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Default The road to being her bitch

"Fuck off Liv" barked Sam at his coworker. The pair where engaged in the usual work banter betweem each other. Liv was a tall curvey brunette with a lovley fave and a nice pair of double d tits that Sam loved. Sam was 6'4 with black hair and hazel eyes. He was well built not muscely nor fat, he was your bang average*
boy. They both worked at a local supermarket and where obviously into each other, the pair would engage in endless amounts of banter and both enjoyed each others company. One day after they had both finished they're shift Sam invited Liv to the local bar to have a drink. The pair would often go to the bar after work but tonight was diffrent. Wether it was too many drinks or the spirit of Christmas one thing lead to another and they ended up back at Livs house.
"Are you sure you want to do this Liv?"
"Of course I am, I need this."
"Ok as long as your sure."
Liv slowly peeled off her work uniform to reveal a sexy pair of red lace panties and bra conceling her double d tits beautifully.
"Fucking hell do you always wear that under your uniform"
"Only when im working with you" teasingly replied Liv.
Liv made her way over to Sam and they passionately embraced kissing and making out. Sam took off his top and reached to undo Livs bra. Livs big tits popped free from her bra her nipples clearly hard.
"Fuck me there so big"
Sam began sucking on Livs big juicy tits, kissing them and giving them a slow sensual suck on her nipple and sending shudders down Livs spine. Liv stepped back and took off her panties tossing them by the way side. Sam stepped up to take his pants off but was pushed down to his knees by Liv who opended her legs and pulled Sams face towards her soaking wet vagina. Sam was shocked he was preparing to get his dick into Liv but instead found himself between her legs not sure what to do next.

To be continued. Any feedback and comments would be great

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"Why did you do that?"
"I want you to eat me out put your tounge to good use."
"I dont eat girls out" protested Sam.
"Well you about to if you want to stick your cock in me latter."
Sam was left in a tough spot he really wanted to fuck Liv but was not keen on eating her pussy. Sam felt as though this was degrading its not a man who should be on his knees preforming oral it should be the girl. After some time Sam gave in a started to search for Livs clit. After some fumbling and bumbling Sam found what he was looking for and started to kiss Livs clit, slowly sucking and licking it and all things in between.
"Oh fuck thats a good spot you slut."
Sam instantly stopped
"Sorry what did you just call me"
Liv didnt reply she instantly pulled Sam back into her pussy to make him keep pleasuring her. After a few more minutes of pleasure from Sam Liv was in ecstacy.
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh god!"
Liv's back arched and a wave of pleasure ran all down her body as she cum from Sam's work. Sam stood up looking sort of pleased with his work but was instantly pushed back down.
"Taste it"
"Taste what ?"
"Taste my cum after all you provided my orgasm so you should try it."
"Yuck i don't want to taste your cum Liv"
"Well i quess somebody is getting fucked tonight"
"No no fine ill taste it but you better be a good fuck."
Sam went back down between Livs legs and started to lick her hole tasting her orgasm that he had caused only a few minutes before.

To be continued. All comments and feedback are welcome as to how to.improve the story thanks
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I love it so far.
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After spending a good while between Livs legs tasting her fresh cum Sam was rock hard and very horny.
"Can we fuck yet."
"Are you sure you just dont want to eat me out?"
"Hahaha funny one no i want to fuck you Liv"
Sam stood up and took his pants of exposing his 4.5 inch erect cock.
"Is that it ?" Asked Liv
"What do you mean is that it?"
" nothing nothing."
Liv got onto her knees and started to suck and kiss Sam small cock. After a few minutes Sam pulled Liv to her feet and burried his dick in side her wet pussy. Sam could feel how much he was on the edge and knew he couldn't last much longer so only after a minute or so pulled out of Livs wet hole.
"Dont cum on my face Sam"
Sam not listening, to busy pumping his dick let out a burst of cum that landed straight on Livs face. Sam opended his eyes and saw the look of death staring back at him from Liv.
"You fucking prick i said dont cum on my face."
"Im so sorry Liv i didnt mean to."
"So you should be im not some whore who takes loads to the face."
"Im sorry i really am."
"Just get out fuck off i dont want to see you."
"Please Liv ill do anything to make it up to you."
"No just go fuck off Sam."
"Please im begging ill do anything you want."
"Yeah anything Liv."
"Fine take the week off work and be back at my house tomorrow morning at 8am sharp."
"Umm ok sounds great."
"Oh and one last thing since you came on my face why so you clean it up."
"No way im not eating my own cum."
"Well i quess dont come back tomorrow."
"Fine ill do it."
Sam slowly started to lick his own cum off Livs beautiful face each bit making him more and more embarassed as the salty taste went down his throat.
"Good now get out of here ill see you tomorrow."
"Ok cya tomorrow Liv."
And with thats Sam left.

