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Default AMA: new 22 y.o. male and part time sissy

Hey there,

after lurking this forum for quite a time, I finally decided to make an account. I put some info into my signature and in my profile, but feel free to ask me anything!

If you have any advice on what to put in my profile or how to behave in the community, please tell me!
22 y.o. straight Male and part time closet sissy from Germany

Sissy play, anal, sissy hypno and captions

Things I'd like to explore more / don't have much experience with yet:
Chastity, semi public tasks and humiliation, cum play, bondage, crossdressing

Dislikes / limits:
Exposure, family, blood, extreme pain, public humiliation, piss / vomit /scat

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You have some things, you'd like to explore, what made you come to be curious about those and on a scale of 1-10 how nervous do each make you?

How do you explore your closet inner sissy side?

What is your favorite like?
Do have female parts.
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