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Default 365 days of real slavery story (Taken from novel by SM Kira, 'Played & Punished')

Into the world of master Jack

‘Ah….’ I moan in pain as I try to lift myself, but my body is just too tired, hurt.
It’s not that I am weak, infact, I am young and beautiful, just twenty-one, but if someone has been kept captive in a box, and tortured like animals just a few hours ago, she won’t be herself for a long time. My eyes are still red with streaks of tears still in my cheeks. All night I couldn’t rest or take a nap. I am still in my room, the wooden box, slightly bigger than a coffin, shuddering, lying naked with marks of whips in my belly and of cane in my butts. This is the first time in my whole life when I have been so inhumanly treated, caned like prisoners, whipped, and even given electrical shocks on most sensitive parts of my body. It was because of the harsh caning and whipping on my body that didn’t let me sleep. In the box, I failed to find a perfect position where none of the hurtful marks got pressed against the floor, so I had to change my sleeping positions at regular intervals. Now I can’t complain, nor can I run form this life. I am a slave now and this is my life.

Well, I have no one to blame than me, because it was my stubbornness that has lead me to this life, a slave’s life. Yes, I like being whipped, a little, but caning was not what I asked for. A slight humiliation was also in my bucket list but public humiliation was not my choice. I guess that’s the difference between BDSM & the life of a slave. Living a slave’s life even for a day is way harder and ugly than what it looks in porn and books. I wonder if I had made the right choice but it doesn’t matter anymore. As per the agreement, now I am bond to live this life for atleast 52 weeks.

I wonder what time is it. All I can see is a dim light from the small peephole above me, on the top of the wooden box, I am lying into. That’s coming from outside and I can say its morning already. I guess my master is still in slumbers, unaware of my sobs and pain. It’s so mean and inhuman to treat a girl like this but I won’t blame him. He is exactly like he described himself, rude, selfish, and a man without heart, just like any other master who owns a slave like me. I could’ve begged him for mercy, but he didn't permit me to speak.

Yes, I am a slave now, and he is my master. I will have to obey him and follow orders, else I’ll be punished the same way, every day. Well, it was only a day before when my beautiful body had clothes, when my lips had a smile, when eyes were filled with excitement and heart with desire.
I remember those moments when I met Mr. Jack for the first time. It was yesterday morning when I met him for the first time. He looked so kind but bold at first look, a little old but tall and muscular, almost like some bodybuilder, instructor of a gym.

'Good morning master' I greeted with my cute girly smile as I saw him waiting for me at the bus stand.

He didn’t greet me back but checked me out for once. I was in a white, half wrist-top, and a purple knee-length skirt. He checked me out for a few seconds and then replied with a half-smile, like professionals, like some dominant boss. After the agreement, I traveled to his place on a bus with a bag full of my necessary stuff as clothes, makeup, pads, etc.

‘What’s in the bag?’ he asked, trying to sneak into it.

Being near him was not as easy as I imagined. Although I was excited, I was also scared, a little out of breath. He is almost double my size, double my strength. Being a slave to a man like him will be unimaginably tough.
Sexual assault, torture, tears, blood! I knew what was waiting for me. I could hardly imagine how I could take the pain from a man of this size, this strength. Even a slap in my face from that heavy palm could make me unconscious for hours, what if that hand tortures me from some whipping instrument or cane. What if he ties me up and tries to push his bone inside my inexperienced parts, can I even bear it?

‘Are you deaf? I asked you a question’ he asked, a little annoyed by my uncalled silence.

While I was lost in thoughts, I completely forgot the question he asked. Well, his deep frustrated voice gave me Goosebumps. I felt I did a crime, some felony, and will have to bear the pain later.

‘My stuff, master’ I immediately replied, opening the chain, showing what the bag had.

He took a quick look and understood everything. As I had to be at his place for twelve months, I bought stuff accordingly. There were almost a dozen tops, skirts, bikinis, and other belongings a girl of my age needs.

