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I walk out onto the deck. This was not how I wanted today to play out. All this talk about punishments is so silly. You were wonderful yesterday, I have no desire whatsoever to punish you. But at the same time I don’t want to ride roughshod over your seemingly genuine belief that you’ve done something wrong even if I disagree. You may be the sub in this dynamic but that doesn’t mean you should have no say. Still, whatever it is, I’m going to make the punishment short, because what I want, what I really want, is to make my girl orgasm, preferably multiple times, not to mention cum myself.

I turn and go back into the house, walk to the playroom and step inside. You are sitting on a chair, your hands in your lap, you are rubbing the toes of your right foot on top of your left foot. Waiting.

“Stand up.” I say. You get to your feet, looking at me. At least you no longer look distressed. In fact, if anything I think I see a look of anticipation in your eyes which pisses me off. This isn’t going to be fun, I’ve made that clear, if you think you’re playing me you’re going to be in for a shock. “Take the shirt off.” I say curtly and turn away. I have a small selection of toys in the playroom, things that I can use on you while you’re tied up to the pleasure frame. Honestly, I prefer to use my hands, mouth and obviously my cock. But these will come in handy today. I pick up a blindfold, and turn back to you, now standing naked. I walk over to you, stand in front of you.

“A punishment.” I say. You nod. “For something that I don’t think merits one..”

“But I failed you.” You look sad again. “I mean I managed all day yesterday, with all your teasing, but I managed it without cumming, and you were pleased with me. You said you were proud of me.” I nod.

“I was, and I still am.” You shake your head.

“But I came, and I shouldn’t have.” Oh you are being so stubborn. I sigh.

“Ok, if I do this… If I come up with something that I consider to be a punishment… We’ll put this behind us?” You nod. Well I think, it’s a two way thing, it’s just as much my responsibility to make you happy as it is for you to make me happy. “Ok.” I reach forward and put the blindfold across your eyes. You gasp quietly, deprived of your sight. “Wait here.” I say, and I walk to the door. Quietly as I can I slip my shoes off, then open and close the door. I stand, breathing as quietly as I can, and watch you. I see you look around blindly. I wonder whether you’ll try and take the blindfold off, pleased that you make no move to do so. I watch as you start to relax, thinking I’ve left the room.

I take in a breath, then holding it in I walk in my socks over to you, hoping you won’t realize. You are standing now very relaxed, still moving your head around as if you are looking around the room. I hear you start to hum to yourself. I lift my hand back, then quickly take a few steps till I’m behind you then swing my hand and spank your bottom hard. You yelp loudly and jump.

“Oh god, you gave me a fright.” You exclaim, breathing hard. I smile, say nothing. “Sir?” I grab hold of your hand and lead you to the pleasure frame. Clearly you know it’s me, but my silence is obviously disconcerting. I like that. We are standing in front of the exercise bench. It’s one of those that can be adjusted from being a flat bench to an upright seat. I set it in the upright position. You are standing, obviously wondering what is going on. I walk quietly round till I’m behind you then put my hands on your shoulders. You jump. I push you forwards, then guide you to kneel on the bench, silent the whole time, your tummy pushed up against the seat back.

I grab a rope from the pleasure frame, pull your hands forward so they are the other side of the seat back, then loop the rope around your wrists and finally tie the rope off to the frame on the opposite side. I grab another rope, push your ankles together then loop the rope around them and tie the rope off again. You are kneeling on the bench, sort of trussed up. I walk to my collection of toys. The only thing I can think of that might count as a punishment will be pain. I know, and have played with plenty of women who enjoy pain either for its own sake or as a counter to pleasure. Not you. Very early on in our relationship we tried a bit of spanking, and even though you never complained, it was clear it did nothing for you, and despite the fact that I quite enjoy a bit of spanking, there didn’t seem to be any point in it with you. And besides, I actually hated the marks it left on your skin. So that, I think is what your punishment will consist of.

I pick up a paddle, roll it around in my hand, turn to look at your cute ass then put it down and pick up a crop and walk back to you. Your head is still looking around, the blindfold was a good idea. You can tell I am near you now.

