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F 19 will be a slave for 5 days (must be in the same time zone as New York or very close)
F 18

Pm me dares within my limits and I will do then and give you a full report
limit: family, illegal, permanent
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I'll give it a try, Sub for 1 day, pacific time, M 18, Hmu.

Likes: Pet play, Edging, Light/Moderate Pain, Tease, Denial, Anal, Bondage.

Dislikes: hard pain.

Limits:Public, Face pics/vids, Scat, Pee drinking, Family, Illegal, Permanent.
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M slave 3 days. Mountain standard time. Make me beg
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Originally Posted by babysammy View Post
F 19 will be a slave for 5 days (must be in the same time zone as New York or very close)
I would be up for controlling you. I'm in EST time zone as well. I will send you a PM.

My ad for a sub/slave

Likes: Pleasure control, Clothing control, Denial, Insertion, Anal, Bondage, Rules, Public hidden, Body writing, Mild pain
Limits: Scat, Blood, Intense pain, Friends/Family, Permanent
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I'd like to be controlled for 7 Days. (until next sunday)
Gender ist Genderfluid
Age is 18
Time Zone is CEST (18:48 as I post this)

18 | MtF (on HRT since 13th Oct 2017) | Sub
Female (Nick)Name: Aya Kousaka
(Please call me like this)
I sadly still do have male hardware

My Likes / Dislikes / Limits ect
My Toys

Please send me PM Dares!!!
Please note I got some special PM dares ^-^

Please give me Rules!!!

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Id like to be controlled for a day, F 20, EST time zone
19 f

Likes: private humiliation, degrading, bondage, wedgies, teasing, ice

Dislikes: toothpaste, writing lines, clothespins, orgasm denial

Hard Limits: public, family/friends, anal, face pictures, messy

Very happy pet of ita (the most awesome Sir)

I'm not allowed to do more than 10 edges a day or orgasm without my Sir's permission 🙂

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Controlled until Monday, F 22, EST time zone
Likes: Control, piss desperation, spanking, corner time, public, bondage, degradation, age play.

Dislikes: Anal, cum.

Limits: Scat, family/friends, face pics.
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Sub, I would like to go for a month, gender and age are in my signature
Likes : Ageplay, Diapers, Wetting, Petplay, Spanking

Limits :Public, Pics, Pain, Humiliation

Dislikes/won't do : Family, Messy, Friends, Illegal, Anal, CBT, Blood, Social Suicide

List to be updated

kik: Destroyer121121

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I'll be a toilet slave for 10 days, male
Likes: edging, tease&denial, orgasm control, ruined orgasms, chastity, light pain, cbt, light piss, anal, hidden public
Limits: scat, permanent, blood, family, open public, face pics

Chastity belts: cb-6000s (in chrome finish or silicon), rikers clear

Kik: thisguyoerhere
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It's been a while since anyone posted on here. If any girls are looking to be introduced to bladder control, or have already been introduced but want to give it another try, message me here or on kik. My kik is in my signature.
21m/switch, but primarily dom

kik: cooli0123

Likes - Bladder control, bdsm, nipple play, anal, orgasm denial, edging, slightly public, writing tasks

Limits - Extreme pain, blood, things that cause visible damage (cuts, etc.)
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I am 19 Male, I would like to be controlled until October 20th.
Likes: Anal, Edging, Bondage, Mild Pain, Spanking, humiliation, etc. I am really up to anything.
Limits: Anything illegal, Severe pain, Permanent Damage

Hit me up with any dares you have!
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Sissy. Like to be controlled as long as someone wants me to be his or hers
Age: 25
Gender: Sissy fuckbunny
please adress me as a little girl
Kik: 69sissyslutslave69

Like: humiliation, piss, bladder control, anal, being a slut
Limits: family, friends

PM me INSERT and I will insert an object of your choice in my ass for 1 day.
PM me PUNISHMENT and I will do a punishment of your choice.
PM me SIGNATURE and I will add or change whatever you want.
PM me SLAVE and I will be your slave for how long you want
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i'll join in for 7 days as a slave
likes: cbt, cum control, toilet control
LIMITS: no illegal, permanent marks, blood, consuming body fluids

PM me:
DENIED to add a day of denial
BASH to add 10 hits to your balls
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I am me
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Send a message via Yahoo to I am me

I'll submit my bladder to be controlled for a day. (38/m central time zone)

Likes: humiliattion, cbt, sissification, sph, orgasm denile, & chastity

Dislikes: family & pain (aside from cbt)

Limits: atm, scat, & illegal

Currently wearing the steel cb6000s with the points of intrigue with the lock welded shut.

Until 10/31/18 I am required to wear a bra with EE breast forms, panties, pantyhose & high heels at all times when I'm home. I also must wear a butt plug at least 20 hours a week. I am now also on a monthly cycle with Maxi pads.
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Sure, I will bump my own thread.

I am looking for a submissive female who would be interested in trying out toilet control. Contact me on Kik @ DomMas1989
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