‘Poor girl! Those clothes? What use will that be?’ he said, smiling sarcastically, and I looked at him with a blank expression, trying to understand the meaning of his smile.

Yes, I remember that smile and then my goosebumps. Soon after, I figured his meaning, and all of a sudden my heart pounded. While packing I forgot that I wasn’t going on some vacation but into a life where my choice or happiness will hardly matter. I was going to be someone’s slave, where the master will drive my life, my choice, and almost everything about me other than breathing.

‘Ohk. Let’s see when and how those cloths will be used’ he added, and immediately held my hand like holding some baggage, as I belonged to him.

Yes, now I was his property and like some briefcase, he escorted me out of the bus stand, towards his car. As he opened his black car, I kept my bag in the back and stood there in silence, looking at my master.

‘I know you’re untrained but you should atleast know that while standing still, slave’s eyes must be down, hands must be behind back. It’s called discipline’ he said, looking at the way I was standing.

I was embarrassed by my posture. Even though I knew that, I didn’t care to follow. Well, what should I say, I am pretty new at this.

‘Sorry master’ I said and stood as he said.

‘Sorry won’t help you anymore, girl. In my world, mistakes lead to punishment. Well, you’ll come to know everything’ he said.

I didn’t utter a word and kept my eyes down as he said.

‘Come on now, go in the front seat and sit quietly’ he ordered.

I nodded and did the same. He took his cell phone out, texted something, and got in the car. I didn’t dare to look at him but kept my eyes down all the time. Then, all of a sudden, he blindfolded me with an eye mask. I wondered the reason for that but soon I figured. He didn’t want to let me know where I was being taken. He didn’t want to show me the way to his place. Well, that’s understandable because slavery is illegal.

As some minutes passed, I could feel the silence all around the road. Although blindfolded, I could sense we left the town and was in the middle of someplace in the countryside. There weren’t any sounds of horns or other vehicles. I was alone, on my own, traveling to an unknown destination with a stranger. As scary that sounds, it’s even scarier in real because I am a girl, without much experience of life or men. I hope I could survive these 12 months.
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Default My new home

My new home

I could hear the gates opening as soon as the car stopped. I was still blindfolded but from the door noise, I sensed a guard or someone opened the main gate and we drove inside. I was kind of excited to see where we were but my eyes were still masked.

‘Okay girl, come outside’ the master said and I did so.

He then unmasked my eyes and I took a first look into where I was. The place was huge with a large garden, trees, and greenery all around. There was also a farm where a gardener was watering the flowers. The main building, master’s house, was gigantic, like an old mansion, only with newly painted walls and doors. The boundaries were high, double of my height, almost like some prison walls which is inescapable. There was also a swimming pool and a fountain in between. I could also see half a dozen people, all men, some at door and some working on the farm. I guess they all worked for my master, some as a servant and some as a bodyguard. They were all older than me, much older, and all of a sudden I realized that all eyes were on me, peeking, and checking me out. Well, it’s kind of obvious. I am young and pretty, just twenty-one, and people stare me all the time but this was different. Those glances had hidden meanings, like they wanted to see more of me, all of me. Well, the skirt I wore was long enough for most of my upper legs, but I was still embarrassed of the way people were checking me out. Afraid of the unknown sights, I tried to cover my legs as much as I could but the half skirt is just for half legs.

‘Well, this is a beautiful place. My master is no ordinary man. Besides being wealthy, he also has powerful men working under him’ I said to myself, happy of where I was.

‘This is your home now, slave’ he said, as I was still glancing his place.

I nodded with my eyes down, hands at the back, as he instructed earlier.

‘Come on now, kneel’ he ordered, suddenly, out of blue.

What? Did I hear ‘kneel’?
I was in shock.
Yes, I was his slave but how could I kneel here, before his servants, who are desperate to see the whole of me? What kind of crazy order is this?’ I questioned myself.

