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Master Sosa
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Nuclear Tasks for my two sluts

I want to give my two slaves some degrading tasks, and I want getdare's help. Give me some degrading tasks for them to do. A little info about them, they're both in the UK, they're a mother and daughter (neither know about the other, and I want it kept that way for now) and they live together. The mother enjoys being a smelly pig, and the daughter enjoys being anaughty obedient dog. Both enjoy being degraded, and both like messing with the other.
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aus guy
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I know you don't want them to be caught, but making them think the risk of being caught would add to their humiliation.

For the mother, tell her to get up at 1am. She is to walk to her backyard naked, and then roll around in the grass for 60 seconds. She can then return inside, but for any mud/dirt that is on her, she must stand (still naked) at the kitchen sink and wash it off.

For the daughter, tell her to get up at 2am. She is crawl on all fours to the backyard, while naked, with a dildo in her mouth. Once she is in the backyard, she is to throw the dildo a few metres away, and then retrieve it with her mouth, just like a dog playing fetch.
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Tell them both to masturbate on the other pillow. And really get the pussyjuice flowing.
Nice surprise when they go to sleep lol
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Ps i dont own any panties, bra's or any other kind of lingerie
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Master Sosa
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These are pretty great! Let's see what other tasks we can get
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Kisune Karnon
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Have the daughter go outside and piss in a specific spot in the yard. Then have the mother go out there a little while after the daughter is finished to go roll in the same spot. Should make for some fun.

Another one would be that they both have to shower immediately after they perform the task above but they can only shower while on all fours. They both are not allowed to use a towel to dry off and must do so in their rooms.

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I'm probably going for the obvious here, but have them each masturbate with the other's toothbrush.

You could also have them pose for a picture in the same way and the same place at different times.

Have one of them sneak into the other's room while they're sleeping and get themselves off. Then have the other do it at another time.
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