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I've thought about this question a lot through the years and while I have several fantasies that would fit the bill I think this one is my go to.

I often thought about this at a previous job where I had to go into people's houses to do warranty work on their computer.

The fantasy:
I'm in a maried couple's house. Its a nice place but looks like one of a million others I've been in. Floor plan slightly different than the house next to it. I'm chatting, making small talk with the couple or perhaps just the woman. I bring the computer back online only to discover some very graphic nude photos. I apologise profusely but there's no denying the buldge in my pants. She gives me a devilish grin.

"Well what are we going to do about this? You shouldn't hhave been snooping, I'll have to report this to your company. You'll probably get fired." She says. Of course I wasn't snooping but it'd be my word against theirs.

"No! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...they were just there. Please don't report it!" You can see where this is going. But in the moment I don't. They continue to threaten and pressure till I'm nearly insane with the fear of losing my job that I offer to do anything they want if they don't report me.

They agree. For this is what they set me up for all along.

They make me strip naked, then kneel in front of them as they take my clothes away. Hiding them, or perhaps even throwing them away. I kneel there red faced, embarassed but my hard cock is impossibble to hide. Nor is his. She makes me unzip him and pull his impressive cock out. He slaps me with it and they laugh. I'm made to suck it. Slapped when I hesitate and threatened to be fired again. I take it in my mouth and suck his cock while she watches.

The details vary from here, but suffice it to say I am made to watch him fuck his wife in front of me while I'm made to enhance their pleasure in any way they want. Licking her. Licking him while he fucks her. Taking his cock in my mouth while she pegs my ass. Finally sucking him till he shoots his load all over my face.

They make me come over, whenever they want. I do, I'm theirs now. Even without the threats.

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Limits: cumming, face, full public, involving other people, poo, voice

Soft limits: anal, pee
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I'm invited over to a ladies night.
After entering the room, I'm told to get undressed. I notice a lady with a clipboard and some boxes.

These girls have gotten together for a home sex party. Basically a Tupperware party but with sexual things.
I soon find out that the girls are going to use me while sampling the items.
I find things, that are beyond my imaganation, being thrusted in my mouth and ass. The TENS unit is also used on all parts. I get tied up, sat on, tickled, whipped, what ever she had that could be used on me, was.
Then we have games like Pin the Dick on the Boy.
Let's dress the boy up.

This is the nicer, more pleasant, of my fantasies.
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Fantasy 1:
I am tied down naked to a table in the middle of a party and the guests are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want to me.

Fantasy 2:
I am made into a sissy slave and locked in chastity while having to serve a woman and her many lovers, pleasing all of them and cleaning up all of the guy's cum from her.

Fantasy 3:
I am taken to a sorority house and all the girls there are allowed to punch, kick, squeeze, and crush my balls. At the same time, each one sits on my face in turn and I have to lick them all to orgasm. But I am not allowed any pleasure myself, only giving pleasure and getting ball torture.
Likes: public nudity, cross-dressing, masturbation, cum, some bondage/cbt

limits: pee/poo, blood, permanent, family, pics/video

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Default Secret Taboo Fantasy

My secret taboo fantasy is my femdom roommate arranges a surprise and locks me in chastity wearing only crotchless sissy panties with my hands cuffed behind my back. She invites these beautiful women into our apartment and as she leaves she gives them the keys, several hundred dollar bills and says to me, “You will never forget your first time with these beautiful big cock shemales my chastity sissy boi.”
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Curious: Forced Bi, Gloryholes, shemales, anal prostate orgasms, sex dolls, bound gay cock milking

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Maybe not even that dark, but I fantasize about a dominant man entirely taking over my clothing choices, I don’t get any say in that. I would just be at his mercy every day, and no matter what he chooses I would have to wear.
Kik = twinkywinky19

22 / M / Gay / Dutch / sub

Likes: sissy, diaper, humiliation, trying new things
Limits: very painful, involving others unwillingly, illegal
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Default Secret Fantasy

My Secret Fantasy; My Femdom roommate and I go out to a club one night. Under my street clothes I am as usual locked in a chastity cage wearing crotchless sissy panties. After a while we are joined by some of her female friends. One very attractive friend in particular seems attracted to me. She sits next to me and has her hands on my leg and rubs just inside my knee and just slightly up my inner thigh. By the end of the night I am very turned on by her and much to my surprise my Femdom roommate says to me, “You two seem to be hitting it off why don’t you go home with her tonight?” She reaches in her purse and pulls out the key to my chastity cage but instead of giving it to me she hands it to the girlfriend I am going home with. Still we seem to have a chemistry. Some chemistry. I am about to spend the whole weekend with a gorgeous dominatrix. Oh and much, much to my surprise this gorgeous dominatrix is also a shemale with a big cock. Nice tits and ass though. I have no idea what I am in for. Do You.