“Sir?” Still I say nothing, but take the crop back and swat it across your butt. “Owww!” I think it was more shock than pain. I take it back and swat you again. You inhale sharply. Again. Harder this time and I see the traces of a welt appear. You whine quietly, and I see your mouth forming a sad frown. Well, this at least feels like a punishment. I swat you three more times, a little harder each time. You are starting to sniffle, and I don’t like the little red marks on your butt. I stop. But still, it’s clearly a punishment, not fun, and that’s what I want this to be. Never ever want you to ask me to punish you again. I look at you. I have an idea, I hesitate, it’ll be really nasty…

I bring the crop up and swipe it sharply down on the soles of your feet. You squeal loudly. I do it again, harder. You squeal again, and frantically wiggle your feet. Clearly you really don’t like this, not one bit. I do it again.

“Oh please, no… Don’t. It hurts.” You are almost crying. Finally I break my silence.

“But you asked for this.” I’m angry at having been pushed into this. “You insisted. Told me I should punish you.” I stress the word punish.

“I know… But that really hurts.” You are sniffling.

“Well, what did you expect a punishment to be?” I say angrily. You choke back a sob but don’t answer, and I crop your feet again, hard. You start to cry. It makes me mad, you forced me to do this and now I’m hurting the most precious thing to me in the world. I lift the crop up again, but I cannot do it. In frustration I spank you hard on your butt with my hand then storm away across the room. I’m breathing hard, and not from arousal despite having you here naked and tied up. You are sobbing quietly, and it breaks my heart. I throw the crop down. My mind is swirling. I want to stop, want to untie you and hold you. Want to fuck you, gently, like a lover. But at the same time I’m still angry. You insisted on this, you made me and now I’m hurting you.

I get myself under control and walk back to you. You have stopped crying at least. I untie your feet, you are still wiggling them with the pain. I untie your hands. I guide you to stand up, and you cry out when you put your feet down. I turn you to face forward, then proceed to get ropes and tie you so you are spreadeagled out - hands straight out to the sides, legs tied at the ankles, spread wide. You start to sniffle quietly again. I cannot spank you any more, just cannot do it. I go to my toys. What can I do that isn’t pain, but that you might not enjoy. I rifle through the toys. I pick up a vibe and walk over to you.

I turn the vibe on and rub it against your nipples. You moan. I run it down your belly, between your legs, avoiding your pussy, teasing. You have stopped sniffling and are now breathing hard. Slowly I run it around your hips, to your butt. Your cheeks are spread wide. I rub it across your asshole and you shudder. Slowly I push the end in. You let out a long low moan. I like to play with your asshole, have often had the urge to fuck it, but have never done so. The vibe isn’t going to go in easily and for I moment I wonder whether I should get some lube, but I push it and you groan. I push it in further, you are moaning constantly. I hold it there. You are breathing hard. I cannot tell whether it’s arousal or distress. I put my hand between your legs and probe you. You are wet. On the one hand I’m glad and make a mental note that I really should fuck you in the ass sometime, but on the other frustrated, I don’t want you to think punishments are fun.

I pull the vibe out of your asshole and turn it off. I move round in front of you, you are still breathing hard. Slowly I lift the vibe and move it towards your face, you have no idea it is there and I slowly move it towards your mouth until it touches your lips. You recoil violently.

“No! No, please. Please.” I’m trembling myself. Do I really want to put something that’s just been in your asshole in your mouth? I shake my head. I certainly have my fair share of kinks and perversions, but that has never been something that interested me. Still, I push it a second time against your lips and again you recoil, twisting your face to try and get away. It’s enough, and I walk away. I look back and see that you have gone limp, your head hanging down, you are breathing hard and this time I know it’s relief not arousal.
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I leave the room, go to my bathroom and wash the vibe, then walk back into my bedroom. I sit on the side of my bed, take a deep breath, try to get myself back in control. It’s enough I think, you’ve been punished. Now I want to fuck you. I want to go back to what we usually have. I shake my head, still frustrated that you had insisted on this. Did you really think that a punishment might be fun, even after I told you that it wouldn’t be. I lie back on my bed. I’ll leave you tied up for a few minutes, let you think about what you’ve done.