Without any words I stood in silence, trying to peek at my master’s eyes. Was he joking or this is a real? Well, his face had no smiles, which meant he was serious but I didn’t had enough guts to kneel there, in public.

He waited for a few seconds and then shook head in desperation, and then again waited for a few more seconds. As some time was already over, I thought he would change his order, although I knew that was just my thought. Also, as I didn’t obey for so long, it was awkward to kneel after so many seconds had passed.

‘Did you hear me? I asked you to kneel’ he said, now in a louder, frustrated voice, kind of shouting at me.

Now I could see his changing mood and I was really scared. He was now getting really angry at my constant denial to obey, right from the bus stand. I can say that wasn’t a good sign. Who knows where will I end for my so-called self-respect and dignity?

Without thinking much, I lowered my eyes and got on my knees while everyone stopped working and concentrated on the scene.

‘What do you think you are, you filthy piece of shit?’ he shouted in the same loud voice and my heart started to race.

There wasn’t much Sun but I could feel a drop of sweat traveling from my chin all towards my breast till waist.

‘When I say you something to do, you do it immediately, without much use of your brain. Understood?’ he asked in a harsh voice and I nodded, while a guard brought a chair for my master.

Responding to my scared nod, he took a deep breath, almost like trying to calm himself, while I knelt before him and his servants, with my heads down, hands-on butts, humiliated, ashamed of thinking of what I am & what’s my value to him.

‘Tell me, slave. Why didn’t you kneel at the moment I asked you?’ he asked me after a while.

I didn’t respond at first, not knowing what to answer.

‘See, the truth will always end in rewards and lie, to punishment, so be frank. Tell the truth’ he said.

I was in a lot of confusion about what to answer but as he said, I needed to tell the truth else I would be in trouble, deep trouble.

‘Master, I was just ashamed to kneel here in public, before other men’ I whispered, telling him the truth.

I don’t know how but that innocent answer somehow changed his mood.

‘Ashamed? Really? Even when you have clothes on your body?’ he asked with a chuckle.

I wasn’t able to grasp what he actually meant by ‘clothes on my body’.
‘Will I have to walk naked in front of these men someday?’ I questioned myself and a cold sweat ran through my body.

‘Being a slave you must forget words like ashamed or humiliated. You must know your only task, and that is to obey, to do what’s asked’ he said and I nodded without understanding much.

‘Well, it’s not really your fault. I understand you are new but don’t worry. Soon I’ll train you so well that you won’t hesitate to walk nude in front of these people’ he said.

That just raced my heartbeats, giving me cold sweats again.

’Won’t hesitate to walk nude in front of these people?’ did I hear it right?
I just looked at my master with open mouth and he responded with a wicked smile, giving a trailer of what was coming for me.

‘For starters, I just want to give you a suggestion. Don’t think, just do and everything will be okay’ he said & with slow breaths, I responded with a slow nod.

‘You must be tired of the long journey. Take some rest, sleep for a couple of hours’ he said and signaled one of his men.

I was still on my knees, eyes still on the floor. He then left the mansion on his car while one of his men, tall and muscular, just like the master, escorted me to the building.

‘My name is Suza. Follow me’ he said and I, with my bag, did as he asked.
As we entered the building I realized the place was even more gorgeous than what it looked from outside.

The place was full of cozy sofas, crafted tables, stools, and even a fireplace. There were also two dogs, big and scary, who started to snuff me as soon as they saw me enter. Well, I too was familiar with dogs at my family, so I wasn’t afraid of them but as soon as I tried to pat one of the dogs, I was stopped.

‘Don’t do that. You aren’t allowed to touch them. Just follow me’ Suza said and without any questions, I did the same.

As I walked behind him, I tried to check his back. Wide chest and large butts, I was already starting to like this man.

‘This house is beautiful’ I said, just to start a conversation but he didn’t reply.
He was just walking me somewhere, rooms after rooms.

‘Are you master’s bodyguard?’ I asked and waited for an answer but there was nothing again.