Curious what you think. What are the chances I’ll get out of this chastity cage? Does sucking a shemale dick count as being bi?
Likes: Creative Dares, Femdom chastity dares, Femdom humiliation dares, bondage, Fendom forced sissification, post orgasm handjobs, bound handjobs, risky dares panty dares, semi public humiliation, masturbation, new sexual adventures. sex toys.

Dislikes: Piss, scat, diapers, baby, sophomoric stupid dares, blackmail, personal information

Curious: Forced Bi, Gloryholes, shemales, anal prostate orgasms, sex dolls, bound gay cock milking

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It's not really taboo or necessarily that wild, but it is a fantasy of mine.

To have a femdom friend host an Ann Summers party (a party where a group of girls get together with a bunch of toys, sex games and lingerie from Ann Summers). The femdom friend would lock me up in chastity and only once I have finished serving the party may I be released. Whilst serving the party, i would not be allowed to refuse any orders and would be used as they would see fit. I would be used to test the toys, model the lingerie, act as furniture for the guests and perform any task requested of me.

Kik: CuriousTommy1

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If anyone can beat my high score on http://www.freeinvaders.org, I will buy a full sissy outfit of your choice in person. My high score is 218,550.
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If I put that on here it would make be would like a right whore lol
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My most taboo fantasy.
She invites me over to help clean her place for the party tomorrow.
I walk in, and she tells me to take my clothes off and burns them.
I'm naked and cleaning her place.
I find myself prepping food for tomorrow's party.
I'm allowed to go to bathroom but have to leave the door open.
Tonight I sleep naked, on the rug at the foot of her bed.

Tomorrow, I'm made to greet every guest, at the door, and a few need help carrying in packages. Of course I'm still naked with just an apron on.
I serve and take care of all needs as I was told I have to follow all commands.

I find out that this is a home sex toy party and I'm being used to help demonstrate the use of the toys.
Game time, I'm tied up and they use me to play Pin the Dick on the boy.
The girls are using me to try out all type of toys.
Of course everyone had fun with the paddle and whip, my ass became very red.

Ocaisionly I'm asked to wipe a ladies ass after she used the toilet. One lady simply spread her legs and asked me to lick her clean. After this, the girls seemed to have to go more frequently and enjoyed my tongue. One girl had a bowel movement, called all the girls in, spread her cheeks and told me to lick her clean.
At the end of the night, I escorted every last out to her car.
Slept there one more night. Made breakfast and cleaned the place up.
After words I'm sent home with a choice. Naked or a micro mini skirt.
I choose the skirt, but as I step into my car, she asks for the skirt back. I drive home with a happy smile and naked
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Limit Family, illegal, if a girl would not, then I probably wont
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Took some kind of gender conversion medicine:

When a man has a cum or comes into contact with another person's cum, he will become a woman.

The woman had to eat 10 men's cum a day for a week. If you don't get enough cum, female identity will last forever and intelligence will degrade rapidly. If you get enough cum for one week, you will return to male after sleeping for 10 hours.
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I guess my fantasy is pretty naughty and specific, but here goes:

I’ve just been for a run at the university playing fields. I’m hot and sweaty as it’s a hot day, and I’ve been running in leggings and a sports bra. I was doing laps of the rugby pitches, where the university teams are doing practise, about 40 guys. I can see some of the guys checking me out, and I put on a bit of a show for them as I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, stretching nearby once I’m finished.

I grab my bag and head to the locker rooms. It’s completely empty, and I quickly strip off and head for the communal showers, which are also empty. I turn the showers on cold to try to cool off and I stand under the cold water for 5 minutes before I start to wash myself, still not having stopped sweating.

I don’t hear the door open, but suddenly I hear voices. Male voices. What the hell?? I immediately turn off the shower to hear better. Definitely male voices and lots of them. I sneak to the end of the shower room from where I can peak around the corner to see the locker rooms. And I see my mistake instantly - I’m in the male locker rooms. And the rugby team has finished practise. Crap.