In the end, I wait longer than I had intended, maybe twenty minutes. I wanted to calm myself down, didn’t like how upset I had been with you for making me do these things to you, didn’t like the fact that it had made me angry doing them. I have no desire to hurt you or leave marks on your skin, but what else could I do short of sending you away from me, something I know neither of us want. Now I want to go back to you, untie you and make love to you. Hopefully you’ll have learnt a lesson and won’t be so quick to ask for or even talk about punishments. I walk back to the playroom. You are hanging there, head still hanging down. You hear me come into the room and you instinctively look up, even though you cannot see anything the blindfold still covering your eyes.


“What is it?” I say, rather more curtly than I mean to. I take a deep breath, I need to start being nicer to you, the punishment is over, I want my sub back, the cute, sassy girl that I like so much.

“Sir… I need to use the bathroom. May I Sir?” I stop.

“Why?” I ask. A thought just embedding itself in my mind.

“Well, I need to…” Your voice tails off.


“I need to pee Sir.” You say quietly.

“You need to pee?” I say.

“Y-yes Sir. I need to pee. Sorry.” I take in a deep breath. Ok, am I going to do this? Again, it’s something that has never interested me, never found pee play to be sexually exciting. But now I’m here… This will end the punishment with a bang - or perhaps I should say a splash.

“No.” I say.

“W-what?” You sound genuinely mystified.

“I said no. You may not use the bathroom.”

“B-but… I need to pee…” You say it in a way that suggests you think I haven’t understood.

“Well, that’s tough isn’t it.” I say, perhaps a bit too cruelly. You are shaking your head, genuinely confused. I go out of the room to the laundry room, pick up a bucket and walk back in. I noisily plonk the bucket down between your legs. “You can pee into the bucket.” I say. Your mouth opens wide.

“W-what? A-are you serious?” I say nothing. “T-that’s gross.” You shake your head. “You w-wouldn’t make me do that.” You pause. “Would you?” It’s said with disbelief. And I’m not sure that I would… Or will. I say nothing. “Please Sir. Please let me use the bathroom.” It comes out as a whine. For some reason this irritates me again. All of this was your idea, what you wanted. No, not wanted, insisted upon. If you’d listened to me we’d be lying together now having made love, but instead you’ve made me hurt you, made me make you cry, made me mark your skin… Fuck it. I’m fairly sure that if you don’t leave me after this then you’re never going to suggest a punishment again. And you’re highly unlikely to try to provoke one either.

“I don’t think so.” I say quietly. “I’m sorry. If you need to pee there is a bucket between your legs.” Your mouth opens wide in shock. I really hope you don’t cry again. I couldn’t take that. I’m looking at your face, trying to see which way this will go. I can see your lip trembling. If you cry, it’ll be over, I’ll untie you, let you use the bathroom, and then try to go back to normal, but I wonder whether something will be broken between us. My heart is pounding. But if you give in, surrender to my will… There’ll be no secrets then, you’ll have done something that outside of porn is so private, done it in front of me, your Dom. I don’t know if you are thinking the same thing, but you haven’t cried yet.

You are breathing fast. Fear? Humiliation? You are clenching your hands, also your feet. Are you trying not to pee, trying to hold it? You look around blindly.

“Sir?” You pause. “Sir? Are you still here?” It’s said very quietly.

“Yes.” You swallow hard. You take a deep breath. I wait for you to ask me to let you use the bathroom again, and when you do I’m going to stop this and let you. Seeing you like this, tied up, naked, deprived of your sight, I want you so badly, want to take you in my arms, hold you, protect you. I’m staring at you, waiting for you to speak, I step forward in anticipation of releasing you. Suddenly, without warning, a stream of urine erupts from you. You moan loudly. With relief? Embarrassment? Arousal? I have no idea. I watch in fascination. You are making funny little gasping sounds, again I don’t know if it’s embarrassment or arousal. I won’t say it turns me on, but it is strangely erotic, and while I’ve seen every little bit of you, from your head to your toes, you’ve hidden nothing from me, this seems even more intimate. On a practical level I’m also very happy to see that most of it is going into the bucket!

