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Default 20M toilet dares

Please give me any and all dares to do with toilets. I need them and they are the best ones to do.
kik: killmepleasewtf male(?) 2 stick 54 150lbs

likes: sissification body writing, duct tape pee, femenization, naked, scat, diapers, spanking, changing avatar/ profile, Changing wallpaper, licking
maybe: anal, swirly, wedgie
limits: face, edging, cumming, family, social suicide, public, permanent
my pm dares

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When you have pressure to poo, poo on toilet floor, then get those scat using your hand and spread those in five different places of your room.
Get naked, get on your four, crawl towards the scat and clean the floor using your tongue and mouth, you have to get all the scat inside mouth before you can release those in toilet, repeat cleaning till there is no trace of scat

Dares can be risky and life threatening, So do those carefully
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