I think about how I can escape without being noticed. My towel is in my bag still, no chance. I could make a dash for the door, but I’ll be seen. I desperately look around to see if there’s another exit from the showers, but there’s nothing.

The voices are becoming more numerous and I suspect all 50 of the guys are there now. I’m going to get caught naked on the guys’ showers, the realisation hits me like a ton of bricks.

The voices get closer and a guy walks around the corner to the showers, wearing a towel around his waist. I instinctively clamp one hand across my breasts, covering my nipples, and the other shoots down to cover my pussy. We stare at each other for five long seconds, motionless and speechless, then two more guys arrive behind him, then more.

‘What the hell?’ the first guys says.

‘I’m so sorry’ I start, but I have no idea what to say.

‘Were you spying on us?’ One of the others asks.

‘No, I promise’ I stare at the floor, unsure what to say. By now, all 50 guys are standing in the entrance to the showers, sweating, most with towels around them, some with towels slung over their shoulders. I wish the ground would open and eat me up.

‘Do you realise if one of us got caught in the same scenario we’d be arrested and thrown out of the university?’

‘I’m sorry I got the wrong locker room’

‘Yeah right, how many times have you used the girls’ locker room?’

I didn’t know what to say.

‘Isn’t she the one who was doing stretches next to the pitch earlier?’ one asks.

‘Yeah the one who was showing off her fit arse’, another says.

‘I reckon she’s an exhibitionist. She wanted to get caught!’ another voice said.

I blushed, which didn’t help my cause. Despite my predicament, I was seriously turned on. I hadn’t arranged it, I hadn’t wanted to get caught, but I was living out a fantasy.

‘If you really want to get caught, why don’t you drop your arms and show us your tits and pussy?’

Still looking down I gingerly dropped my hands and the boys cheered. One approached and turned me around so they could see my butt.

‘Stretch like you were earlier’ one instructs. I do as told and bend at the waist, showing then my butt. They cheered again.

‘I think we need to teach this girl a lesson’ one said, and my heart skipped several beats as all 50 guys dropped their towels to the floor and approached me, encircling me. I was forced to my knees and suddenly there was a semi-hard cock in front of me, and a hand on the back of my head. The cock gets fed into my mouth to cheers from the guys and it hardens in my mouth. I suck it as deep as I can, but the hand pushes my head down, forcing the cock deeper down my throat. I gag audibly and the boys laugh, but there’s nothing I can do, now there’s another cock in front of me, which I deepthroat as far as it will go. Guys appear to each side of me and I take a cock in each hand. There are hands all over me as I kneel, on my back, my hair, my abs, my legs, my breasts, my butt... then a finger parts my labia and slips inside me and I gasp.

‘Think she likes it boys!’, a voice says. Again, all the boys cheer and again I’m gagging on the huge cock in my mouth. My eyes start watering and as the cock is pulled from my mouth a slimy string of spit connects it and my mouth.

Now there are two fingers in my pussy as the boys take turns fucking my mouth. While they wait their turn, the other guys stroke their dicks in preparation. Suddenly there are two cocks pushing inside my mouth. I try to pull my head away but a hand on my head pulls my mouth into them and my mouth opens as wide as it will go with two cocks parting my lips.

‘So who’s having first go on this pussy? It’s SUPER tight’ the guys cheer again and suddenly I’m carried into the locker room easily by a huge guy and placed on a bench in the middle.

‘Captain’s honour?’ someone suggests, and a tall, powerfully built, ripped guy steps forward, 9 inch cock in hand. I am pulled onto all fours and before I know it my pussy is full of dick, getting pounded like a toy.

All the while the guys are commenting on my body, which only serves to turn me on even more. ‘Look at that perfect butt’, ‘watch those tits bounce’, ‘look how fit she is’. Now there’s a cock in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in each hand. I can’t keep up with who they belong to, but after what feels like 10 minutes of constant pounding a cock is thrust into my mouth which tastes like my pussy juices. Not long after I get flipped onto my back and there’s a shorter guy with a big dick feeding his cock into my pussy.

I realise I’m about to cum and start moaning louder and louder between dicks being thrust into my mouth.

‘Keep going Ed, she’s going to cum’ someone cheers on the guy pounding my pussy and suddenly it hits me, and I convulse in ecstasy as I experience an enormous squirting orgasm. The squirt shoots out onto Ed’s six pack abs, his dick, and my own abs.