His silence and ignorance was kind of humiliating buy hey, who was I? Just a slave and slave are meant for disrespect. I too ignored his ignorance and followed him quietly. As we passed half a dozen rooms, we came across a large hall. I got to say, it was a place where eyes get stuck for a while. There was a large dining table in between the hall, with a big 52-inch television set hung on one of the walls. The sealing had a beautiful chandelier and other walls were decorated with meaningful and costly paintings. One of the corners also had a large cage, almost as made for one of the dogs I saw earlier.

‘Wao, is this the drawing-room?’ I asked again Suza and now stopped and turned towards.

‘Listen and remember it always. You’re not an entertaining unit but a slave instead. You aren’t allowed to ask questions but are bond to follow commands, so it’s better if you keep your mouth shut’ he said harshly, and I lowered my eyes and nodded quietly.

I felt humiliated, even more than kneeling in public.

‘The moment you get excited will be the moment you’ll regret, so shut up and follow me’ he added and started walking.

Without any more questions, I followed. I was ashamed of myself, ashamed of what I had become. I may had made a wrong decision to become a slave but what’s even worse is now I have no choice.

Soon the beautiful interior finished and we came across a large door. It looked like we were heading towards some stable, a farmhouse where animals live. Now, this was a real surprise.

‘Won’t I get a ten square foot place in the mansion? Will I live here, in stable, like animals?’ I questioned myself and I knew the answer as well.

As we entered, I saw no animals inside, but just some whips, canes, steel rods, cuffing, and a rectangular box, slightly larger than a coffin. It looked old but was made of strong wood.

‘Come on now. Leave the bag here and go rest in your room’ Suza said.

It was confusing because we were inside a barn, a hall. I couldn’t see any rooms or even a bed there.

‘There, that wooden one. That’s your room’ Suza signaled, as my eyes were exploring the place.

For a moment I felt I skipped a heartbeat. It was just too confusing. Was he referring that coffin-sized box?

‘What?’ I asked for confirmation.

‘Yes, that box. Go rest there’ he said.

Well, I didn’t know what to say, how to answer. I was speechless, standing without any words. I responded with a half-smile

‘You mean that wooden box?’ I asked and he nodded.

It was crazy, also mean, but crazy as well.

‘How could I even fit on that? How can someone even live or sleep on that tiny box?’ while I was questioning myself, Suza held my hand and without my will, almost dragged me towards the box.

At first, I tried to defend myself but soon realized that it was of no use. If I was ordered something, I’ll have to do it by hook or by crook, so I walked towards it without resistant.

‘Now get into it’ Suza said and slowly, I got my legs into the box.
Well, it was bigger than it looked. It was so big that one could stretch or even sit comfortably inside it, but it was still a box. How can I live here? Well, that question had one answer; I had to live here anyway because my choice or decision matters no more.

‘I suggest you sleep. When the master comes, he will ask for you for interview. You must be fresh and ready for the session’ Suza said and signaled me to lie down.

I did as he told, and lied on the box, but stood up as soon as I realized that the box was empty. There was neither a cushion nor any pillow. How could I sleep in wood only?

‘Hey, there is nothing in here’ I said.

This made Suza smile. It was the first time I saw him smiling.

‘I know that but what do you expect, a king-size bed? This is all you will get. Now lie down and sleep’ he said, smiling wickedly.

Well, I understood him completely but was shocked bt that answer. A room that’s just a box, and moreover, without any cushion or pillow, how can I sleep here?

‘You should rather be thankful. I have seen other masters too. They tie their slaves and make them stand the whole night, not allowing them to rest even for a minute. Atleast you have the liberty to lie flat and stretch legs’ he said and suddenly I felt I was in a better place that what could have been a nightmare.