You seem to pee for an age, but finally it stops, and you hang there, head once again hanging down, hair flopped over your face. You are breathing hard, but you are not crying. I walk to you and lift your face up. It is bright red, not a blush, seemingly serious embarrassment. I lean forward and kiss you. You don’t kiss me back. I take your blindfold off and you look at me. I try to read your eyes. I cannot. But you don’t appear to be angry. More surprised, or perhaps shocked. I untie you and step in front of you. I put my hands out and take yours. I wait to see where we are.

You are trembling. You keep looking at me, saying nothing, but you don’t pull your hands away. I could break the silence, but for once I don’t really know what to say and I want it to be you who speaks first . You look around, look at the bucket as if to confirm that what happened really did and wasn’t some weird hallucination. Finally you look back at me.

“That was…” You pause. “Did that turn you on?” Your voice quiet. I shake my head. “I mean, it’s Ok if it did… I don’t mind. It was weird, I don’t think anyone’s seen me peeing before. I mean not since I was little.” It’s almost as if you are talking to yourself. You look at me. “But I guess if I’d let anyone see me it would be you…” Your voice tails off. I sigh and step back, I undo my jeans, pull them open and show you my very un-erect cock.

“And that’s with you standing here naked.” I say. “The most gorgeous, sexy girl that I know.” You breath out and I think I see a faint smile. “And trust me, I never need to see that again.” I pause and then add, rather sternly. “And perhaps going forward you’ll let me make any decisions about punishments.” You look at me for a long time. Finally you nod your head.

“Yes Sir. I will.” I breath out, it’s over, nothing broken. I pull you closer, wrap my arms around you, hold you tight. Suddenly I feel your hand gently touching me, and it’s not long before I’m no longer soft.
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“Come on.” I say. “Let’s get you cleaned up shall we?” You are stroking me, and mewl quietly in disappointment.

“No…” You kiss me. “Let me finish…” You are breathing hard, and while it’s very tempting, I don’t want you jerking me off standing here. I’m tired of this one way sex, I want us to be together, to cum together. I put my hands down and gently take hold of yours and pull them away.

“Come on.” I say again. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.” I pull my jeans back up and button them closed. You look at me, your eyes filled with frustration, but you let me lead you out of the playroom. I take you into my bedroom, you look at the bed, look at me, but I keep going, leading you into my bathroom. It has a big walk in shower, and I let go of your hand, turn on the water and indicate for you to go in. You look at me.

“Are you coming in with me?” I laugh quietly.

“You had better believe it.” You smile, and step in, ducking under the water. I watch for a moment as you lazily wash yourself, but I want to be in there with you. Quickly I pull off my clothes, and moments later I am stepping in to join you.

You had watched me as I stepped into the shower, and we come together in a hard embrace. I kiss you hard on your mouth, my tongue probing you urgently. Your hands have returned to me, stroking, caressing. I break away from the embrace, let my hands drift across your body, gently rubbing your nipples, so hard, slipping down and rubbing between your legs. You shudder. The water cascades over us as we let our hands stray over each others’ bodies. I have wanted to make you cum for more than a day now, while I’ve enjoyed the play, the sexual tension, I have so missed your orgasms.

I push you gently back against the wall of the shower, out of the direct cascade of the water, and I drop to my knees, my head dipping between your legs. I kiss your lips, my tongue pushes between them, running round your clit. I feel you shudder again. I pull away and look up at you. You are looking down at me and I can tell you are looking for a signal. Is this more teasing, are you allowed to cum? I look into your eyes and smile and I see you breath out with relief and I lean forward between your legs again. You lift a leg up and I feel you resting it on my back. I lap at you fast, wanting to feel you climax against my face, I can vaguely hear you moaning through the sound of the falling water, I feel you tremble and shudder. I grab hold of your hips as I pleasure you. You are thrusting them now, clearly close, and I am rewarded as I feel you shudder and jerk as your orgasm breaks, and you cry out with pleasure.