‘Fucking he’ll she’s a squirter!’ Someone says and the loudest cheer yet goes around. I’m suddenly being hauled up and being instructed to lick up my squirt from Ed’s ripped abs and his big dick.

‘I wonder if she likes it in the arse?’. My eyes widen with Ed’s dick in my mouth and the nearest guys notice and laugh. I get pulled on top of one guy to ride him cowgirl, then I’m suddenly pushed down on top of him and there’s a dick exploring my butt crack, finally finding my butthole and finally thrusting inside. I gasp with the sudden pain, then relax and realise for the first time in my life I have a cock in both my pussy and my butt.

‘Don’t let that last hole go to waste!’ a voice says and then two dicks appear in my mouth, and I instinctively reach out to grab two more. I am pleasuring 6 cocks at once and I’m loving it.

‘Perhaps that pussy needs stretching out’ someone suggests, and suddenly I realise I’m about to get two penises in my pussy at once. One enters easily with my wetness and squirt, then the other squeezes in, stretching me and making me wince, before I start to feel the pleasure again as both dicks rail my pussy at once. I squirt again and the boys joke that I must love it, and they need to try two in my butt. I try to protest but a cock is shoved in my mouth.

‘Shut up slut’ the owner says, and then one dick enters my open ass, followed by another. It pushes and pushed and I think I’ve found my limit but then it slides in and I moan in pain and pleasure despite having a cock in my mouth.

After 30 minutes of being banged in every imaginable position, by every combination of guys, and having another 6 squirting orgasms, someone says: ‘do you like cum bitch?’

I nod submissively, and I get hauled into the centre of the circle of boys, and forced to my knees.

‘Open your mouth’ I am instructed and I do so, tongue stuck out. A guy steps up, cock in hand, bearing fast. He groans and rope after rope of hot sticky cum gets deposited on my face. Some drips into my mouth and lands on my tongue and I eagerly swallow it. In turn, each of the 50 guys wanks off on my face, adding to the glaze of semen covering me. The guys cheer each load onto my face. Some is thick, some is watery, but all of it is tasty. I masturbate myself while they bukkake me. After the 50th load is shot on my face, some of the guys decide they can go again, and in total I end up with 72 cumshots on my face.

‘Alright slut, if you really like cum, let’s see you eat it all!’

I automatically start scooping the cum of my face and into my mouth, swallowing big mouthfuls at a time, not letting a drop to to waste. I scoop up everything on my face, my breasts, shoulders and abs.

‘Good girl, now who needs a piss?‘

I go wide eyed again as I’m lifted into the showers again and forced to lay on the floor, and the boys surround me, and each almost simultaneously points his cock at my face and body and lets loose his stream of pee directly onto me. I struggle for breath at times, so much is the flow of pee onto my face.

Eventually the boys leave me to shower with them, and I offer myself to them for the same time next week
Hannah 22/f
Lucy 23/f
F**k buddies

Likes: Squirting / wedgies / masturbating / edging / anal / semi-public / nudity / tickling / forced orgasms

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STRIP - I will strip for 10 minutes if at home, or find somewhere private and strip for 5
EDGE - I will edge the given number of times
SQUIRT - I will squirt in whatever I am wearing and not get changed afterwards
PLUG - I will insert my buttplug for the rest of the day
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My biggest fantasy is being sold at a slave auction. IÂ’m not so submissive that I want to be a full slave, but the thought of being bound naked on a stage with lots of people looking at me as IÂ’m forced to touch myself is such a turn on. I think IÂ’d want to be kept naked and used for the next day or so.

Other fantasies mainly involve posing nude for people to take pictures of me and posting them, making porn, things like that that would let the whole internet see me naked. If I felt better about the anonymity IÂ’d play a lot of the picture-sending games on here but IÂ’m afraid of things getting tied back to me (any tips?)
Likes: discreet public, legal public, outside, masturbation
Limits: pictures, illegal, family, permanent, social suicide
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Originally Posted by lilith_ View Post
I love reading other people's wildest fantasies!! Are you fantasizing of something truely wild?