Without any more questions, I laid down on the box and to my surprise, Suza even closed the top of the box with an attached door with the box, as like locking me in a cage. It was like I was in a cell, a prison, a really small one. This was scary because I was in dark, and although there was a small peephole for ventilation, I felt hot inside. Also, without any cushion or pillow, it was painful to lie on just wood but somehow I managed to rest my head on wrists and tried to nap for a while. I had no idea what I will have to go through, how ugly my upcoming days will be, or how ill I’ll be treated once master comes back and calls me.
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Default The naked interview

The naked interview

‘Help me, Alexia?’ I shouted with all my strength but there was no answer.

Alexia is my cousin and we’re playing hide and seek but in order to hide, I somehow locked myself inside a closet. Now I am really scared because it’s dark in here. I could also sense my racing breath because there is no ventilation either. I might die of suffocation.

‘Alexia? Are you here?’ I shouted again from inside, knocked on the closet’s door, and waited for her to answer, but there is no response.
She might be searching for me in other places.

‘Oh God! Please help me out’ I said to myself.
It's so long. Why isn't Alexia here? Did she ran away and abandoned me? How will I get out of this?

‘Come on, master wants to see you’ I could hear a rough voice breaking my dream, and as I open my eyes, I saw Suza looking at me while I was lying in my box, the room.

His voice just broke my dream, time travel actually when I got locked in the closet for real while playing hide and seek with my cousin Alexia.

With lazy movements, I got up from the box and rubbed my eyes for once. Since I don’t have a clock, I have no idea how long I slept.

‘What?’ I asked Suza.

‘Master wants to see you’ he said, helping me to get off the box.

I nodded and wondered what’s coming for me.

‘What time is it?’ I asked Suza.

‘Fifteen minutes to eleven’ he said and signaled me to follow him.

Soon we came across the same farm where other men were working and again, I could see their hungry eyes peeping on me.

‘Go wash yourself first. You need to look fresh’ Suza said and signaled towards a tap at the middle of the farm.

It was surprising. While he was showing the mansion, I saw so many washrooms. Couldn’t I use one of them? I guess no.

‘I also have to pee’ I said in a slow voice.

Suza nodded and signaled towards a covered place on the other side of the farm. It’s hard to say what it was because its walls were nearly as high as my waist only. Also, it was covered from three sides only. It didn’t had a door or anything for privacy.

‘Suza, I also need to pee’ I said again as if trying to remind him of my feminism, but in answer, he signaled the same filthy bathroom.

Well, by that time I really had to pee so I rushed to that ugly place.

It was humiliating. Yes, it was a bathroom indeed, and although no doors, the way to inside was somehow private where nobody could see me pee, but it had such small walls that my upper body, my face particularly, was visible to every person in the farm. It was so disgusting because every man was trying to sneak a peek of what I was doing there, even after knowing that I was urinating. I tried my best to hide myself but it was useless. All I could do is to lower my head, avoid any sort of eye contact from anyone and get out of that nightmare as soon as possible. I never felt so humiliated while peeing, maybe because I never peed in public, with people watching my expression while urination.

Soon after I finished, I rushed towards the tap to wash myself. That place was empty with just a tap and nothing else. I guess its purpose was to water the flowers. While washing face, I suddenly realized I was so much bent that my upper back legs were available for the desperate eyes all around the farm. Immediately I tried to make my skirt, cover myself, and got in a proper position. For a girl of my age, it’s so difficult to maintain a proper posture, and that too in a half skirt. One mistake and your private part will be public. Earlier, I didn’t really care much about these small things, but here I am surrounded by men only. I needed to protect myself.

After I was done with washing and all, Suza escorted me to the mansion where the master was waiting for me. We were at the very entry of building which had large open windows. He was sitting in a round chair with a notebook and a pen, as if ready to interview me in person. After I was inside, Suza left but left the doors and windows open. I don’t know if that was a mistake or intentional.

As I stood there at the entrance, the master signaled me to get closer. With slow steps and pacing heart, I lowered my eyes and took heavy steps towards my master. This time I remembered to keep my hand at the back and keep my head down, the ideal posture of a slave.