I stay for a moment, kissing you again softly, I feel your hands stroking through my hair. Finally I look up at you, see your face bathed in a wonderful smile, your eyes still closed. I get to my feet, lean in and kiss you. You open your eyes, and slowly I start to push myself into you. Your legs already spread wide I slide in easily and you sigh happily. Slowly I start to thrust in and out of you, our eyes lock onto one another, and your breathing is already getting labored again. It’s not going to be long, but I want us to cum together. You are thrusting your hips gently too. I put my hands around you and grab your butt cheeks, pulling you onto me, you moan and close your eyes for a moment. I speed up my thrusting, doing everything in my power not to cum yet. I am looking at your face, listening to your breathing, and I know you are close. Still I try to hold off. Then I see that vein appear in your forehead, I slow down, accentuating each thrust, pulling almost out of you before sliding back in until our bodies bump. Your mouth has fallen open, it seems like you are only breathing in, I cannot hold out much longer.

I cum. It feels like the orgasm lasts for ever, more powerful than any I’ve had before, and as I do your back arches and you cry out as you climax again. Our bodies jerk together, I put my arms around you, holding you tightly, my head sagging down as I gasp for breath, your body spasms and jerks. The whole thing seems to last for minutes although it was probably only seconds. My head is resting against your breast and I can feel your heart thumping. Finally I lift my head up and look at you. Your eyes are closed again, but you are smiling. I lean forward and kiss you and your mouth opens instantly to receive me. We stand like that, holding each other as water drips down our bodies and our heartbeats slowly return to normal.

Finally I break away and turn the shower off, I reach out and take your hand and we step out of the shower. I take a towel off the rack and wrap it around you and take one for myself. Then I reach out and take your hand again and lead you out to my bedroom. We sit on the edge of the bed and you turn to look at me.

“Thank you.” You say. “For a moment I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to cum…” I laugh quietly. “But it was Ok wasn’t it?”

“Oh yes, very Ok.” I look at you and smile. “I wanted us to orgasm together, as a reward.” You smile. “But I think you deserved two. At least. For everything I did with you yesterday.” I stroke your cheek. “And for how well you took everything.” You blush.

“Were you really pleased with me? Did I really do well?” I laugh again. “When I woke up this morning… And after realizing I’d cum… I saw the Bad Girl t shirt and thought maybe you were angry with me…” I shake my head, wished I’d gone back and got a different t shirt. You lay your head on my shoulder for a moment then you lay back on my bed. “I guess I’m going to have to get better at reading you…” You say it as if you’re talking to yourself, your eyes have closed, and I watch you as your breathing slows and I realize you’re asleep.
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I love to be the bad girl.
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I open my eyes, turn to the side and see you there. I must have fallen asleep too. I wonder what the time is.

I’d taken the towel off you and lifted you onto the bed, then got on next to you and pulled the sheet over us. I’d watched you as you slept, and obviously drifted off myself. I think I’ll let you sleep in here with me tonight. You’ll be going tomorrow, back for another week at college, but you’ll be back next weekend. Maybe sooner. I guess I’m going to have to think of what I’ll do with you next weekend. I kind of hope I haven’t set too much of a precedent! Whatever it might be, it won’t be a repeat of this one. You are breathing quietly, your eyes darting around beneath their lids, obviously dreaming. Idly I wonder what you are dreaming about. Just having you close to me like this is turning me on again.

Gently I pull the sheet away, looking at your naked body, feel my arousal growing fast. I want you again. Already. Well, I doubt you’ll mind. I reach my hand out and stroke your skin. I let it drift up to your breast and feel your nipple stiffen as I run my fingers over it. I look at your face, you are still asleep, still dreaming. I run my fingers down your tummy, gently rubbing your smooth pubic mound. I look up as you moan softly in your sleep. I keep rubbing gently, you stir slightly and your legs spread. I need no other invitation. I chuckle quietly to myself, I need no invitation, I’m your Dom and can have you when and where I please. My hand slips between your legs and I brush your lips as you moan again.

