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Default Student/party games

Have you ever done something kinky or dare related as an apparently innocent drinking game or student activity?

It could be games with forfeits, "white t-shirt parties" (where you write on blank t-shirts people wear) where you were hoping for humiliating things to be written on you, strip beer pong, strip never have I ever, normal never have I ever where you hope to be embarrassed (or enjoy other being embarrassed), or anything else like that.

I've been to white t-shirt socials (but didn't write anything very kinky), played strip never have I ever, and judged a lap dancing competition.

I've always thought these sort of things had great potential for "accidental" humiliation, and for more public humiliation than would otherwise be possible. You might bet, or make a rule, that whoever sees off their drink last has to go topless, for example. Some sorts of public humiliation could be explained as a forfeit, possibly with the added humiliation of some embarrassing reason for the forfeit, such as having the smallest penis on the flat, or something slutty like having sucked the most dicks during freshers week.
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