‘You were called Kira, right?’ he asked the first question and I replied with a slow nod.

‘Ok. From now you will be called slave K, understood?’ he said.

I didn’t think my name would be changed on the very first day. Well, K sounds ok to me. It’s short and sweet.

‘When I say something, don’t just nod. Answer properly’ he commented at my nods.

‘Ok master’ I said immediately, keeping my eyes to the floor.

‘Ok will not do. You need to thank me for everything, even for the pain you get’ he instructed.

‘Ok master’ I said, not knowing how to reply properly as he asked.

‘Thank you for the name you gave me, master’ I replied, this time properly as he said.

He nodded and I got to say, he was satisfied with my answer.

‘Good girl. Now let me inspect you’ he ordered and for a second I didn’t know his meaning.

I mean I was just standing before him. He was seeing me completely, how can I be more visible? Well, he too knew that I was unable to understand him.

‘K, I want you to undress, now. Remove whatever you are wearing’ he elaborated and for a moment, I shivered.

Ah. That gave also me goosebumps and cold sweats. Although I knew this moment would come at some point of time, I didn’t know it would come so early, after few minutes of my arrival. I thought I was being called just for a formal meet, a kind of interview and yes, it was an interview indeed, but who thought I had to be naked as well.

For a few seconds, I stood answerless, thinking of my next step, because my self-respect & my life’s dignity depended on it.

‘Come on. Don’t be so bashful. I am your master, I own you now’ he added.

I was still in an ocean of confusion on how to undress just like that, although I knew my dignity or self-respect, or even me being a girl didn’t matter anything to him. Well, actually the confusion wasn’t of getting nude in front of my master, but the place where I was, had large open windows. Even the main gate of the mansion, the one behind me, was completely open. Stripping there would make my body visible to everyone outside, tp all those men who were trying to sneak on me while I was peeing.

‘Is there some confusion, K?’ master asked, seeing my confused and scared expressions.

I nodded a little.

‘With due respect master, please forgive me for this, but if I remove my cloths here, everyone outside will see me’ I said boldly.

I don’t know what impression my reply created on my master, because he took a deep breath.

‘I understand but how long will you protect yourself from getting exposed. Nakedness is just a state of mind and is responsible for your fears and anxiety. Once you learn not to care about your body, about your private parts, you’ll be free from this unworthy beauty’ he tried to explain but I didn’t even get a word of what he meant.

How can a girl of twenties stop caring about her body? How can she get naked in front of so many men?

All life I cared for my body, protected it from everyone, and now I am being ordered to strip completely. I was just too scared & confused for what the master asked but deep down I knew that my disobedience won’t bring anything good, but will just drag me into trouble.

While I was in my thoughts, master, out of nowhere, stood up from his chair and slapped me harshly on my cheeks. It was so hard that I almost fell, but somehow I balanced myself and stood up. I felt my cheek burning & I could still sense his rough fingers on my delicate cheek. One of my ears also turned half numb.

‘I hope this will help you decide better’ he said and sat back into the chair.

That one slap made me remember who I was and where I was. This was no ordinary life. I was a slave, standing in front of my master. There was no logic of thinking much, or disobeying. Slowly and steadily, I realized my eyes were wet with tears. Never in my life was I slapped in cheeks and that too by a man. Well, he was my master now, and since I didn’t obey him, I deserved that slap, even more than that.

‘Am so sorry for my behavior, master’ I said with tears running through my numb cheek.

Then without much delay, I slowly started to undress, first my top and then my skirt. Master was right, that tight slap was hard enough to let go my bashfulness and confusion. Now I wasn’t scared of people outside but feared what would happen if that slap came again, if the man sitting before me got really angry.

Once I was only in my black panty & bra, I stood in the same position as before, head down and hand behind the back.

‘You know, this is your problem K, and I got to say, you’ve earned yourself a punishment, that too in your first day itself. Disobedience is a felony and you’ll be so sorry for this’ he commented and I knew the reason for those words.

