: That should hold him. Now how should we go about this?

Sarah: Lets remove what little clothing he has on and discuss.

Sarah immediately pulled down the thong Jake had on, exposing his erected penis. Even through all the embarrassment he could help but be turned on being restrained by two girls.

Sarah: Not too bad Jessica. It could definitely be bigger though.

Amy: I agree. I enjoyed it but defiantly left me unsatisfied at times.

Amy removed the bra. They decided to keep the heels on as well as the wig.

Sarah: So we have two options. We can either shave everything or use the wax strips I brought.

Amy: Wax strips sound a lot more fun.

Jake muffled through the gag.

Amy: Sorry is there something you want to say?

Jake nodded his head up and down.

Sarah: Thatís a shame.

Sarah pulled out the wax strips and placed one on each of Jakeís thighs. They were Nair wax strips and when a strip was pulled apart it created two strips that could be applied to someone.

Sarah: Letís do the first ones together Amy.

Amy: Great idea Sarah. Itís nice getting to have this fun with you.

Each of the girls got a firm grasp on the wax strips applied to Jakeís thighs.

Amy: Are you ready?

Sarah: Yeah on ď3ĒÖ.. ď1ĒÖ..Ē2Ē

Sarah ripped her wax strip off.

Sarah: ď3Ē

Amy ripped her wax strip off.

Sarah: That was awesome! Who got more hair?

Amy: I think there is a little more on yours.

Sarah: Oh my god. Feel how smooth it is where we removed the hair.

Amy and Sarah rubbed Jakeís legs were they had removed the hair. Jake stood there in pain. It was hard to relieve the pain when they pulled the strips off not being able to yell at all with the gag.

Sarah: 2 down about a 100 more to go haha.

Amy: We got time.

They continued waxing Jake until all his body hair from his neck down was gone. It took about two hours. He was absolutely exhausted from the pain and being restrained. They took the heels off before undoing the hand cuffs so he wouldn't fall getting down off the bench. Jake stumbled getting down.

Amy: Donít worry. As long as you continue to shave yourself we wont have to wax you again haha.

Sarah: What else do you want to do with him tonight.

Amy: Well I am a stickler for rules and he hasnít complied with #6 yet today. Once he is done with that I think we will give him the rest of the night off.

Sarah: That sounds like a good plan to me.
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I'd love to read more of this!!
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Sorry itís been a while. Still working on another update but should have something for everyone in the next week or so.
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Chapter 8

Sarah: I think that is fair. Even though we donít have to be fair. I want him somewhat rested for tomorrow. I missed most of the fun today. Where is the dildo for him to suck on?

Amy: I have a few upstairs. Lets go pick one out.

Amy and Sarah went upstairs to figure out which dildo they wanted to use. Jake laid on the workout bench ready to pass out. His body was pretty raw from being waxed and needed some recovery time. He was about to fall asleep when he heard Sarah and Amy coming back down the stairs. He looked up as they got to the bottom of the steps. Both of them were wearing strapons. Amyís was a purple dildo that was thicker but only about 5 inches long. Sarahís was pink and thinner but at least 7 inches long.

Sarah: Awe look how cute he is without any body hair.

Amy: Yeah I will admit he looks pretty cute. Cute like a cheerleader that is haha.

Sarah: Yeah letís keep him naked for this next task. I bet he gets aroused sucking on our cocks.

Amy: I wouldnít be surprisedÖ. Come on Jessica get on your knees in front of us.

Still exhausted Jake got up and then down on his knees in front of the two girls staring those dildos right in the face. He looked up at Amyís eyes hoping for some sympathy. Wearing womenís clothes was one thing but actually having to suck on a dildo was mortifying. He wasnít aroused at all. Amy undid Jakeís gag. Jake looked down not wanting to start the task any time soon. Amy put her hand on Jakeís chin and made him look back in her eyes.

Amy: So to be clear the rule is that you will practice giving a blowjob for 10 mins a day. Simply putting your mouth around the dildo doesnít count. I have a stopwatch and at any time you are not giving full effort I will stop the time. If you are giving 95% effort the time stops. However you will not know when I start and stop the time. Until I say you are done you have to keep going. If you stop before the 10 mins except for occasional breaths you wonít like the punishment.

Sarah: Nicely put Amy. One more thing before we get started.

Sarah went back up the stairs and returned a few mins later with the camera.

Sarah: We almost forgot to record this in all the excitement Amy.

Amy: Your right that would have been tragicÖ. We can show how his skills progress over time haha.

Sarah: Now Jake I know you might have a hard time choosing which cock you want to suck more, but we expect roughly equal time on both.

With that Sarah hit record on the camera. Amy and Sarah then proceeded to grab their their dildos and rub them on Jakeís face. As he winced and clinched his teeth the girls just chuckled.

Amy: Timer still says zero. You must want to spend a lot of time on your knees with these in your face.

Finally Jake opened his mouth and started sucking on Amyís dildo. He went pretty slow barely taking two inches in his mouth to start. Amy decided to give him a little more encouragement by grabbing the back of his head and forcing the dildo deeper in his mouth eventually hitting the back of his throat as he resisted. Immediately Jake pulled away gasping for air and choking with tears in his eyes.

Amy: Awe donít you remember when I told you I was going to make you experience what deep throating was like? How was it?

Jake just continued trying to get his breath.

Amy: By the way you still got 9 mins and 55 seconds to go. However I think we will just work on your gag reflex instead of watching your pathetic attempt at a blowjob for the next hour. I thought you would be better at this haha.

Sarah: Ok thatís enough breathing. My cock needs some attention.

Sarah placed her dildo in Jakeís mouth. Similar to Amy she thrusted and grabbed the back of his head until again he forced himself away and was chocking.

Amy: I got a better idea.

Amy walked Jake over to a structural pole in the middle of the room. Then she hand cuffed his hands and bound his back around the pole and secured his legs as well so that he was on his knees and could not pull away. Then she grabbed a ring gag and placed it in his mouth to keep it wide open. Sarah was still recording.

Amy: Alright thatís better. Now letís see how far we can push you. Relax I will be gentle.

Jake nodded letting her know he understood.

Amy: Letís go for 5 seconds at a time to start. I will slowly insert the dildo. You need to relax your throat and body and take it.

Amy proceeded to slowly insert the dildo in Jakeís mouth. She stopped before it reached the back of his throat, waited for 5 secs, and then pulled it out.

Amy: See that wasnít so badÖ.. Lets go again.

After a few more times of the same thing she pushed the dildo in a little further and repeated this process while also increasing the time until Jake was able to take the entire dildo in his mouth for 10 seconds without failing.

Sarah: Ok I think it is my turn. Letís see if he can take this longer one haha.

Amy: Yeah I would say I have been gentle with him so far haha. Give me the camera.

Sarah handed Amy the camera.

Sarah: If you donít want this dildo in your mouth just say so and we can untie you.

With the ring gag in Jake just looked down and shook his head left and right.

Sarah: Sounds like you want it.

Sarah took the dildo and inserted it in his mouth. Slowly she kept pushing it in. However the 5 inch dildo didnít go down his throat it just hit the back of it. The 7 inch dildo started going down his throat as Sarah continued to push in. Jake tried to relax but it was too much to handle. He started choking and Sarah pulled out causing Jake to puke all over Sarahís feet and the floor.
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Good next chapter. Looking forward to me
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Hey guys and girls, 25 M UK
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Can't wait to see if and how he's punished
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