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Default The road to being her bitch

"Fuck off Liv" barked Sam at his coworker. The pair where engaged in the usual work banter betweem each other. Liv was a tall curvey brunette with a lovley fave and a nice pair of double d tits that Sam loved. Sam was 6'4 with black hair and hazel eyes. He was well built not muscely nor fat, he was your bang average*
boy. They both worked at a local supermarket and where obviously into each other, the pair would engage in endless amounts of banter and both enjoyed each others company. One day after they had both finished they're shift Sam invited Liv to the local bar to have a drink. The pair would often go to the bar after work but tonight was diffrent. Wether it was too many drinks or the spirit of Christmas one thing lead to another and they ended up back at Livs house.
"Are you sure you want to do this Liv?"
"Of course I am, I need this."
"Ok as long as your sure."
Liv slowly peeled off her work uniform to reveal a sexy pair of red lace panties and bra conceling her double d tits beautifully.
"Fucking hell do you always wear that under your uniform"
"Only when im working with you" teasingly replied Liv.
Liv made her way over to Sam and they passionately embraced kissing and making out. Sam took off his top and reached to undo Livs bra. Livs big tits popped free from her bra her nipples clearly hard.
"Fuck me there so big"
Sam began sucking on Livs big juicy tits, kissing them and giving them a slow sensual suck on her nipple and sending shudders down Livs spine. Liv stepped back and took off her panties tossing them by the way side. Sam stepped up to take his pants off but was pushed down to his knees by Liv who opended her legs and pulled Sams face towards her soaking wet vagina. Sam was shocked he was preparing to get his dick into Liv but instead found himself between her legs not sure what to do next.

To be continued. Any feedback and comments would be great

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