Even after his regular orders, I didn’t get undressed completely. I still had my panties and bra on me and I still curse myself for that act. The punishment was coming for me, I was sure of it, but the question was when and how. It was so immature of me to disobey him time and again.

Without increasing my crime meter, I instantly unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties. My heart bested, fastened, my hairs muscles contracted and my stomach churned as I was slipping my panties off my waist towards my foot. The day has come when I had to lay everything I own. There I was, standing without clothes, naked in front of my master. My eyes were still down, cheeks still wet and red. My heart was still paced and although it was cold outside, my body was sweaty. Since before today I didn’t stand naked in front of any man, I could exactly feel my butts, vaginas, and other private parts. It’s more like a sensation, fear of some ugly future.

Looking a girl of twenty standing without clothes, I could see my master getting a boner, as like any other man. Although he wore tight jeans, I could see his thing rising, getting harder. Like a glass of wine, he was enjoying me in installments, part by part. His eyes were staring me up to down, and again down to up. He was checking me out in the worst possible manner, and all I could do do is to keep my eyes down and hand on butts.

‘K. You have a beautiful body’ he applauded after inspecting me for a few minutes.

Even though I was standing naked in public, that applaud brought a smile in my lips.

‘Thank you master’ I said in a low voice.

‘Do you feel a little confident now?’ he asked.

I nodded softly, although I was still worried about people outside.

‘Good. Now stretch those legs and widen your arms’ he said.

This time I didn’t wait but stretched my legs and arms. Sure, I was feeling a little confident now but my eyes were still on the floor.

‘Stretch your legs to the fullest’ he said and I was unable to grasp why I was being asked to behave as some gymnasts.

Well, I did exactly as he asked, stretched my legs and arms. Now he stood up and came closer. I feared it was the time of second slap but it wasn’t. He came to smell me instead. He touched his nose to my hair, he took a deep breath. I was somehow relaxed by that breath because it was a good sign. He then came closer and slipped one of his fingers in my cheek. Maybe he was seeing how soft my skin was. For a few seconds, his fingers examined my face and neck, and then slowly slide towards my breast, belly, waist, and finally my main thing. That feeling is hard to describe when someone else’s fingers examine your vagina for the very first time. I was a lot of things at the same time, bashful, nervous, and most importantly, exited. I could sense alien hormones emerging inside me, leaving me with mixed feelings.
Well, master’s finger stopped after rubbing my pussy twice or thrice but I was ready for even more. My fences were open to welcome anything inside. I was just too excited. My breath was higher than ever and I think master knew what was going inside me but instead of fulfilling my desires, he left me with my thirst.

‘Now turn back and get in the same position’ he said.

Now he wanted to explore the other half of my body. I did the same and exposed my back to the master. Well, I forgot all about it but as I turned towards the other side, facing towards the main entry, I saw everyone in a position of halt. They all were standing, looking at me, and were enjoying a nude girl’s body in real. That one feeling killed my desires and hormones.
They were seeing me standing naked with my legs and arms stretched and I could do nothing about it. Never in my life had I imagined of such a scenario, such humiliation, even when I signed the slave agreement. I thought I would be naked just in front of my master but this? This is even worse than my worst nightmare and I was living it for real.

Suddenly I realized my master’s finger was on my back neck, and like before it started slipping towards my loin, back waist, all towards my butts. Well, that feeling of desire and hormones, it came back. It was like my master’s fingers had some magic. In a mixed feeling of public humiliation and desire, I lowered my eyes and stopped looking at people staring at my naked body.

‘Ok, now bend your legs a little, like a chair’ master ordered after his visual and finger inspection got over.

I did as he asked. I bent my legs as some chair but that position was hard to withstand. Soon I felt my legs burning. I was in pain. Meanwhile, the master came closer to my butts and without a signal, pushed his middle fingers inside my ass. That feeling was amazing as well as humiliating. Amazing as like a drop of water to thirsty throats, and humiliating because his fingers may get dirty from my anus. I thought it was just an inspection of my butts but to my surprise, he pulled his fingers even deeper into my ass, almost inside my anus.

