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Originally Posted by MasterMichaelNY View Post
Yea, well I feel for the girl, but I also get killed by the guys too, asking me to be there Master, my kik account has a huge ban listing.

As how to correct the problem, a 5.00 annual card to a credit card would work, or even a dollar. Prove the person ID, gets rid of the minors, and stops people from making fake accounts or double or triple accounts, get rid of the one girl with 00 accounts. Once your banned, your banned.

Any BDSM site, that has anything free, has major crap going on. ALT has all the sweetheart scammers. Collar Space, has Everything, any type of scam, it's going down on the site. Slave Farm, well that site is pretty much dead, also is the house of chains.

I would be willing to pay 10 dollars a year, just not to have a augment with a guy telling him that I'm not interested in guys, and only women, then hear him explain, on how good he is pretending on being a women. What a pain in the ass.

Also I noticed all the women that contact me, to be there Master thru kik have 0 posts, or under 20 and have been around for a while, over 6 months, there scared shitless, because of all the crazies on the site.

Lots of good points made, just use your common sense and trust your gut feelings, just like in real life.
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