To be continued. Any and all feedback is welcome on any aspects people would like to see added or improved in the story
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This is some great work, add another person
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Sam arrived home and prepared to sleep, although still confused as to what the nights events had meant he was excited for what lay ahead tomorrow.* Sam woke up and rolled over and looked at his clock 7.11am Shit he thought he needed to get ready and get to Livs as she wanted him there by 8. Sam rushed through his morning process and quickly got on his way to Livs. On the drive Sam started to wonder what Liv had in store for him today. She was very diffrent last night than Sam had ever seen before so it sat un easy on him what lay ahead. Sam arrived at live at 8.03 am pretty on time he thought. Sam stepped through the door and was stunned by the sight that behold him through the door. There sat Liv in a stunning peice of tight black leather lingerie, her boobs looked lovey and because of the hugging leather her ass was looling mighty fine.
"My god Liv arent I in for a treat today"
"Your late"
"By 3 minutes not that big a deal."
"Oh Sam your going to learn the hard way arent you."
"What are you on about."
"I think it is best you read this." Liv handed over a sheet of paper to Sam
The letter read
-*** Dear Sam last night in a despreate attempt to keep me as a sexual partner you said you would do anything to make up for cumming on my face and i intended for you to keep this promise. When you sign this letter you are agreeing to be my slave for the period of 1 month. During this time you will do everything i say or you will face punishment. You will follow the rules below or you will fave punishment.
1- you will refer to me as mistress when addressing me
2- you will be naked at all times in my presence
3- no cumming unless i say so
4- you will sleep naked
5- you will have no pubic hair
6- you will follow all my orders
"Your having a laugh arent you liv."
" you really dont learn do you im going to have to teach you the hard way."
Liv motioned to Sam to come and lay across her lap.
"What do you want me to do ?"
"Lay across my lap now."
Sam hesitantly lay across Livs lap with his face towards the floor. Liv pulled down Sam trousers and boxers exposing his bare ass to the world.
"What the fuck are you doing Liv ?"
With out hesitation Liv quickly bough her hand down slapping Sams bare ass.
"This is your punishment you will get 5 smacks for each offence so far you have been late, have not reffered to me as mistress and were rude so by my calculation that is 15."
Liv again bought down her hand hard slapping against the soft skin of Sams bum.
"Count each slap slut."
Sam was in total shock how could he be letting this happen to him. He was so embarrassed being across Livs lap being spanked but he could feel his cock growing suggesting the deep down he liked this treatment, as Liv bought down her hand again Sam submitted and quickly said
"3 mistress"
"Very good slut i can feel by your cock your liking this treatment."
"Yes Mistress thank you."
Liv dished out the rest of the smacks which left Sams ass red and sore.

To be continued. Any suggestions on what people want to see happen will be taken on board.
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Originally Posted by Sneddo96 View Post

To be continued. Any suggestions on what people want to see happen will be taken on board.
I'd like crossdressing and watersports, possibly more, but that's good to start
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I would like to see Hypnosis or magic
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Thanks to all the suggestions on what people would like to see it helps knowing there is an audience for the story

