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Default Bra Dare for guys

This is for guys only. if you're a girl, go to the other dare. the URL is listed below
Hii everyone, i hope this doesn't break any of the rules, because this is my first thread. but, here i go.
okay, so, i got the idea from this dare: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=89673
and, i decided to make my own that is similar to it. so, i dare you to go out and find the biggest bra you dare to buy. when you get home, put it on, and stuff it. then, order a pizza and answer the door with the bra on with(or without :P) a shirt on over top. if you really want to, have an erection when you answer the door (so the person knows you're a guy... or a girl... actually, both!)

you could also wear the bra in public if you want.

Cheers! have fun! and be safe!
21/male Straight, Canadian

Likes: Semi-public, Crossdressing, diapers, Anal play.

Might do: Full public, Messy, scat/pee,

NEVER DO: Family, photos and/or videos.

I have Crossdressing Clothes and diapers. more items to come sometime in the future.

i have some money to buy things (if i feel the need to buy it). PM me if you need to know anything.

Cheers! happy daring!
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bra, dare, pizza

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