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Default public nudity adventure

This is a true account. It happened last summer, when it all nice and warm. All of the other people I live with were out of town, and so I took the time to complete a few dares that I had been given.

The dares were a combination of things like peeing while outside naked on all fours, hiking naked, and driving naked. So I decided to combine all three.

I went to a local set of hiking trails, right at dusk. Most people were coming down off the hills, but it was still pretty well travelled. I parked and climbed up to where I could get off the main path, onto some side paths. Once I'd hiked back down about 1/2 mile, I did my first two tasks. The first was to get totally naked, down on all fours, and pee in the grass that way. After looking around, I did that easily. The second was to walk nude on the trial for a ways. I left my clothes where they were, and walked further down the trail about another 1/2 mile, and then back. Never did see or hear anyone, so it was pretty easy actually.

I decided that wasn't enough, and so I ended up driving to another set of hiking trails nearby, with a large rock formation that can be hiked up / climbed on. For this hike, i was wearing only a t-shirt, athletic shorts, and sneakers. It also is a very rocky and much more heavily travelled system of trails. I parked and started walking in. I untied the knot of the string to my shorts, and so they were then held up only by the elastic. After getting clear of the parking lot, I started adding rocks to my shorts every 100 yards or so. My target was the top of the large rock outcropping; it's about a mile hike to get up there. After about 300 yards, my shorts started slipping down and my goal was to let them fall wherever they slipped off of me. Sure enough, just as I got to the steeper part of the climb, my shorts, weighted down by multiple rocks, slid right off. I left them there, and finished the climb to the peak. once on top, I took of my shirt and simply sat there naked for a while.

When I started back down, things got interesting. Not 30 seconds after I started moving I saw lights on the trails only a few hundred feet away. I quickly scrambled back up and hid behind a tree; this was a group of 3 ladies heading back to the parking lot. They walked by oblivious to my presence. Within another minute or so of heading out, a light rapidly came from the trail system to my left, and this time I didn't have as many options. I ducked behind a small bush, and a cyclist with a really bright head-lamp went past but didn't notice me. Finally I got back off the climb (naked the whole time) and hiked back towards the parking area. I found my shorts, and stayed naked until I see the parking lot. there were 3 cars left besides mine, and I could hear the group of ladies talking as they were packing up their gear to start to head out. They just wouldn't leave, however, so after about 6-7 minutes of hiding behind a tree, i slipped my clothes back on and finished my walk to the car. None of them paid me any notice so I don't think I was ever seen.

Finally, on the way home, driving through a very heavily travelled suburban area, I decided to ditch my clothes altogether. I pulled into a strip mall and then tossed the shorts and t-shirt out the window, forcing me to driving home the remaining 5 miles or so totally naked. By this time it was about 10 pm, so the traffic wasn't as heavy as earlier, but I still nearly died every time someone pulled up alongside me. I had my computer with me, and drove with the cam on and stroking the whole time for a few watchers.
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