Sam stood up now broken in by Liv and by the growth of his cock obviously liking it.
"You can sign the letter now Sam."
Sam with out thinking signed the letter which Liv quickly took off him.
"Brilliant this is going to be so much fun for me. Now take off all your cloths and head to the bathroom."
"Yes Mistress."
Sam removed his shirt and than removed his pants and boxers in one swift move. Revealing his below average cock and a fair amount of un tammed pubic hair.
"Wow you are really liking this arent you ? Your such a little whore."
" I quess i am Mistress."
" hahaha now go to the bathroom and get rid of that pubic hair all of it and make sure you shave your ass and crack as well."
"Yes Mistress."
Sam now naked and exposed moved to the bathroom where he found a razor and some cream and started to shave all his hair off. Sam looked in the mirror and was embarrassed by what he was now doing having to remove ass his hair and abit of his man hood all for cumming on Livs face. Sam thought about stopping and leaving but his dick was pulsing with how hard he was and Sam was now very curious as to what was in store for him. Sam was now completey bare no pubic hair and a freshly shaved crack. Sam now fully shaved returned to where Liv was waiting for him.
"Mhhh looks like you have done a good job slut."
Liv moved up to Sam and inspected the job moving his cock and giving it a few teasing pumps.
"Dont get to excited big boy you cant cum."
Liv moved behind Sam and ordered him to touch his toes. Sam did as he was ordered and liv inspected his crack and his boy pussy making sure there was no hair left.
" you have done a very good job boy. I think you deserve a little reward."
Sams cock twitched he was excited to see what he was going to receive from Liv maybe a blowjob or a handjob ran through Sams mind. Liv left the room which gave Sam a very beautiful view of Livs lovley ass which wobbled as she walked. Liv returned with a black rubber object in her hands and some other things in a bag. Sam had no idea what it was but he knew it wasn't the reward he thought he was getting.
"Now whore this is going to help you in the long run you may not like it now but you will later trust me."
"Ok Mistress."
"Touch your toes again boy."
"Yes Mistress."
Sam bent over again exposing his boy hole perfectly for Liv. Deciding to be kind to Sam Liv lubed up what was a butt plug a small one and started to work it in to Sam's ass.
"Oohh" cried out Sam as the pain of being penetrated hit him
"Quite whore get use to it."
Soon enough the butt plug was in and Liv was happy with it. Sam was now filled with a plug and fully shaved the embarrassment was now at an all time high but Sam loved it his dick never going soft.
"That plug will hopefully widen your hole."
Sam was confused as to why Liv wanted to widen his hole but didnt say a word.
"Ok get on you knees now."
Sam dropped to his knees quickly obeying the order. Liv moved up to Sam and and placed a collar and lead on Sam and turned around and gave it a tug
"Get your face in my ass and kiss it as we move boy."
Sam did as he was told he had always loved Livs ass and got his face in there and started kissing it as ordered. Liv started to move which made Sam crawl quickly making sure his face never left Livs ass. Liv stopped in front of a mirror in the house.
"Look at yourself slut."
Sam looked in the mirror on his knees with his face in Livs ass and a plug in his ass. The thing that stuck out to Sam was how hard he was his cock stuck out standing to attention never harder. Although very embarrassed by his postion his quickly put his face back in livs bum and kept on kissing as they moved off to another part of the house.

To be continued. Any suggestions or things people would like to see/improvements to the story are greatly appreciated
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Im going to continue the story after a long time sorry for the length of time in between.

Sam was rock hard and loving life even though he would never admit it. His lips were constantly pressed against liv's juicy bum, sam was making sure he kissed every bit of the big behind he has the pleasure of following on his knee's. "stop here slut" stated Liv. Sam stopped crawling but not kissing her bum "oh you love it back there dont you" Sam didn't reply just kept kissing. "thats enough" said liv as she pushed Sam away from her ass and onto his back. Liv wiggled her bum as if to tease Sam but he did not have time to think much before Liv's pussy was in his face and he was gasping for air. " come on you had your reward now make me cum" Sam began licking and sucking and struggling to breath anything but liv's pussy. I didn't take long for a horny liv to let out a giant moan and start cuming all over Sam's face, "not that nice is it" chucked liv as she stood up and more cum dribbled down her thigh as well as onto Sam's face. Liv went to another room and grabbed something Sam had no idea what. Liv returned quickly to Sam and said " now i'm going out for a bit this should keep you behaved" as she pressed the lock closed on Sam's now caged cock. Liv left to go get some supplies that would be need for later that night.....
Just hear to have some fun straight male 20 years old. Havent formed likes and limits so willing to try most things
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