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Default 21 year old AMA

I haven't been on for a while! I thought a great way to jump back into things is with an AMA. Ask away!
Breanna 20 Female
Likes: hidden public, thongs, nipple torture, crotch rope
Limit: family, public, social suicide, illegal
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What colors are your eyes?
How does your pussy and clit look like?
How do they feel on touching?
Same questions for tits and nipples?
Same question for ass and asshole?
When you did pee yourself last time how did it feel?
What is your favorite role-play fantasy?
Which fantasy did you realize?
Whats your favorite color?
And for panties?
Which panty material do you like most?
How often do you change panties?
Did you ever use a panty gag?
How dirty will your panties be if you get horny during the day?
Did you ever stuff panties in your pussy?
What is your favorite fantasy you have not done in real life yet?
Do you prefer tampons or pads?
What is your preferred tampon size?
Do you masturbate when you have women days?
Do you have sex on women days?
Which zone is your most sensitive body part?
What is necessary to get you off really hard?
Did you ever fantasia to fuck your boss, teacher, doctor,...?
Do you ever fantasize to play with your friends?
Would it make a difference if its a he or she (see question above)?
Do you poo on public toilets, at work, in university,...?
How do you clean before anal play?
Does this arouse you like almost foreplay or is it "just" hygiene?
Describe the details?
Did you ever do an enema?
Did you ever consider to do an enema as part of playing?
How far can you spread your legs?
How long is your pussy?
Whats the distance between your asshole and pussy?
Do you like to have your anus teased?
How do you like to be teased?
Do you always wear nail polish and make-up?
How long are your hairs?
Did you ever masturbate when someone was in the room?
Did someone ever catch you doing a sexual act with yourself or someone?Which color is your hair?
Describe your body, size, weight, height, skin color,...
Whats your favorite icecream?
What makes you very horny?
Whats your favorite drink?
When you are drunk do you do more naughty things?
What was the weirdest thing you did drunk?
Whats the biggest object ever in your pussy?
And in your ass?
How do you feel answering the questions in this thread?
What are you wearing?
Do you touch yourself while answering?
Explain why not or why?
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1.what sneakers/running shoes do you have?(be specific. brand, color, model, etc.)
2.what size?
3.what footwear do you prefer?
4.do you always wear socks with your sneakers?
5.how bad do your sneakers smell?
6.have you ever been gagged with a sneaker?
7.would you gag yourself with a sneaker for a dare?
8.have you ever been in a cast? (for a broken bone)
if so what color, type, and how long were you in it?

9.would you be willing to be put in a cast for fun/bondage?
10.have you ever had braces?
if so did you have any special appliances like headgear
11.whats the biggest thing you have ever put in your mouth?
12.how many people have you slept with?
13.what is the last thing you had in your ass? pussy?
14.what is the most disgusting thing you have ever done?
15.what is your deepest darkest secret?
25/M, Bi, USA 7.5 hard 3 soft<3
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Loves:anal, women's sneakers/running shoes, feet, bondage<3
PM me to change my avatar, everyone is welcome!<3
I love losing every loser has to dare
Likes and Limits
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Default Cage

Do you still have your cage and if so how often do you sleep in it?
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When using the toilet do you always sit on the seat?
I am diabetic and cannot accept dares that could cause problems for example a morning water tablet requires often peeing especially in the morning
I always sit on a toilet seats except in public toilets
Limits etc:

PM Dares

I am male
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What’s your favourite nipple torture, and why?
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- Anal, Ass To Mouth, Humiliation, Medical, Bizarre, Pee, Ice, Pain, Catheters, Denial, Degradation, Deepthroat, Bodily Fluids
- Hard Testicle Impact, Anything Illegal, Public, Social Suicide

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