How I was feeling is impossible to describe until you are in a similar situation. First, I was naked and bent as a chair, and second, he even started moving his finger which was completely inside my anus, inspecting me and my ass in a naughty way. I felt both painful and pleasurable at the same time. All I wanted was to shout with joy but somehow I held my feeling. I am not shy to say but that was one of the best times of my life.

Well, after exploring inside for a minute or two, his finger finally came out of my hole. It was sad but what was even worse that I could feel my ass a little dirty with shit. Was it voluntary or I somehow lost control?

‘What have I done? How could I lose control like this?’ I asked myself.

I was already feeling guilty for what happened and was ready to do anything to reverse it back. I wonder what impact it had on the master. Even his finger would be covered with shit.

‘What the fuck is wrong with you. Don’t you have control over your filthy ass?’ he screamed as soon as he realized that he had shit on his fingers.

I had no answer. The crime was already committed and it was the time for payback.

‘You insignificant filthy bitch, how dare you’ he screamed and kicked in my bent ass.

Well, as I was already bent as a chair, it was a perfect position to receive his strong kick in my lower butt. That powerful knock made me close my legs and in an instant, my hands got into my lower ass. I was in so much pain. I got to admit that the kick was so powerfully composed that I almost lost consciousness and fell on the floor holding my lower ass. I was in immense pain, like getting a bullet shot in the back. I even started whining like a little baby. The pain was unbearable.

To my surprise, master didn’t calm by seeing me crying, but brutally grabbed my hairs instead, and pulled me up with force, almost like trying to make me stand. Now the pain of my hairs getting plugged was even more than what was in my ass. It was a torture of third-degree, as if I committed a felony.

‘Get in your knees, bitch’ he screamed and pushed his fingers into my cheek, so as to open my mouth.

I was having a very hard time grasping of what was going on and why was I treated even worse than animals. I just came today, didn’t even do any major mistake that could lead to such harsh treatment. I was just crying hard like a baby, screaming for the multiple versions of pain I was going through.

Meanwhile, he was still holding my mouth open, and soon I realized why I was treated like that. He didn’t want to wash his fingers which were full of my shit, but wanted me to taste it rather. Without much delay, he inserted that dirty smelly fingers into my mouth and signaled me to lick it till it was clean.

Crying with pain and humiliation, I had no choice but to do exactly what he wanted. I licked my own shit and cleaned his fingers. It was so ugly, smelly and abusing. That one moment made me realize that no matter what or who I was yesterday, now I was no better than a pig to him. He could use me in any way he likes.

‘This is what happens when you try to get your master’s hands dirty, you filthy worthless piece of shit’ he commented after I licked all shit out of his fingers.

With wet eyes, I knelt in silence, head down, still sobbing at my situation.

‘Did you forget what I told you earlier?’ he tried to remind me of something and I remembered it immediately, before the situation got even worse.

‘I am sorry for my behavior, master, and I thank you for punishing me’ I replied with slow sobs and tears.

‘Good girl. I hope this interview will give you a brief insight of your position in front of my eyes’ he said.

I nodded, understanding him completely.

‘I will try to be more obedient, master. Sorry again for my behavior’ I said, realizing of who I was now.

He smiled and called Suza and then ordered him to take me for a quick wash and make me understand my role in this mansion. With smelly mouth and hurting ass, I somehow wore my clothes. My hairs looked like bush and I was still in a lot of pain but Suza almost dragged me towards the room which had the box.
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This is as far as I have seen and it was apparently going before I saw it
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Default This book is free to purchase only for today

This book is free to purchase only for today:

Link : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BTPWNRR
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Not free, requires signing up for Kindle Unlimited, which has a free trial but that isn't free.
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Default Full story here

Full story here :


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