I'd love to get into somebody's car, they put the child locks on so I can't back out then they take me to their house, get somebody else to help carry me inside then forcibly strip me naked then bundle me into the back garden and tie me to a tree or post at a barbecue or party. Guests can touch but not have sex or oral or kiss unless they are female. Guests can also pour custard on me. They can also spank me hard with any object on my butt.
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Default My best fantasy

When I walk in the door, you slide a gag in my mouth - silencing any protests. Silencing anything but my needy whimpers and moans as you start. You strip off my clothes and take me to the bed. I lay spread eagle on it and you bind my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed. I follow you around the room with my eyes as you show me two fully charged lush vibes.
You explain how these will go inside me, and will be switched out so I always have a fully charged one inside of me. I whimper in anticipation that is almost fearful - but I am so excited. You set the vibes down and sit beside me. You start playing with my nipples and ignore my disappointment that you didn't start further down. I don't get to have control anymore - you get to play with me like I was your little fuck toy - because that's what I am.
You play with my nipples gor what feels like forever. You pinch them and pull them, suck them and bite them. You give them little flicks and slaps and smile at my reactions as I try to beg you to touch my clit. But that's what the gag is for - because I don't get to control where or when I am touched, and your only goal is to drive me crazy with need.

Eventually you give my nipples a parting squeeze and put clamps on them. You grin at my wriggled, and finally. FINALLY, dip your hand to my cunt. You stroke my clit with one finger - barely applying any pressure. When I wiggle down to get you to press harder, you move your hand back. Slow, slow strokes directly on my clit - pulling the hood back and stroking, stroking, stroking. Never enough to bring me to an edge, let alone gull orgasm - just enough to have me dripping.

When you judge me aroused enough, you turn on the first vibe and press it into my cunt until it rests behind my g-spot. Then you get up and move to a chair at the foot of the bed and pull out the control.

I can feel the vibe inside of me and I can't help clenching down on it as if it will help me cum. It won't, because I can't cum from Internal stimulation - and you know that. You know that the only thing that will make me come is my clit - and you don't have any intention of letting that happen. I grind against the air to try to get you to touch me, or start the vibe - anything!

Then there is that glorious beep that signals you have control of the vibe and I whine happily as you turn it on.

I feel like I can hear the vibe all of the way from my cunt, and it's already so good. Part of my brain knows I can't come from this, but it doesn't stop me from trying. As you as with the controls, I can't stop squirming, as though I will magically find that spot that can get me off. You tell me what a good sub I am, and how wet I am getting from being so hopeless, and I swear I melt. I whine and go back to moaning.

Sometimes you shut the vibe off, and I feel like a puppy at how bereft I feel without pleasure. You laugh at me and turn the vibe back on when you feel like it. Sometimes, when the vibe is turned low, you get up and stroke my clit. Sometimes you slap it. Sometimes you flick it. And it feels so good I want to beg you to keep going - that I'll do anything you want - but you just grin and walk back to your chair.

Hours go by and I am lying in a puddle. You want to fuck me, bit the vibe is in my cagina so that just leaves my ass. I whine in anticipation and frustration.

You maneuver me so you can reach my ass and you start stretching me out. I fuck myself onto your fingers, desperate for any stimulation. I am still hoping that I will somehow cum, and I am so excited by not knowing if I will. When you have me stretched enough, you fuck me. You finish, but I don't. Then you tie me back up and stick a plug in my ass and leave to clean up.

You don't come back for a while, doibg whatever is more important than me. The vibe is still going and I am still hopelessly grinding and humping the air. The plug makes it better and worse, and I could cry at how frustrated I am.

When you're ready for bed, you untie me and tie my hands behind my back before switching out the vibe. I beg with my eyes but you just pat my cheek and say I am a good sub. I would do anything for you. You pull my vibe out to fuck my vagina, but then it goes back in when you go to sleep and I am left trying to ignore it enough to go to sleep.
23/F Sub only

Have vibrators and a dildo and plug and clamps

Full Updating List of Likes, Limits, and Information
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My wildest fantasy is to be taken by a couple, shaved clean, given an enema until I'm completely cleaned out. Then tied to an ottoman or a table naked with my mouth, ass, cock, and hands available for use. Then I am used for the next several hours by over 100 people at a party and I'm not allowed to cum unless the couple says so. Even after I cum or pass out, the party goers continue to use my mouth and ass however they want, and if I wake up they can use my dick and hands again. Then the cycle repeats.

Likes: Anal, panties, golden showers, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, light cbt, breath play, nipple torture, and pizza.

Limits: Scat, public humiliation, family.

PM Dares
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