I push my fingers gently between your lips. You are already wet. I think I need to ask you what you were dreaming about. I start to stroke you and I hear your breathing change. I look up at your face. Your eyes are still closed, but you are awake now. I see your lips form a small, contented smile. I keep stroking. Your legs spread wider and you sigh with pleasure, and finally your eyes open and I see you looking up at me.

“Hey…” You say quietly, and then your eyes close again. I stroke you faster, and I feel you bucking your hips gently. Your breathing gets faster and it spurs me on to stroke faster. I slip fingers inside you and you lift your hips up and arch your back and let out a soft moan. I bring them back out and return to your clit. I am rubbing you fast now, and your body has started to writhe with pleasure. I watch you intently, love to watch you as you orgasm, you look gorgeous. Your breathing gets faster, I know it’s imminent, and you shudder as you climax, your mouth open, crying out softly. Slowly I let my hand slip away, and I watch you as your breathing slows and you come back down. I smile to myself, that’s three and counting. You really are a sexual dynamo when you’re here with me. I don’t know whether to feel proud that I seem to turn you on so much. Or just lucky. Finally you open your eyes, look at me and smile.

“Thank you Sir.” You say. I smile at you. “Today, this afternoon was wonderful.” You pause, looking at me. “I’m sorry about earlier… It won’t happen again, I promise.” I stroke your face. You pause, lower your eyes then look back up at me. “And so was yesterday, but in a different way.” There’s a long pause. “You know I never cum without your permission, don’t you.” I look at you, wondering what exactly it is you are saying, we’ve never discussed what you do or don’t do when you’re not here, but I think you’re telling me you don’t cum during the week. No wonder you are always wanting orgasms when you’re here. I almost feel bad for the teasing and denial yesterday. Almost.

“Really?” I say. You nod. “How long has that been going on?” I ask.

“Since I started coming here.” You say. “That’s why I’m always so horny when I’m here with you.” You blush and I laugh quietly.

“But we never talked about that.” I say.

“I know.” You pause. “But I wanted to, it just felt right.” I smile. You look so sexy lying there, post orgasm. I’m hard again, I lean over, kiss you on the mouth then roll myself on top of you. You just look up at me, a small smile on your face. I push your legs apart with my knees, feel you spread them, and slowly I push myself into you. You arch your back, close your eyes and let out a quiet sigh.

I slowly pull myself back out until only the head is inside you. I hold it there. You open your eyes, look at me then sigh quietly as I push slowly back in. I start to fuck you slowly, feel you lift your legs up and wrap them around me. You are breathing faster again. Yes, I think, your self enforced abstinence really does leave you wanting more when you’re here with me. No complaints from me on that front. I slip my hands underneath you, grab your gorgeous butt, pushing my fingers between your cheeks and stroking your asshole. You let out a gasp of pleasure. I’m almost tempted to stop, roll you over and fuck it. But fucking you like this is exquisite, and I am pretty sure you’re going to cum again, and I don’t want to deny you that.

You are panting as I move in and out of you, your eyes still open, looking at me. I’m so close, can tell from your breathing that you are also. I see that vein start to push out on your forehead, I smile to myself, push myself deep inside you and climax. You cry out quietly as you feel my semen pulse into you and orgasm again, and I slump down on top of you, both of us breathing hard. We lay like that for a long while, I feel your hand stroking my back. Finally I roll off you.

I’m done, just want to sleep. I stare at the ceiling, let my mind wander back over the weekend, smile to myself. I turn to tell you that you will stay here with me tonight, but you are already asleep, breathing quietly, your eyes flickering again beneath their lids, dreaming again already. It’s Ok. I reach down and pull the sheet up to cover you, to cover us. I lay back down, staring again at the ceiling, wondering what I’m going to do with my bad girl next weekend and wait for sleep to take me too.

The End
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